Stuart Varney’s wife Deborah Varney Biography, Personal Life, Kids, Net Worth

Deborah Varney is a popular wife of a famous journalist, Stuart Varney. American economic consultant Stuart has worked for Fox News and the Fox Business Network.

Family Background of Varney

American citizen Deborah was born to American parents in the United States of America. She belongs to a Jewish background and grew along with her three siblings. She was the youngest of all the children of her parents who raised in the middle-class family. Varney’s father was a security guard and her mother workes as a caretaker. Due to poor financial conditions, she along with her siblings had to leave their school. Then, she took a part-time job as a caretaker and again started her studies.

Also, she supported her family financially and helped her siblings in academics. Then, she graduated from high school.

Married & Divorced of Deborah Varney with Husband Stuart

Deborah met her husband Stuart Varney in a pub. Her husband was already a successful journalist. He accepted love for her despite being from a middle-class family. Deborah came into limelight after her relationship with Stuart. The couple decided to exchange the wedding vows within a year of their relationship. They did not do a big fat wedding but kept it simple. At their wedding, the couple only invited some close relatives and friends at their wedding ceremony. The couple moved to Florida in their own house after their marriage. She devoted herself to her marriage & gave birth to six children, four boys, and two girls. However, the ex-couple has not shared any information regarding their name and birth of date.

Maintain Close Relationship After Divorce

Even after the divorce, Deborah shared a very good relationship with her ex-husband even after several years of their divorce. Also, she is very responsible as a mother. The ex-couple gets issued in their marriage life thought everything seems perfect. Deborah & Stuart filed a divorce and split after twenty-one years of marriage. The reason for their divorce is probably Stuart’s extramarital affair with Jennifer Shibley. Now Varney is living an independent life and is probably happy as it appears on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

What’s Varney Ex-Husband Net Worth?

Her ex-husband Stuart has an estimated net worth around $10 million & earns a huge amount as a salary from his career as a journalist. Also, his net worth increases in sum years by years, which expected to be twice as high as in past years. Also, he dedicated his success to his beloved mother for his success. After a divorce, Deborah is living her simple life.


Speaking about her career, she did not have a very popular career graph. Deborah Varney took the first job in her life to support her family. Similarly, Deborah did not get the chance to fulfill her dreams. Later getting marriage Varney did some freelance jobs and wrote some movie articles and assisted her husband. Furthermore, she stays away from the spotlight of the media. More about her hubby career, her hubby early working time spent within Nairobi, Kenya within the early phase. Besides that, Stuart graduated at the very time from the London School of Economics. Stuart Varney’s work in the shows like The Cost of Freedom took a good space into the market of the business block by now. Also, he engaged upon Your World as a guest host with excellent performance. He as his very first experience worked in KEMO-TV where he got recognition in the field of journalism as his official career. Furthermore, he got able to space himself within a good position among there. He states joining Fox News is a great time achievement in his life.