Taylor Reilly

Facts of Taylor Reilly
Full Name: Taylor Reilly
Age: 23 years
Birthday: 22 Dec
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Capricorn
Marital status: single
Net Worth: $400k
Height: 4 feet 0 inches (1.22m)
Profession: Viner, youtuber, social media influencer
Sibling: N/A
Father: Kevin
Mother: N/A

Taylor Reilly is an American social influencer best known for her viral vine videos. Taylor Reilly later shifted to YouTube, where she posts blogs about her battle with scoliosis, a medical condition she suffers from.

How old is Taylor Reilly?

Taylor Reilly will be 23 in 2020. She was born on December 22, 1997, in Delaware, a small Mid-Atlantic state. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and she is of American nationality.

Taylor’s parents divorced, but they continue to appear in her videos. She is currently residing with her mother. Her father, on the other hand, used to live in Santa Cruz but now lives in California.

She has mentioned her medical condition, scoliosis, which she has had since childhood in her vlogs. Taylor appears dwarf as a result of this condition. She has posted numerous videos in which she discusses her struggles with the medical condition from which she is suffering. Taylor became ill shortly after birth, and she has had several breathing problems as well as heart and stomach surgeries. To summarize, she struggled with her health issues throughout her childhood.

Education of Taylor Reilly

Viner Taylor first attended school until the sixth grade, after which he dropped out. She then chose to be homeschooled. Second, in 7th grade, Taylor rejoined a school, only to return to homeschooling. Finally, from the eighth grade until her graduation, she attended a school designed specifically for children with chronic diseases. However, she has not mentioned the names of any of her schools. Her dropout was caused by others making fun of her short height.

Taylor addressed scoliosis in her first video. It’s a condition she’s had since birth, and it’s a medical condition that causes a sideways curve in the spine, giving the person the appearance of a dwarf. In Taylor’s case, the condition resulted in a rare type of deformity known as chondrodysplasia punctata.

She became ill several times soon after her birth, with the main concern being a problem with her lungs. After several tests, her health issue at birth was determined to be scoliosis. Taylor also had breathing problems, which have now been resolved. Taylor has had numerous surgeries with no success. She’s also had heart and stomach surgery. Taylor has posted numerous vlogs about her health issues.

How much is Taylor Reilly Net Worth?

Taylor’s main source of income is her YouTube channel and vine video advertising. Her net worth is expected to be around $400k by 2020. She earns around $4k-$7.1k per month as a YouTuber, and her annual earnings range from $40k to $65.5k. Taylor collects expensive gadgets and has a large collection of cameras. In the same way, she visits many places and appears to live a lavish life.

Taylor Reilly’s Boyfriend

Taylor Reilly was previously in a relationship with Damian. In 2014, she met him through the vine. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2017. Similarly, Taylor had recently posted photos on Instagram with a boy named Elliot Fletcher. However, because of her secretive nature, it is unknown whether they are dating or not.

How tall is Taylor Reilly?

Taylor Reilly is only 4 feet tall and weighs 41kg. She also has straight black hair and blue eyes. Other precise measurements of her chest, waist, hips, and biceps are not available, but will be updated. She also enjoys tattoos and currently has six.

Career line of Taylor Reilly

  • Taylor began her social media career on Vine and later posted her first video in August 2013. Until now, she had amassed a massive following of around 160k followers on her Instagram platform through her comedy videos.
  • Her YouTube videos include One of These Days Someone’s Gonna Be a Catfish Just to Be on TV.
  • Taylor later moved to YouTube on January 23, 2014, where her first video discussed her medical condition, which affected her spine and resulted in her dwarf appearance.
  • Taylor has done pranks and challenge videos despite her medical condition. The Storytime videos, such as The Inhale Girl Returns and How I Do My Makeup, changed her video patterns and earned her a lot of fans and money.
  • Taylor also used Instagram to share photos from the VidCon event in 2017. She uploads a variety of videos, ranging from vlogs to reaction videos to cooking videos.
  • One of her most viewed videos on her channel, titled “THE INHALER GIRL RETURNS,” was posted on August 2, 2017, and has received nearly 9,857,765 views. Other popular videos include “Watching My Old Vines” with 2.5 million views, “MAKING MY DAD CLEAN OUT A PUMPKIN JUST SO I CAN TRY TO FIT INSIDE IT” with 1.6 million views, and “HOW I DO MY MAKEUP [mediocre as hell]” with 1.1 million views.
  • Viner Taylor enjoys tattoos and got her first one before she turned 18. As proof, she stated that she got a new tattoo and shared a picture of it with her friends.
  • As a result, she now has nearly 6 tattoos all over her body. Furthermore, as a scoliosis patient, she was never molested, but she was extremely overwhelmed due to her dwarfism.