The Zenith of Linda Cohn’s Sportscasting Career at ESPN, Why She Was Suspended and Her Family Life

In 1987, she made history at ABC as the first female permanent sports host on a national network. The veteran sports anchor has put in over 26 years with ESPN. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed as she was dubbed one of the 25 most influential ladies in the world of sports. The year 2003 was a good one for Linda as she was inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. She is also a writer, her memoir was released in 2008.

Linda Cohn Worked With Several Networks Before ESPN

In preparation for her career in journalism, Linda Cohn armed herself with a BA degree in Arts and Communications from SUNY Oswego. For the next ten years after graduation, the budding journalist worked as a sports host with several radio stations.

Her first was the Patchogue, New York-based radio station, WALK-AM, where she made her debut as a sports anchor in 1981. Linda would spend four years with the network before she left in 1994. Upon her exit from WALK-AM also known as WALK-FM, the sports correspondent made stops at four other New York radio stations working in her capacity as a sports anchor until 1987. Notable among them is her brief stint at WFAN.

After she landed a job with ABC in 1987, Cohn etched her name in history by going on to become the first full-time American female sports anchor on a national radio network. For a period of two years that spanned from 1987 to 1989, the celebrated journalist anchored WABC TalkRadio.

Linda debuted on TV after she was hired by SportsChannel America in May 1988 which was one of ESPN’s top competitors at that time.

The Sportscaster Has Been Working for ESPN Since 1992

Linda Cohn secured a plum job with ESPN to work on SportsCenter in 1992. As a sports correspondent, she covered the 1997 NCAA basketball tournament, going on to make a name for herself as a prognosticator. Her bracket that year for ESPN accurately predicted the 15th-seeded Coppin State’s shocking victory over South Carolina in the first round.

In 2005, Cohn inked a contract extension with the network which added play-by-play for WNBA telecasts to her work portfolio. The new morning block of SportsCenter launched on the 11th of August 2008, and in preparation for the launch, ESPN announced on the 20th of June that year that Linda would be one of its regular anchors.

On the 21st of February 2016, the journalist hosted her 5,000th edition of SportsCenter, a record for SportsCenter anchors. She continues to anchor SportsCenter from 1–3 pm eastern Monday through Friday. Linda also functions as the host of the podcast Listen Closely to Linda Cohn. The sportscaster has reported, interviewed, commentated, written, as well as called play-by-play throughout her career at ESPN. From 2016 to date, the celebrated journalist has been co-hosting Sportscenter from LA on weekends alongside Neil Everett.

Her Latest Contract With the Network Was Penned in 2018

In 2018, mid-July to be precise, ESPN issued a press release announcing that Linda Cohn had signed a new deal to remain with the company for several years to come. At the time the new contract was signed, Norby Williamson, the network’s Executive vice-president, pointed out that in Linda’s 26 years with ESPN, she had “hosted more SportsCenters than any other sports host.

As part of Linda’s new deal with the network, her role in hockey coverage increased. She began to host In The Crease for five nights per week all through the season. In addition to that, she carries out hockey-related interviews and features for SportsCenter as well as other ESPN platforms.

Linda has clocked 28 years with ESPN and recently celebrated her anniversary with the network.

Linda Was Suspended for Saying ESPN Was Getting too Political

Linda Cohn has indeed had some issues with ESPN during her long years of service to the network; notable among them was when the sports journalist almost got fired despite the level of success she had recorded.

The outlet argued she had failed to show love for the sports on television, giving her half a year to make improvements and supported the sportscaster with a video coach to aid her in the process.

Not long after she scaled through the threat of being sacked, Linda was suspended by the network. On the 27th of April 2017, while she was on the set of The Bernie and Sid Show, the veteran journalist stated that ESPN has lost its fans for getting too political.

The statement made the president of ESPN, John Skipper, to place her on suspension. However, Linda Cohn resumed work with the network and, is still as dedicated as ever, doing what she knows best.

The Journalist Was Married for 28 Years

Cohn has recorded tremendous success in her career as a sportscaster both with ESPN and other networks. But as fate would have it, the New York native cannot boast of equal success at the home front.

She exchanged vows with Stew Kaufman in 1980. This was a year before she made her debut as a sports reporter with WALK-AM. Their marriage endured for 28 years, during which they had two children: a son named Dan and his sister Sammy.

They decided to end their union in 2008 and the reason behind the split has been left to speculations.

Her Love Live Has Been a Mystery Since the Divorce

The divorce was finalized in 2008 and Linda hasn’t been linked with any lover since then. For reasons that are not known, she has kept her love life very private since the end of her marriage.

Nonetheless, there are reasons to believe she has not walked into another marriage. Cohn loves to spend quality time with her children. She supports several teams like the New York Mets, New York Giants, New York Knicks, and New York Rangers.