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Rosemary Conley Biography

Rosemary Conley born Rosemary Jean Neil Conley, is an English businesswoman, author, diet and fitness expert, and broadcaster on exercise and health.

Rosemary Conley was born on 19 December 1946 in Leicester, United Kingdom, to Oswald Weston, Celia Weston. She was brought up in a house with an acre of garden in the Leicestershire countryside. Her father was a hosiery wholesaler and her mother invented a beauty cap to go over ladies’ hair curlers; both were entrepreneurial and that may be where Conley got her business sense from.

She left school at 15 for secretarial college and then worked in an office before becoming a Tupperware lady in 1970. Rosemary Conley became one of the biggest names in the diet and fitness industry when she launched her book The Hip And Thigh Diet in 1988.

In 1993, Rosemary and her husband and business partner, Mike Rimmington, launched Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs to give additional help, support and motivation to people following her diet and fitness programmes. The national network of clubs was a franchise operation, with 170 professionally qualified exercise teachers running 2,000 weekly classes across the UK for over 70,000 members.

Just two years after its launch, the British Franchise Association presented Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs with its Newcomer of the Year Award and, in 1998, the organisation was presented with the national BFA/Midland Bank Award. In 2002 and 2005, it won the coveted BFA Franchisor of the Year Award.

From 1996 to 2000 Rosemary was a consultant to Marks & Spencer and helped them to develop their low fat, calorie-controlled food range.

Rosemary has presented her own TV series on BBC and ITV as well as appearing on ‘This Morning’ with Richard and Judy for seven years. She continues to have a high media profile with many regular appearances on national television and Radio. Rosemary appeared on ITV1’s Dancing on Ice, where, at 65 years old, she was the oldest celebrity to make it the furthest in the history of Dancing on Ice – an outstanding achievement.

In December 2001, Rosemary was granted the Freedom of the City of Leicester, the first woman to receive this honour.

Rosemary was one of the invited guests at a reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in October 2003 to mark the contribution of Pioneers to the life of the nation.

Rosemary Conley was delighted to be made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in the New Year’s Honours for 2004, for her services to the fitness and diet industries.

Rosemary Conley Age

She was born on 19 December 1946 in Leicester, United Kingdom, to Oswald Weston, Celia Weston.

Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley Hip and Thigh Diet

In 1986 Rosemary discovered a low-fat diet plan, which transformed her body in a way she had never been able to achieve with previous diets.

Rosemary put her experiences down on paper and the result was her Hip and Thigh Diet, which was published in 1988 and captured the attention of the nation. This book and its sequel, Rosemary Conley’s Complete Hip and Thigh Diet, have sold more than two million copies.

Rosemary Conley Magazine

In 1996, the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine was launched. This award-winning publication had more than half a million readers and became market leader in its sector after just three issues. The magazine contained celebrity interviews, diet and exercise plans, expert columnists and the Fat File, a unique sliding scale guide to the fat and calorie content of food.

Rosemary Conley Books

  • Rosemary Conley’s The 3-2-1 DIET
  • The Secrets of Staying Young
  • Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes
  • The FAB Diet Book
  • How to lose weight handbook
  • Slim to Win Diet and Cookbook
  • My Kitchen Table

Rosemary Conley App

Rosemary Conley App helps motivate you with information, advice and support to eat more healthily and change your lifestyle for the better so that you can become fitter, healthier and happier. And it works alongside and links into Rosemary Online.

Rosemary Conley App brings this to your smartphone with:

  • Daily motivational minutes.
  • Daily Recipes.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Barcode scanner – Ability to record your food and drinks using our barcode scanner and search feature.
  • Record your weight.
  • Track your progress, including your BMI.
  • Message a coach directly from the App.

Rosemary Conley App Minimum requirements

  • iOS (Apple products): operating system iOS 10 or higher.
  • Android: operating system 4.4 (Kitkat) or higher.

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan – Rosemary’s Latest Diets

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: The 3-2-1 Diet – Rosemary Conley 321 Diet

Choose the 3-2-1 Diet if constant calorie counting and daily dieting doesn’t work for you. Simply eat 800 calories on three days for the first week, then two days a week until you reach your target weight and then follow the maintenance plan restricting your calories for just one day a week. It’s easy, doable and really works!!

  • Eat what you like on non-dieting days
  • Meals and recipes that keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Complete with its own activity challenge
  • Gluten and lactose free options
  • Choose the diet that suits your personality. Are you a Grazer, Feaster or Comfort eater?

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: Complete Lifestyle Change Plan – Available in a Gluten Free Version (new for 2018)

The Complete Lifestyle Change Plan is devised to help you understand how we can eat more healthily and lose weight. The plan explains what exercise does and supports and guides you through the next 12 weeks.

  • 12 week programme to change your life
  • 12 week exercise programme included
  • Gluten free 12 week plan – NEW for 2018!
  • Low sugar, fat and salt
  • Healthy eating with lots of great recipes for you to try

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: 28-day Lean and Clean Plan

Boost your body and lose weight with a balanced clean, lean eating plan. With great tasting, super-healthy food you will look and feel amazing after just four weeks. This eating plan is cleansing as well as giving your digestive system a well-earned rest. As the plan is calorie controlled, you will lose weight too!

  • Low sugar, fat and salt
  • Meals that will keep your feeling fuller for longer
  • Clean eating with great recipes

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan – Rosemary’s Classic Diets

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: 28-day Amazing Inch Loss Plan

Fast track your weight loss on 1200 calories a day for two weeks then 1400 for the next fortnight. In trials dieters lost an average of a stone in a month! Use my online Food and Fitness Diary to monitor your progress to maximise your success!

  • Contains a specific plan for vegetarians
  • Healthy low Gi foods
  • Tailored 28 day exercise plan

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: Fat Attack Booster Diet

This highly effective weight-loss plan will help you to lose pounds faster than ever – safely and healthily. The Fat Attack Booster eating plan is easy to follow and offers lots of variety. You can choose from low-fat, low-Gi carbohydrate-based meals, high-protein meals, meals that include a dessert and vegetarian options.

  • Easy to Follow
  • Healthy low Gi options
  • High protein options
  • Complete with a daily exercise plan

Rosemary Conley Diet Plan: Rosemary Conley Hip and Thigh Diet

The diet is extremely flexible, as all the meals are interchangeable. All the calorie counting has been done for you to make it easy to use and even more effective. It’s split into two parts to maximise your weight and inch-loss progress, this diet is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (weeks 1 and 2 ) – This is quite strict but is designed in such a way that you will experience a significant weight loss in the first two weeks.

Phase 2 (week 3 onwards) – This is more generous and versatile. In addition to your three main meals and two power snacks a day, you may be able to have a dessert, a treat and an alcoholic drink, depending on your calorie allowance.

  • Contains a specific vegetarian plan
  • Low Gi foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Great selection of recipes
  • Specific workout collection

Rosemary Conley Net Worth

Information about Rosemary Conley net worth will be updated soon.

Rosemary Conley Husband

Rosemary Conley’s second husband is her business partner, Mike Rimmington.

Rosemary Conley Parents

Rosemary Conley was born to Oswald Weston, Celia Weston in Leicester, United Kingdom. Her father was a hosiery wholesaler and her mother invented a beauty cap to go over ladies’ hair curlers; both were entrepreneurial and that may be where Conley got her business sense from.

Rosemary Conley Contact

If you have a professional enquiry regarding Rosemary Conley, please contact Peter Legg. Tel: 01530 249 396. You can also conctact Tel: 03301 330 330.

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