Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham is an English film and television entertainer. Stephen Graham’s films are broadly calculable and he is referred to for his parts as Tommy in the film Snatch (2000), Andrew ” Combo” Gascoigne in This Is England (2006).

He additionally did its TV continuations, This Is England ’86 (2010), This Is England ’88 (2011) and This Is England ’90 (2015). His depiction of infamous burglar Baby Face Nelson in Public Enemies (2009), Scrum in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Al Capone in the HBO arrangement Boardwalk Empire won him a large number of fan following.

The Early Life of Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham was born on August 3, 1973, in the Kirkby suburb of Southdene, Lancashire. His mother was a pediatric nurse, and his father was a social worker. His paternal grandfather was Jamaican, and one of his grandmothers was Swedish.

What is Stephen Graham’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Who is Stephen Graham’s wife?

Hannah Walters is his spouse. They married in 2008 and have two children. Stephen was nominated for a BAFTAS this year as a lead actor for his role as Combo in This Is England ’90, a part of Shane Meadows’ cult This Is England miniseries.

Career Line of Stephen Graham

  • He is an English actor best known for his roles as Tommy in the film Snatch and as Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne in This Is England and its subsequent television sequels, This Is England ’86, This Is England ’88, and This Is England ’90.
  • He played Danny Ferguson in Occupation and Billy Bremner in The Damned United. In Public Enemies, he played the infamous bank robber Baby Face Nelson.
  • He appeared as Scrum in the popular film Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • From 2010 to 2014, he played Al Capone in the HBO series Broadwalk Empire.
  • He has played characters from several British and American regions, including Cockney, a Geordie, a Scouser, and a Scotsman; an Irish gang member in 19th-century New York City, a 1930s Chicago bank robber, a Brooklyn mobster, a Texan, and the short-fused English nationalist, “Combo,” in This Is England.
  • He was nominated for an RTS Award for his work on The Street and a British Independent Film Award for his work on This Is England.
  • He also appeared in several music videos, including Arctic Monkeys’ “I Remember,” “Fluorescent Adolescent,” and “When the Sun Goes Down,” as well as Babybird’s “Unlovable,” which was also directed by Johnny Depp.