Sharon Shenocca

Facts of  Sharon Shenocca
Break Up: Bill Belichick
Country: United States
Divorce: Vincent Shenocca
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Grey
Full Name: Sharon Shenocca
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Horoscope: N/A
Nationality: American
Profession: Receptionist
Siblings: Kerry
Status: Single

The infamous woman, who has money over her ten-year relationship and who adds to her children’s love and home.

Shenocca Sharon, the American receptionist who was happily married to Vincent Shenocca for ten years and had two children between 17 and 19 years of age, went to an extra-marital affair with the coach, Bill Belichick, because of what seems to be money. Sharon met Belichick in 1980, and the heat soon became known to her relationship.

When was Sharon Shenocca Birthed?

Sharon Shenocca was born in the United States in 1966. Sharon Radigon was her maiden name. She lived her early life with Het Sister Kerry, who was a partner not only of her childhood but also of an affair with Bill Belichick.

Nothing is known about Sharon’s early life or schooling, as she was only not more common to fight for her average requirements and average desires until she got involved in a celebration affair.

How Much is Sharon Shenocca Net Worth?

Sharon was a receptionist on average and worked for New York Giants, so her salary was only enough to achieve the results. Her boyfriend and sweet daddy Bill Belichick, who not only gave her $3000 a month and also bought her a 2.2 million dollar house, provided a luxurious lifestyle for her.

Who is Sharon Shenocca Married Currently?

Sharon Shenocca married Vincent Shenocca, who was the first construction worker and bore two children with him. They lived 10 years together until they met Bill Belichick while working together in New York Giants. Bill Belichick was also first married to Dwbby Clarke but then separated.

Sharon began dating Belichick soon and they both spent a lot of time together. Belichick not only physically but also monetarily satisfied her. Each month, Sharon said she was sending her $3000, paying her trainer, her mode, her trips to Utah spa, Jamaica Florida, and Puerto Rico where she stayed at the InterContinental Resort, Spa and Casino.

Belichick paid Disney world for her private Jet, which she did not think of at the beginning of her life, and even for gasoline by a Fast Pass credit card.

Sharon also received $2.2 million from Belichick in the city, where she lived with her children and also slept according to her husband with Belichick a number of times. Sharon also received $50,000 from Belichick for her 2006 Jersey Store rentals. Everywhere and wherever Sharon went to and bought the money of her sugar daddy for herself. Because of her family preferences, she even ended up in divorce.

Career Line of  Sharon Shenocca

  • Sharon Shenocca did not talk much about her career, except that she was an American football team receptionist in New York Giants.
  • Coach Bill Belichick led the same team from 1979 to 1990.
  • It was during this stage of her career that her personal life took a different path and she became known for her unlawful relationship. Sharon owned a store in Jersey, too.