Stephanie Ruhle’s Husband Andy Hubbard Biography, Net Worth, Wedding, House, Height, Job

American engineer and a businessman, Andy Hubbard came into spotlight became of his wife Stephanie Ruhle who works as an MSNBC news anchor. Andy and Stephanie living blissful married life and parents of 3 children together.

Andy Hubbard Early Life, Sibling & Education

Born to American parents on 12 June 1973 whose parents info kept private. Andy with his siblings brother Jesse Hubbard grew up in the US with their parents. However, he has managed to hide all the important info of his early life as well.

Andy is of white ethnicity, having American nationality. he enrolled at Princeton University located in Princeton, New Jersey after successfully completing high school. From the University, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the year 1995.

Wedding of Andy Hubbard with Wife Stephanie Ruhle

Back in the year 2002, Andy Hubbard make Stephanie Ruhle his wife in a private ceremony. They tied the wedding knot in presence of their family and friends. His wife Stephanie is a well-known News anchor who works as the NBC News Senior Business correspondent.

Love story of Andy and Stephanie started when the duo met while working with ‘Credit Suisse’. Soon after, they started dating & been in a romantic relationship for a few years before their marriage. Without any sign of divorce or conflict, the married couple live a blissful life together. Also, they shares pictures of their family on the internet time and again.

Children of Andy Hubbard

Andy Hubbard is the father of three children with his beloved wife Stephanie Ruhle. He is the father of 2 children (two sons & a daughter). Andy two sons Reese Hubbard and Harrison Hubbard birth of date kept private.

However, his daughter Drew Beachley Hubbard born in the year 2013. Despite being having busy schedule, he and his wife spend a lot of quality time with their children as well.

Controversy of Andy Hubbard wife Stephine Relationship

Well, Andy wife Stephine came into controversy regarding her relationship with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. On February 21, 2019, the duo were suspected to having an affair after came under scrutiny after the report of Wall Street Journal. As per reports they had an intimate relationship cited unnamed sources who claimed that emails between them.

Kevin relied on Stephanie for business advice over the counsel of his own business executives the story alleged. Reportedly, Stephine has traveled with Plank on his private jet. Then Ruhle and Plank are just friends, claimed by Kelley McCormick, the senior vice president of communications for Under Armour.

What’s Andy Hubbard Net Worth?

Andy Hubbard net worth estimated over $2 Million collected through his professional career. He earns a salary of around $170 thousand per month working for UBS O’ conner as a managing director as per reports.

Andy’s wife Stephanie Ruhle net worth estimated over $5 million. Also, she earned more than average salary of journalist around $66,410.

Andy Hubbard House

Andy and his wife Stephanie bought a four-story townhouse near Manhattan bought for $7.5 million in 2017. The house was also called the Upper East Side townhouse which has four bedroom, four bathroom home with four working fireplaces. In the year 2015, they sold Tribeca apartments for $5.2 million.

What Does Andy Hubbard Do for a Living?

Andy Hubbard has been working in the field of credit management. Also, he is American businessman and engineer as well.

Height of Andy Hubbard

Following are the features of Andy Hubbard body.

  •  Andy Hubbard Height: 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75m tall.
  •  Andy Hubbard Weight: 67kg or 147.71pound
  • Hair Color: Light Grey
  • Eyes Color: Hazel

Facts About Stephanie Ruhle’s Husband Andy Hubbard

  • Andy Hubbard rose to popularity as celebrity husband of Stephanie Ruhle.
  • He is the Co-CEO of a Technology Startup company called HausMart.
  • His company HausMart goal is to allow small business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to sell products through a mobile platform as opposed to needing to buy a traditional point-of-sale system.
  • Previously, he worked at a Hedge Fund & an Investment Bank.
  • He was a manager at the investment bank Credit Suisse and specialized in credit derivatives trading from the year 2004 to 2014.
  • From the year 2000 to 2003, he worked at a software company called Kiodex.
  • Also, he worked as an associate at Credit Suisse from the year 1997 through 2000.
  • He worked for a Insurance company that helps people with insurances such as Home & Rentals Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Life Insurance among many others.
  • Andy Hubbard and his wife Ruhle listed on a 2012 List Called ‘Wall Street’s Hottest Power Couples’.
  • Andy with his family lives in Manhattan.
  • He played as a lacrosse midfielder during his time at high school.