Scientology Beliefs, Practices And Ideas: What Exactly Is Scientology? 

What Exactly is Scientology?

Scientology is best described as a religion that was created in order to help people determine a clear path to understanding the true nature and the relationship with self, other beings and the environment as a whole. People who practice the religion are often referred to as Scientologist. It was created on three basic fundamental principles; man is an immortal spiritual being, his experience extends well beyond a single lifetime and a man’s capabilities are unlimited even if not presently realized.

The religion has proven that people can get their true-selves back after undergoing a free class called auditing. Surprisingly, people who had undergone the auditing classes has acknowledged that they had been free from a lot of painful and traumatic experiences they had passed through and has become whole again.

Scientology gives a platform to its believers to adhere to their true spiritual self through which they become very close to God. Thus, enabling them to control life, matter, energy, and space that they have been denied of.

It is a legalized and popularly known religion often practiced in over eight countries of the world including the United States and Austria. The church of Scientology is located in Los Angeles California in a 500-acre compound and it is referred to the Gold Base.

Scientology Beliefs

Scientologist have drafted their lives into believing a lot of things including the unimaginable. We won’t justify what you should believe or not, however, as you read on, your views may become clearer.

  • Scientologist believes that the human being is immortal and are aliens known as Thetans who have forgotten their true nature and are trapped in the human body on earth.
  • They also believe that every being had previous lives and have lived for over a number of years both on planet earth or in other planets.
  • They believe Scientology provides working methods to get answers to hitherto unanswered questions linking believes to the connection of the soul, spirit, and mind.
  • Advocates of the religion believe in God and also take a strong belief in the quote ‘God helps those who help themselves’, however, they don’t believe in dogmas.
  • They believe the mind is made up of two divisions, The reactive mind and the analytical mind in which the reactive mind is said to absorb pain and emotional trauma while the analytical mind is responsible for the consciousness of a being. It further emphasizes that the reactive mind works as a storage system for mental images known as Engrams. Engrams are best described as memories of painful and traumatic experience people had passed through which has limited them from knowing their true nature.
  • It also believes that an Engram could be located by an E-Meter and it is only an auditing class that would help clear these engrams.
  • Scientology believes that after death, the spirit takes another form implying it is a blend of science and spirituality.

Practices and Ideas

Well, unlike some other religions, Scientologist celebrate holidays and birthday. They believe the inner man can help heal wounds, especially in trauma or discomfort by transposing the spirit in communication with the flesh. They use the method of detoxification to heal up pains including drinking oils, exercise and consuming vitamins.

They also practice Auditing classes, the class tends to help those who are criminals, drug addicts or depressed become whole again. Its working system is based on teachings on spiritual awareness and counseling sessions. People who pass through this classes are taught from a status of Preclear to Clear and Operating Thetan.

People who practice Scientology are said to be involved in the religion because of their quest for getting answers to the unknown especially towards science and religion.

Scientology practices the use of an emotional classification system known as tone scale, they believe that knowing a tone scale could lead one to predict actions. It buttresses the advantages of survival dividing it into eight division often referred to Dynamics. These dynamics include; the desire to survive, relationship with procreation and family, views about mankind, life and mostly actions to mention a few.

It practices the use of ARC and KRC triangles. These are concept maps that combine the components of Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control. They represent the basic Scientologist believes implying Affinity, Reality, and Communication.

Scientology practices rituals in four ways, rituals carried out for spiritual transformation, a combination of ceremonies or events, rites performed for wedding and funerals and mimic Christian rituals.