Stephanie Soo Fiance, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Boyfriend, Birthday

Stephanie Soo Fiance, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Boyfriend, Birthday. Stephanie Soo is a popular mukbang YouTube personality. Mukbang is currently a popular trend on YouTube.

Apart from the Mukbang videos, Stephanie also makes videos on vlogging as well as food tastings.

In this article, we dig more into the personal life of this social media personality and find out more about her Net Worth and her Fiancé.

Stephanie Soo Career, Wiki

Mukbang, which falls under the food category on YouTube is currently a global phenomenon.

Foodies from around the globe enjoy the mukbang related contents. Stephanie Soo is also a popular name among food enthusiasts.

Stephanie’s YouTube career has not been that long. She first began posting videos on YouTube in 2017.

Born and raised in South Korea, Soo always enjoyed trying out new food during her early life. This passion for food of her has eventually traveled to her adult life.

Through her YouTube video, Stephanie also does various food reviews. She has also done several vlogs over the years.

Fans of Stephanie have often wondered: Why she does not gain weight after eating so much of food through her Mukbang videos?

The answer to that is pretty simple. She exercises regularly and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from being a popular YouTuber, Soo is also a recognized personality on Instagram. She has more than 220k followers there.

Stephanie also has her own line of Merch. She has her official website where she has posted prices for several hoodies and T-Shirts.

On Instagram, she posts pictures almost daily. She has often times posted pictures together with her fiancé but on every photo, either his photo is blurred, cut or overlapped in certain ways.

Stephanie currently has more than 785k subscribers on her YouTube channel titled ‘Stephanie Soo.’

She posts mukbang videos daily and gets over 100k views on every video. Her mukbang videos are on different food items in different videos.

Stephanie has also done an ASMR video alongside her best friend. Additionally, over the years, she has collaborated some of the famous names in YouTube like Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Stephanie has done several of pillow talk videos in which she talks about various topics like her ex-boyfriends, her bullies and more.

Stephanie Soo Net Worth ($ 250 thousand dollars) and Monthly Earnings estimates Stephanie Soo’s Net Worth to be around $250 thousand dollars.

She makes a monthly earning of $18.6 thousand dollars

Stephanie Soo Height

Stephanie Soo seems of medium height. Detailed information about her weighs as well as height is not available.

Stephanie Soo Age, 24, Birthday – November 27

According to, Stephanie Soo’s age is 24.

Her date of birth is listed as November 27, 1995.

Stephanie Soo Dating, her Fiancé

Over the years, Stephanie Soo has been teasing her fans on Instagram by not posting the full picture of her fiancé.

She has posted several pictures with him, however, in most of the photos, his face is not unveiled.

Fans of Stephanie do not understand why the fiancé of her does not want to show his face on social media.

People have suggested that he does not want to reveal his face due to privacy reasons and everyone should respect that.