Ron Teigen Sr. (Chrissy Teigen’s Dad) Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Facts, Salary, Net Worth

Ron Teigen Sr.

Ron Teigen Sr. is no stranger to the entertainment business. He is best known for being the father of model Chrissy Teigen, who is also the wife of popular singer John Legend. Aside from that, he rose to prominence in December 2018 after winning the ‘Father of the Year’ award for tattooing his daughter Chrissy’s face on his left bicep.

He drew even more attention when, in November 2019, he filed for divorce from Chrissy Teigen’s mother, Vilailuck Teigen, a Thai citizen.

With Wife, I Filed For Divorce

Chrissy’s parents have called it quits after a long marriage. They married in October 1981, and their 38-year relationship is now coming to an end.

In November of this year, the supermodel’s father in Los Angeles filed for divorce from his longtime wife. Ron and his now-divorced wife Vilailuck, with whom he has two adult daughters, Chrissy and Tina, have lost the spark that fueled their happy journey.

Despite the fact that the reason for the divorce is unknown, he and his wife, Vilailuck, haven’t lived together since early 2018.

She was reportedly staying with their daughter Chrissy and son-in-law, as well as John’s daughter’s family, to care for her two grandchildren, Luna and Miles. Owing to their company and activities, Chrissy and John had to travel regularly, causing Vilailuck to assume responsibility for the family’s future legacy.

Despite being married to Ron for many years, his wife became a resident of the United States in October 2018. She is a Thai native who used to live with him in Huntington Beach, California.

Chrissy goes on a shopping spree Following Ron’s Divorce

On November 6, 2019, Ron Teigen Sr. filed for divorce from his wife, Vilailuck. However, Ron and his wife’s divorce did not seem to affect their daughter, Chrissy Teigen, who was seen out shopping. Chrissy was walking with her three-year-old daughter, Luna, and seemed to be concentrating on her family.

She was wearing a long-sleeve zipper top with cropped leggings and holding her daughter’s purple purse. Chrissy’s first child with her beau, John Legend, is Luna. Miles, their eighteen-month-old son, is also part of the family.

She couldn’t stop laughing about her father’s divorce filing from her Thai-born mother. Karen Valby tweeted that Chrissy and her lovely mother talked about the impending split during their Vanity Fair Time, to which she referred to a couple of Christmases, and she (Chrissy) and her lovely mother talked about the impending split during their Vanity Fair Time, to which she referred to a couple of Christmases.

Apart from that, Ron Teigen and Vilailuck Teigen have already begun to live separately. Vilailuck currently lives with Chrissy and John Legend and assists with the treatment of their two daughters.

Wikimedia Commons (Age)

Ronald, whose birthday is August 6th, still looks new and trendy thanks to his impeccable dressing skills. The world-famous model’s father was born in Norway and therefore has Norwegian ancestry. His birth year, on the other hand, has not been made public.

He served as an electrician in Norway when he was younger. Ronald Teigen Sr. is his given name.

Factual details

Here are some of Chrissy Teigen’s father, Ron Teigen Sr .’s, points.

His daughter and family, according to the source, live on John Legend’s estate, which is not far away from the estranged couple. Since Ronald lives just 10 minutes away from Chrissy, Vilailuck, and John, he pays them regular visits and spends quality time with them.

Tina, Chrissy’s niece, is Ron’s half-sister. Before marrying Ron, she was born to Vilailuck and her enigmatic partner.

Chrissy revealed in one of her interviews that Ron has three other children with his mystery women.