Quick Facts

Celebrated Name: TheStradman
Real Name/Full Name: James Neese
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years old
Birth Date: May 7, 1989
Birth Place: Oregon
Nationality: American
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 70kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: N/A
Wife/Spouse (Name): N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): No
Dating/Girlfriend (Name): N/A
Instagram  thestradman/?hl=en
Profession: You Tuber
Salary: $100,000
Net Worth in 2022: $2.5 million

TheStradman is most known for his TheStradman YouTube channel. Since 2012, he has been a YouTuber, and he is well-known on various social media sites. The Stradman’s screen name comes from his desire to purchase a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale. He drives a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo.

biography of TheStradman

The American citizen James Neese was born on May 7, 1989, in Oregon. He attended Oregon State University to study accounting. TheStradman  began his career as a member of the Construction Finance Department for a building company. He started creating his own empire or fortune at this point, but after a short while, he grew unsatisfied with the income and made the decision to look for other sources of revenue.

He made the decision to utilise his accounting training by becoming an accountant. But this only lasted a brief period of time. He decided to give car buying and selling a try at this point after having the thought of it. He started out by paying less than market value for used cars and then selling them for more money.

As if that weren’t enough, he made the decision to start a YouTube channel named “TheStradman” in order to show off what he does on a daily basis and give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to possess large cars. His ideal vehicle, a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, served as the source of the moniker.

Age, Height, And Weight Of TheStradman

TheStradman was born on May 7, 1989, and as of 2022, he will be 33 years old. He weighs 70 kg and stands 1.80 meters tall.

TheStradman (Source: Pinterest)


James developed a deep fascination and enthusiasm for cars when he was very young. Although he never thought he’d be able to support himself with it, it has now grown into his pride and his profession. He made the decision to start a channel devoted to exhibiting cars in order to further his love of automobiles. He is committed to educating everyone about the numerous car brands available today, their power, fuel efficiency, and other factors.

An old Ferrari Dino 246 GTS from 1973 was featured in one of Thestradman’s earliest videos. This reveals that his objective was to bring incredibly powerful and pricey vehicles to the public rather than any particular car model. TheStradsMan likes to operate large vehicles and give others the chance to operate vehicles that they might never get the chance to operate in their lives.

Eventually, both his net worth and the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel swiftly rose. He soon started exhibiting increasingly expensive vehicles, and one of his most well-known movies included a $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno. His YouTube channel has a large following of subscribers, mostly young individuals who are interested in viewing and learning about these cars.

His channel draws millions of people, and he has more than 650 thousand subscribers. He has kept posting supercar-related films to his YouTube channel. Additionally, he started to catch the eye of both gasoline and auto businesses. As a result, organizations like Shell have sponsored his videos.

After losing his construction job, he started concentrating only on YouTube. His material has also grown, and he now travels around to promote vehicles in many nations. In his movies, he has been seen traveling to places like China, Turkey, Dubai, Italy, and Japan. His net worth has improved as a result of all these countless opportunities.

The Stradman Prizes

Thestradman hasn’t won any official accolades, but one of his greatest triumphs has been his ability to travel and show off vehicles in a variety of nations, including Dubai, China, Turkey, and many more.

TheStradman Salary

As of June 2022, TheStradman’s net worth is predicted to be $2.5 million. By showing automobiles on his YouTube channel, on social media, and with sponsorships from oil giants like Shell, he has garnered fortune. TheStradman has always had a fascination for cars, which is why he invests so much of his time in building a blog that features numerous makes and models of vehicles.

TheStradman is a popular YouTuber who uses his platform to support himself after losing his accounting job. Throughout his career, he has been successful in presenting cars in other nations while being modest, devoted, and diligent.

TheStradman Dating, Girlfriend

Information on Thestradman’s private life is quite scarce. On social media, there is a lot of information about his things and the automobiles he drives. One of his most prestigious vehicles is a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo.

Many people think that the Audi R8 he recently showcased is his personal vehicle. James has a sizable social media following because his work is well-liked by many. His Facebook page currently has over 14,000 likes, and he has over 120,000 followers on Instagram. He constantly adding pictures of different supercars to his account so that he can get the most followers.

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