Romany Malco

Quick Facts

Birth Date November 18,1968
Full Name Romany Malco
Birth Name Romany
Profession Actor, rapper, music producer, director
Nationality American

Romany Malco is a famous American actor, voice actor, rapper, and music producer who has risen his fame through the movies like 40-Year-Old Virgin, Night School, Almost Christmas, Holiday Rush, Love Guru, and many others.

Malco is also well known as the reel character Conrad Shepard on the Showtime American series Weeds. His full name is Romany Romanic Malco Jr.

How was Malco  Early Years?

Malco was born in Brooklyn, New York City’s borough that extends into Kings County, on November 18, 1968. Brooklyn is located in the U.S. state of New York. He was raised by his parents in the same place where he was born.

When he was still in high school, Romany Malco posed for a picture session. Source: @romanymalco on Instagram

He was interested in performing from a young age since he watched movies and TV shows, and subsequently he turned his interest into a career.

Family Information

Malco, who starred in Holiday Rush, has not posted any information about his parents or siblings on social media. When it comes to his family and close friends, he tries to keep things low key.

Given that they helped him realize his dream, his parents must be loving and devoted.

Who is Malco ex-wife?

Taryn Dakha, Jessica Alba’s body double and a former ice skater, and Romany Malco were married. On the shooting of the 2008 movie The Love Guru, they became friends in 2007.

Romany Malco and Taryn Dakha, his ex-wife, were seen laughing together. Source of the image: Hollywood Magazines

In 2008, the charming pair exchanged vows. Up until 2016, they liked each other’s company as husband and wife, but they were unable to stay together and ultimately chose to call it quits on their marriage after eight years. Their fundamental dissimilarities served as the primary justification for their divorce.

Who is Malco Present Partnership?

Romany Malco is one of the newer, more up-and-coming celebrities who prefers to maintain a low-key public profile and keeps details of his private life private.

Details about his prior relationship and escapades, however, remain a secret. The attractive Malco’s single status is also uncertain.

He might be single and concentrating on his career following his divorce, or he might be disguising his relationship status from the public.

Does Malco have kids?

Malco and Taryn Dakha, a former couple, had a son while living together. The pair continues to upload images but hasn’t provided many details about their son.

Romany Malco and his son are pictured in a photo shoot. Source: @romanymalco on Instagram

The ex-couple is also giving them time while continuing to co-parent their son following their split.

How much is Malco Net Worth?

Romany Malco has a $4 million overall net worth. His successful careers as a television personality, movie actor, social media influencer, director, and music producer have given him access to such a large number of resources.

He does not, however, own a business or undertake any other activities that might make him money in addition to his job. He has a wealthy and opulent lifestyle in the United States with his family.

What is Malco Height and Weight?

Romany Malco has a really endearing and seductive demeanor. He is a nice height as well. He is 174 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall and weighs about 75 kg.

Additionally, he has brown eyes and short brown hair, which have improved his appearance in his late fifties as well. He has put a lot of effort into keeping his athletic body in good shape.

Malco is born under the astrological sign of Scorpio, which is the eighth sign of the zodiac and comes from the Scorpius constellation.

Is Malco Active on Social Media?

Like other celebrities, Romany Malco is highly active on social media. He also has a sizable fan base on Instagram. Compared to other social media platforms, he uses Instagram a lot more frequently. On his official Instagram account @romanymalco, he has more than 382k followers.

On his official Instagram account, he shares pictures of his son and him trekking in the sea and the Himalayas. According to an Instagram post he made, he also appears to spend the majority of his leisure time traveling with his family and friends.

Additionally, he is active on Facebook, where he has 950k fans of his page under the handle @Romany Malco.

Romany In Weeds

Malco, who played the role of Conrad Shepard in the 1987 American drama film Weeds directed by John D. Hancock, is a Romany in Weeds. Release day for the film was October 16, 1987.

The story of a heroin addict who experiences several mental and physical issues is depicted in the film. Many viewers of the film Weeds liked the idea behind it.

Loves to fish

Malco enjoys going fishing when on vacation and has shared photos of himself holding Chinook salmon in his hands. His caption reads:

I had a ton of fun salmon fishing with my baby girl’s with @pacificanglersportfishing. He also enjoys scuba diving and has posted photographs of it on his official Instagram account.

Famous Song

Malco, the famous singer from the film I’ll Make Like to You, has written and produced a lot of songs. He doesn’t believe in focusing on one career because he has established himself in many other sectors.

I’ll Make Like to You, Romany Malco Spits Weeds Theme, Romany Malco on His Love of Puerto Rico, and many others are among his well-known songs.

YouTube channel

On his Youtube channel, Malco posts vlogs about eating, traveling, and dancing with his sister Niana. He records vlogs in which he tries on various outfits and talks about his travels to various new locations. Additionally, he publishes amusing and surprise films with his partner. He continues to film videos while driving his son.

Malco also records music videos for his songs and challenge videos with his buddies. He uploads her vlogs on his more than 21.3k-subscriber official YouTube account, @Romany Malco.

Malco In Love Guru

In the American romantic comedy film Love Guru, Romany played the role of Darren Roanoke onscreen. The film, which was made in the comedy and romantic genres, was released on June 20, 2008, in the United States.

The movie’s plot centers on an American who was raised by gurus in India and then returned to the US to establish himself as the leading authority on love.

He gains self-awareness along the way and assists a hockey player in putting his life back together. The film was a commercial success, earning $40.9 million at the box office.

Popular TV Series

Malco, the I’ll Make Like to You rapper, has starred in numerous well-known television series thanks to his extraordinary acting abilities and capabilities. In 1998, he began his acting career.

He is the creator of numerous well-known television shows, including Blunt Talk, Level 9, Weeds, Mad Dogs, No Ordinary Family, and A Million Little Things.

Romany In Blunt Talk

Malco played the fictional Bob Gardner in the American sitcom Blunt Talk on the Starz cable network. Malco Plays Bob Gardner in Blunt Talk No Ordinary Family. The biggest draw for the audience was also the character Bob Gardner.

The series centers on the life of newscaster Walter Blunt, who emigrates from Britain to Los Angeles with his manservant Harry in an effort to succeed on American television but faces obstacles from his superiors and immature staff members.

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