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Riley Roberts

Riley Roberts, better known as the boyfriend of American politician and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a web developer and technology consultant from the United States. In his role as a digital marketer and business consultant, he is quite professional.

He has been able to assist businesses in generating income and retaining customers because to his expert expertise. Riley’s wiki, bio, net worth, and personal life can all be found here.

Riley Roberts is an internet entrepreneur who was born in Arizona and possesses American citizenship. He is currently 29 years old, however it is uncertain when he was born. Riley has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and business administration from Boston University, which he earned in 2012.

His parents are well-known as the wealthiest real estate owners in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and he is well-known as Alexandria’s boyfriend.

Boyfriend; Engaged, and Now Married?

Riley’s relationship with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, his girlfriend, is visually unique. They never dispute their connection or post about their love lives on social media, especially on significant occasions such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day. The couple, on the other hand, has been dating for almost four years.

He and his ladylove initially met at a university dean’s gathering on a Friday conversation. They were both students at the same university, Boston. Riley later moved from his birthplace to New York to be with his fiancée Alexandria, and then to Washington when she was running for a congressional seat.

Despite the fact that the couple is in love, they are rarely seen together in public. Riley, on the other hand, has always been supportive of his girlfriend and her job from the start.

He was a social media specialist who documented her electoral tour. In addition, he contributed $1750 while working on his girlfriend’s website; yet, he never registered to vote.

Alexandria, 29, won the election and became the US representative for New York’s 14th Congressional district in January 2019 with Riley’s help and Alexandria’s strong will.

Alexandria’s mother, as well as Riley, is pleased with her daughter’s friendship with Riley. She wants them to go forward in their four-year relationship and marry shortly, according to the Washington Post.

Estimated Net Worth

Riley is the marketing director of and also serves as a consultant for tech entrepreneurs. Riley must be worth millions of dollars as an internet entrepreneur, website developer, and technological consultant. In the United States, however, an entrepreneur’s typical pay ranges from $30,991 to $118,042. Riley is not only an entrepreneur, but also a web developer and a technology consultant, therefore it’s safe to presume he earns more than the average entrepreneur wage.

His girlfriend Alexandria, on the other hand, is an American politician and schoolteacher with a net worth of around $100 thousand.


Here are some interesting facts about Riley that you may not be aware of:

Riley received $6,000 from Brand New Congress to launch Alexandria’s campaign at the time.

His mother adores his fiancée and has even sent her a pearl-drop necklace as a gift. It was worn by Alexandria on the campaign trail. Alexandria’s father died in 2012, therefore his girlfriend’s parents are no longer alive. Her father ran a modest business, and her mother used to labor at other people’s homes.