Sunshine Deia Tutt

Sunshine Deia Tutt is a well-known model, actress, and fashion designer from the United States. Sunshine Deia Tutt is well-known as the ex-wife of Chris Kattan, a well-known American actor, comedian, and author.

How old is Sunshine Deia Tutt?

Sunshine Deia Tutt was born on September 23, 1976, making her 44 years old. Her zodiac sign is Libra, and she was born in Brownsville, Texas. Sunshine Deia Tutt went to St. Joseph Academy in Frontenac, Missouri, for her educational experience. Deia went on to graduate from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998. She holds a diploma in Design and Visual Communication.

Who is Sunshine Deia Tutt married to?

Sunshine Deia Tutt previously married Chris Kattan on June 28, 2008, and divorced him on February 22, 2009. On Christmas Eve of 2006, the couple got engaged. Chris and Sunshine got married at Sunshine’s grandparents’ house in Gainesville, Texas.

However, the couple was unable to keep their relationship together. As a result, on August 10, 2008, Sunshine and Chris split up. Only eight weeks had passed since their wedding. Sunshine and Chris met and began dating in 2005. After only a year of dating, they were engaged. The couple remained engaged for another two years before marrying in Oakhurst, California in June 2008.

How tall is Sunshine Deia Tutt?

Sunshine Deia Tutt is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Similarly, she has 34-24-33-inch chest-waist-hip measurements. Sunshine wears shoe size 7.5 (US) and dresses in size 4 (US). Sunshine Deia also has green eyes and blonde hair.

Career line of Sunshine Deia Tutt

  • Sunshine Deia Tutt is an actress who began her career as a model. Sunshine Deia Tutt began her career as an actress in 2001, appearing in Monkeybone, Deal or No Deal, and Sunset Tan.
  • Sunshine Deia Tutt also competed in the magazine’s annual beautiful women pageant for the title of “Miss FHM 2006.”
  • She was defeated by Diana Chiafair in the Miss FHM 2006 competition. Sunshine Deia Tutt went on to study interior design later in life. Sublime Interior Designs, LLC hired her as a Director of Design. Sunshine Deia’s acting, modeling, and interior design careers are all getting a lot of attention in the industry.
  • Sunshine Deia Tutt, Chris Kattan’s ex-wife, is also well-known. Chris is a well-known actor, comedian, and author in the United States.
  • Similarly, Chris is well-known as a Saturday Night Live cast member. Chris Kattan is also known for playing Bob on The Middle’s first four seasons, Doug Butabi in A Night at the Roxbury, and Bunnicula in Bunnicula.
  • Sunshine Deia Tutt’s ex-husband was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2017. His stiff upper body movement was criticized by the judges and many online fans. Sunshine’s ex-husband then revealed that he had broken his neck almost 20 years prior while performing a stunt. Chris attributed his lack of mobility to the injury and subsequent surgeries.
  • Sunshine’s ex-husband also revealed that the pain medication he started taking after his fourth surgery was the cause of his DUI arrest in 2014. In addition, in his memoir, Chris Kattan revealed more details about his injury. He claimed in his memoir that it was inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch that aired on May 12, 2001.
  • Sunshine’s husband did a “Golden Girls” parody in this episode. Chris went on to say that NBC covered two of his five spinal surgeries.