Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire is a well-known YouTube personality from the United States. Scotty Sire rose to prominence as a result of his 6-second Vine videos, which he created himself.

How old is Scotty Sire?

As of 2020, Scotty Sire will be 28 years old. He was born under the astrological sign Aries on April 1, 1992, in Newport, California. His parents’ names have not been revealed. His mother Crossen, on the other hand, is Lebanese, and his father works in construction. Davey is his younger sibling.

He was a shy, self-conscious child when he was younger. He is an anime fan who enjoys watching episodes on the internet. Similarly, he is of American nationality but has not stated his ethnic background. Scotty Sire received his high school diploma from Edison High School in Newport Beach.

How much is Scotty Sire Net Worth?

In terms of Scotty Sire’s earnings, he is an American internet personality who rose to prominence through the 6-second video-making app Vine and has earned a good living from his work. According to YouTube statistics, he has posted 522 videos that have received over 407.5 million views. On average, he makes 9 new videos per month and has earned $553k from his YouTube videos.

As a result, his net worth is likely to be in the $900,000 range. With his good fortune, he is currently living a high life.

Is Scotty Sire dating anyone?

Scotty Sire is currently single and not dating anyone. He had previously dated Kristen McAtee. He posted a few videos with her before revealing her as his girlfriend. However, their relationship is only discovered much later. He has never married and does not appear to have any plans to do so in the near future. He is more concerned with making videos that will entertain his followers.

Despite being in a romantic relationship, they unfortunately ended their relationship. On February 6, 2020, they announced their split via a YouTube video titled “we broke up” on his channel.

During his time in Los Angeles with his friend Gary Rojas, however, he was constantly rumored to be gay or bisexual. After being linked with a girlfriend, his rumors have never been confirmed. Furthermore, in both his personal and professional life, he has not been associated with any controversial acts. He’s kept his record spotless.

What is the Height of Scotty Sire?

Scotty Sire, a 28-year-old American YouTuber, has a friendly demeanor. He is 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 80 kg. Similarly, he has green eyes and blonde hair. He has also not specified his exact body stats, shoe size, dress size, and so on.

Career line of Scotty Sire

  • In terms of Scotty Sire’s professional life, he began his social media career on Vine and reached the 2 million follower mark in May 2015. The app, however, has been closed. In 2014, he also signed an exclusive contract with Viral Nation.
  • He began working in his father’s construction company when he was very young, before moving into the social media field. He left this job, however, to become a bartender. He meets a lot of people while working as a bartender.
  • He was quite familiar with the internet because he is a huge fan of anime films. As a result, he also desired for others to be aware of his daily life and the incidents that occurred.
  • Then he made a Vine account and began posting amusing 6-second videos about his daily life. These videos were an instant hit with the general public, and he quickly accumulated a large number of followers. He also began posting photos on Instagram, which helped him gain a large following.
  • Scotty Sire launched his YouTube channel and published his first debut video, “Would You Rather…?” On July 29, 2014, the video received 208,139 views. He began uploading videos to YouTube shortly after that. Music videos, vlogs, albums, old videos, and Watch From the Beginning are some of his YouTube series.
  • “SCOTTY SIRE – SAD SONG (Official Lyric Video)” is one of his most popular videos on his YouTube channel.
  • It received over 15 million views after being posted on. His official music videos on YouTube include “MY LIFE SUCKS (Official Lyric Video),” “MISTER GLASSMAN (Official Lyric Video),” “TAKE ME AWAY (Official Music Video),” “Lonely Christmas (feat. Heath Hussar),” and many others.
  • “We broke up,” “My New Living Situation,” and “LIVING WITH THE ANTONYANS FOR 24 HOURS!!” are some of his most popular videos on YouTube.
  • “DAVID IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SURPRISE!!!” “Confessing Our Dislikes for One Another,” “LIZA KOSHY AND KRISTEN MCATEE DANCE BATTLE,” among other videos that have accumulated millions of views.
  • Similarly, he is one of the most entertaining people on social media. His attempts to interpret many events in everyday life in a realistic and straightforward manner are the main reason for his enormous popularity.
  • His approach to problems is lighthearted, and his sense of humour has helped him connect with many of his fans. According to his YouTube videos, every young person becomes involved in dating at some point in their lives.
  • He has explained dating problems in his own amusing and comical way, and his viewpoint on these issues is recommended and shared by a large number of his fan followers.