Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen, known as the “Godfather of Street Skateboarding,” was honored for his road skating abilities as well as the creation of notable stunts such as the kickflip, heelflip, and so on.

Rodney Mullen, a skilled skater, has a successful professional skating career. In any case, his marital life cannot be compared. Examine his problems in this piece down below.

Who is Rodney Mullen dating?

Rodney Mullen, the Godfather of Street Skating, started dating Lori Guidroz in 2014. The couple dated until 2016, but due to a lack of data, it is difficult to say anything about their relationship starting in 2019. He had previously married, but the wedding did not go as planned. Rodney made a promise to his ex-girlfriend Traci Mullen in April of 2000. The previous sweethearts married in a private wedding attended by only their friends and family.

The previous couple led a happy married life first and foremost, but just as all good things come to an end, so did the wonderful events. Following thirteen years of marriage, the previous accomplices chose to separate in 2013. Throughout their long marriage, the previous darling was free of any extramarital issues.

Who is Rodney’s Boyfriend?

Rodney didn’t have to pay spousal support because the previous lovey-dovey couple signed a prenup before their big day. Rodney and his previous wife were married for more than ten years, but they never had children.

How much is Rodney Mullen’s net worth?

Rodney Mullen, the incredible skateboarder, is expected to have a total asset of $35 million beginning in 2019. Nonetheless, beginning in 2020, the figure has increased by about $5 million. He is currently worth $40 million. He makes the majority of his money as a professional skater. However, he also earns money by appearing on TV, on YouTube channels, and through his skateboard organization.

Moving on to his pay, the standard payment for appearing on television is $1000. Furthermore, the more powerful individuals can earn up to $50,000 for appearing on a TV show.

The individual also earns money from his contributions to the establishment of the organization, including the Almost Skateboard, Deca, and Artifact. In any case, the benefit of his organization remains unknown for the time being. In addition, the skater makes a living by appearing as a computer game character in the Tony Hawk establishment.

Mullen demonstrates his abilities

Rodney lives his life in comfort and extravagance with his beloved, thanks to his wealth. Despite the fact that the vast majority of his resources are somewhat obscure, he should be able to live in a luxurious house or even a manor with the money he has amassed. He also presumably drives a unique vehicle.