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Tania Tare Biography

Tania Tare is a Kiwi professional golf player & and television personality well known for her golfing skills as well as her trick shots. Tare was born and raised in New Zealand.

She loves to travel and one of her favorite things about golf is that the game allows her to travel all over the world competing in various tournaments. A huge fan of actor Hugh Jackman, Tania applauds herself for being able to name every movie he’s ever been in. Snakes and heights are among her topmost fears. She says that her lucky numbers are 0, 10, and 12. In addition, she’s always been lucky on the date 10th of December. One of her favorite quotes is – “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

After finishing high school, Tare moved to the US, as she was awarded a golf scholarship by Florida International University. She graduated in 2013. After graduating, she started focusing on her social media presence alongside her golf and used her skills in performing trick shots to gain a massive following on Instagram.

Golf Career

Tania began playing golf at the age of fourteen and was taught by her stepfather. Initially, she didn’t like golf but was hooked to the game after a couple of months. Competing in golf tournaments and winning various accolades. Along with golf, she also plays tennis, soccer, and basketball recreationally. Living in Auckland at the time, Tania was named 2008 Auckland Golfer of the Year.

She won the 2006 Blues award for outstanding achievement in golf & was the 2008-09 Provincial team captain, earning 10 wins and one second-place finish. While she was attending Florida International University, Tania Tare Competed in 24 rounds with a stroke average of 77.25. Tania had one Top-10 finish, coming in the USA Lady Jaguar Invitational. She finished seventh. Tare had her best two rounds of the year at the Pat Bradley Invitational, shooting 71 on each of the first two days.

In 2010, Tania Tare opened the season with a 14-over par performance at the Wolverine Invitational, good enough for 7th place. After graduating, she started focusing on her social media presence alongside her golf. She used her skills in performing trick shots to gain a huge following on Instagram. Soon after graduating from University, she had to take a break to operate on both her wrists.

Tania Tare Age

She was born on 19th December 1988 in Newzealand in the United States.

Tania Tare Family

Tare was born and raised in New Zealand. She grew up in a big family with a mix of ten siblings and stepsiblings. She is very close with her sister named Dustie. Even though her sister lives in New Zealand. Tania always finds time to skype with her or talk to her on the phone. She says that her parents did an amazing job of raising her. Living with such a large family taught her the values of sharing and she still grabs on to her values.

Tania Tare Parents

Born to proud parents, Peter Aitken and Tuuvu Tare. Though her father passed away, her love and respect for him remain intact. She feels lucky to have had her father in her life for the time she did as her father showed her the strength within her and helped her grow as an active person.

Tania Tare Married

She is a very talented and skilled golfer. On 6 September 2017, she posted a video on her Twitter playing golf while riding on a skateboard. It was a very cool video, and anyone who saw the video probably admired the incredible skill that she proudly showed off.

One of her followers replied to her that post asking, “Can we please get married??” Tania hasn’t replied to the question to date but doesn’t necessarily mean she has no interest in marriage at all. She probably is busy and more focused on her career to think about her wedding vows. For now, Tania is choosing to stand on the field, holding her golf clubs rather than standing on the wedding altar holding her to-be husband’s hand.

Tania Tare Body Measurements

  • Height: 5ft” 8in’
  • Weight: Not Available
  • Shoe Size: Not Available
  • Body Shape: Not Available
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Tania Tare Net Worth

Tare has an estimated net worth of $1 Million – $10 Million. Tania has managed to accumulate a significant amount of net worth through her career as a famous golfer.

Tania Tare Golf Tricks

Among all the tricks she came up with, her cup tricks became instantly popular on Instagram. Below are 12 golf trick shots by talented Tare.


Tania Tare Golf Ranking

Tournament Score Rank Gross
Nzpwg Women’s Pro-Am In Memory of Anita Boon 153 T6 $ 1,642.50
Anita Boon Pro-Am 2017 149 T5 $ 1,425.00
McKayson New Zealand Women’s Open 151 T117 $ 0.00
2016 Anita Boon Pro-Am 156 T24 $ 319.49
2014 Anita Boon Pro-Am 163 T18 $ 577.60
BWAC Regional Employment & Community Services ALPG Pro-Am 78 T19 $ 268.00
Ingham Antill Park Pro-Am 76 T36 $ 0.00
Moss Vale Classic 147 T29 $ 217.50
Mount Broughton Classic 155 T55 $ 0.00
Renault Ladies Pro-Am 80 T59 $ 0.00
Bing Lee Fujitsu General Women’s NSW Open 155 T93 $ 0.00
ISPS Handa New Zealand Women’s Open 159 T121 $ 0.00
Volvik RACV Ladies Masters 158 T125 $ 0.00
2009 New Zealand Women’s Open 159 T83 $ 0.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Tania Tare

Who is Tania Tare?

XY is one of (Nationality) best-known and loved actor/actress/journalist/etc.

How old is Tania Tare?

Tare is 31 years old as of 2019. She was born in 1988

How tall is Tania Tare?

Tare stands at a height of 5ft” 8in’

Is Tania Tare married?

Information not available.

How much is Tania Tare worth?

He is an accomplished golf player with an estimated net worth of $1 Million – $10 Million.

How much does Tania Tare make?

Information not available.

Where does Tania Tare live?

Tare lives in the United States of America.

Is Tania Tare dead or alive?

Tare is still alive and in good health.

Where is Tania Tare now?

Tare is a golf player & and television personality.

What happened to Tania Tare?

Tania Tare Instagram

Tare has her own personal blog and keeps it updated with articles about current things as well as future prospects in her life. She has built a huge social media presence due to her expertise in trick shots and DIY videos about golf, with more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.


Tania Tare Twitter