Ten Percent Happier: Where Is Dan Harris Going After Leaving GMA? New Job Details -Everything To Know

People have been loving their weekend’s cup of coffee with Emmy-winning co-anchor Dan Harris on Good Morning America for nearly ten years. Where Is He Going After Leaving GMA? 

Dan stated on August 8 that he will be departing ABC News in October after two decades with the network.

He explained why this will be such a significant upheaval for him personally while conveying the shocking news to viewers at home.

Where Is Dan Harris Going After GMA?

In the year 2000, he joined ABC News. From 2006 to 2011, he was the host of World News Sunday, and he currently anchors World News, ABC World News Tonight weekend versions, and Nightline. He also contributes to World News on a regular basis.

In September 2005, he also served as the anchor for ABC’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He was chosen as the new co-anchor of Good Morning America’s weekend edition in October 2010.

He was chosen as a co-anchor for Nightline in October 2013, succeeding Bill Weir. Harris announced his departure from ABC News in August 2021 to focus on his meditation business.

Harris has spearheaded the network’s reporting on religion, especially evangelicalism, and once managed to spend 48 hours in solitary confinement for a piece on criminal justice, in addition to reporting on a variety of natural disasters and various mass shootings from multiple conflict zones.

Why Is Dan Harris Leaving ABC? New Job Details

Despite calling the move a “tough decision,” Dan stated in his announcement that he had determined it was time to move on. Even yet, it appears that he will remain in New York City.

“As some of you may know, I’ve been focusing a lot of my spare time on my side hustle, Ten Percent Happier, a meditation firm.

It’s been a lot to handle, and despite the fact that I’m a vocal advocate for work/life balance, I’ve struggled to follow my advice.”

Dan went on to say that his ABC supervisors were “unusually nice” in allowing him to break out of his contract early in order to focus on Ten Percent Happier.

According to Forbes, Dan’s journey to discovering mental-health services and meditation began with a Nightline episode documenting his own experience following an on-air panic attack while live on GMA.

Dan admitted to viewers at the time that he had been a workaholic for years.

He felt despondent when he slowed down, self-medicated, and turned to cocaine, which physicians allegedly said: “very probably provoked that panic episode.”

What Is Dan Harris’s Net Worth 2021?

He is an American journalist who presently works as an anchor for NBC News in the United States; therefore, there is no doubt that he is compensated well. Dan earns a yearly salary of $99,712 on average.

Since he has worked as a writer in America since graduating from university, there is no doubt that he has effectively built his legally gained riches over the years. Dan has an estimated net worth of $964,790.

Dan Harris On Air Panic Attack

Dan Harris was preparing for his customary news report on the US breakfast show, Good Morning America, on a hot June morning in 2004.

With 5 million people watching, the then 32-year-old journalist found himself unable to breathe as the cameras concentrated on him.

He swiftly bailed on the news report, his heart beating, mouth dry, and palms sweating.

He was going through a panic attack.

Soon later, his psychiatrist inquired about his drug use.

“I wasn’t high on air,” Harris says Hack, “but the doctor pointed out that I had done enough [drugs] that it had affected my brain chemistry.”

“It also increased my chances of having the fight or flight reaction, which is characterized by a large surge of adrenaline into the brain. As a result, I realized what a fool I had been and stopped doing narcotics.”

Harris had been preoccupied with work since he was in his twenties, propelled by a negative inner voice and self-doubt about his talents.

He began using recreational drugs to self-medicate his depression after reporting the Iraq War.

The panic attack on the radio was a watershed moment.

Meet Him On Instagram

Dan Harris is highly active on his Instagram. His username goes by danharris.

He has a total of 565 posts, 88.5k followers, and 184 followings.