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Thomas Anders Biography

Thomas Anders real name Bernd Weidung is a German singer born on 1st March 1963 in Koblenz, West Germany. He is the lead singer of German duo Modern Talking. The duo separated in 2003, their controversial break-ups led to several lawsuits and heavy coverage from the German tabloid press. During their two stints together, the duo sold 120 million records worldwide and received numerous sales certifications around the globe.

Thomas Anders attended Kurfürst-Balduin-Gymnasium (de) in Münstermaifeld he finished his abitur in 1982 at Eichendorff-Gymnasium (de) in Koblenz, to take advanced music classes. After that, he studied musicology, publishing and German studies for five semesters at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, with the intention to become a music journalist, all the while trying to become a singer. However, after having his big break as the lead singer of Modern Talking, he dropped out to focus on his career.

Thomas Anders Age

  • Thomas was born on 1st March 1963 in Koblenz, West Germany ( 55 years as at 2018)

Thomas Anders Net worth

  • Thomas has an estimated net worth of f $145 million

Thomas Anders Family

Thomas Anders’ parents are Helga and Peter Weidung. His father worked as a civil servant at the local revenue service agency, while his mother ran a convenience store. He has one brother, Achim Weidung and one sister, Tania Weidung.

Thomas Anders Wife

In 1984 Thomas Anders married Nora Balling but they divorced in 1999. Bohlen blamed Nora for Modern Talking break up as he claimed that Nora refused to have her husband interviewed by female reporters, and constantly demanded huge changes made to shows, videos or recordings, a fact that Anders later admitted in his biography.

In July 2000 Thomas Anders married Claudia Hess with whom they have a son Alexander Mick, born 27 June 2002.

Thomas Anders Career

Thomas Anders began showing interest in music early as a child, and subsequently took piano and singing lessons. At the age of ten, he entered a singing contest and overcame over 100 other children. As a price, he performed over 300 times at a local music hall in Koblenz, offering a variety of children’s songs and schlager. During his childhood, he performed as “Bernie von der Mosel”.

Thomas Anders

Thomas Anders performed at several clubs and discothèques before participating in a music contest organized by radio station Radio Luxembourg. Two days after the contest, he did not earn enough points during the contest, he was offered a record contract by the jury members. He signed his first record contract with CBS while still in school and took up the stage name of Thomas Anders, performing in the then-popular German schlager genre.

In 1980, at the age of 17, he published his first single, schlager ballad “Judy”, which failed to chart. A year later, he appeared in German TV show Hätten Sie heut’ Zeit für mich? and performed his second
single, “Du weinst um ihn”, another schlager ballad. Again, the song failed to make an impact, as did his third single, “Es war die Nacht der ersten Liebe”, an attempt at an upbeat schlager song. Consequently, he was released by CBS in late 1981.

In 1982 Thomas Anders signed a contract with Hansa Records. He next released another commercially unsuccessful schlager ballad, “Ich will nicht dein Leben”, produced by fellow schlager artist G.G. Anderson (de).

In 1983, he was approached by Intersong, a subsidiary of Hansa, whether he was interested to record several German schlager cover versions of English songs. Thus, he was introduced to producer Dieter Bohlen, with whom he recorded “Was macht das schon?”, the German cover version of F. R. David’s “Pick Up the Phone” and also “Heißkalter Engel”, the German cover version of Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel”.

Thomas Anders Modern Talking

After both Bohlen and Anders had failed to achieve success in the schlager genre, Bohlen pitched the idea of forming a eurodisco duo consisting of Anders as lead singer and himself to BMG. The formed
Modern Talking band. In 1985 Modern Talking gained popularity when their video for “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” was shown in popular German music show Formel Eins. After that, the song occupied top ten positions in thirty-five countries, including their homeland, where it remained perched at the top of the charts for six consecutive weeks. The single eventually went on to sell eight million copies worldwide, reaching number one in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, as well as the European Hot 100.

Due to their lacklusterly received sixth album, Bohlen animously terminated the project during an interview, while Anders was in Los Angeles. This sparked further animosities between the two, who had had a tumultuous and quarreling relationship even when they were together. According to Bohlen, the main reason for breaking up the group was Anders’ then-wife Nora, who refused to have her husband interviewed by female reporters, and constantly demanded huge changes made to shows, videos or recordings, a fact that Anders later admitted in his biography. After a final phone call during which both men heavily insulted each other, they refused to speak with each other for over 10 years. During their break-up, the band released a string of licensed greatest hits albums.

In late 1997, Bohlen suggested the recording of a new album instead and contacted Anders, who had signed a contract with Ariola for an eventual comeback several years prior. Combining the idea of a greatest hits album and a new release, it was decided to rerecord and remix their previous songs while adding a few new ones. The rerecording switched their style from eurodisco to the 90s eurodance, incorporating techno and additional rap vocals by Eric Singleton.

In 2003, Modern Talking dissolved again, again in controversial fashion. After a heavy altercation before a concert in Rostock, Bohlen animously anounced the end of the band live on stage, to the shock of Thomas Anders and the public. In his 2003 book Hinter den Kulissen, Bohlen further marginalized Anders’ input to their music and accused him of stealing money from him. Anders subsequently sued Bohlen for libel and succeeded in having certain passages removed, but lost the process for compensation in 2005. In his 2011 book 100% Anders, he called the way Bohlen broke the band up and his antics “pathetic”, and blamed him for breaking up the duo. As their final release, The Final Album, a greatest hits album, was released in August 2003.

Thomas Anders Solo Career

Shortly after the break-up of Modern Talking, Anders started recording his eighth solo album, pop effort This Time, which was released in February 2004. Unlike his previous attempts at a solo career, this album proved to be rather successful, climbing to the number 14 spot in Germany. Furthermore, the three singles from the album, “Independent Girl”, “King of Love”, and “Tonight Is the Night” charted at 17, 37, and 60 respectively, making This Time his biggest success as a solo artist in his native country.

Thomas Anders took part as a jury member in Stefan Raab’s casting show SSDSGPS (Stefan sucht den Super Grand Prix Star), which searched for the German entrant for the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest and was a competing event to Dieter Bohlen’s Deutschland sucht den Superstar. The same year and in 2009, he hosted the German companion show for the Eurovision Song Contest and became the host of Best of Formel Eins on Kabel1 in 2004.

In 2010 Thomas Anders released another studio album ‘Strong’ a return to electronic and pop, reached Platinum status in Russia for sales of more than 650.000 units, making him the best-selling international artist in
Russia that year, while it failed to chart in Germany or other regions.

In 2010, Thomas Anders hosted music show Die neue Hitparade on RTL II. He returned to success with electronic and pop oriented Two, a 2011 collaboration album with German producer Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, performing under the moniker Anders|Fahrenkrog. The album reached number 11 in Germany, his highest charting release not with Modern Talking, and the single “Gigolo” climbed to number 40.

Thomas Anders Albums

  • Different
  • Whispers
  • Down on Sunset
  • When Will I See You Again
  • Barcos de Cristal
  • Souled
  • This Time
  • Songs Forever
  • Strong
  • History
  • Pures Leben
  • For Your LOve
  • Golden Stars
  • Chrismas for You

Thomas Anders Songs

  1. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul
  2. Sexy Sexy Lover
  3. Cheri Cheri Lady
  4. Brother Louie
  5. Space Mix
  6. No Face No Name No Number
  7. Geronimo’s Cadillac
  8. Atlantis Is Calling
  9. Do You Wanna
  10. You Can Win If You Want
  11. In 100 Years
  12. You Are Not Alone
  13. With a Little Love
  14. Just We Two
  15. Jet Airliner
  16. Win The Race
  17. Der beste Tag meines Lebens
  18. Locomotion Tango
  19. Why Do You Cry?
  20. Heaven Will Know
  21. Sorry, Baby
  22. China In Her Eyes
  23. Ready For The Victory
  24. Just Like an Angel
  25. Sternenregen
  26. All I Have
  27. Angie’s Heart
  28. In Shaire
  29. Last Exit to Brooklyn
  30. You Will Be Mine
  31. Don’t Take Away My Heart

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Thomas Anders News

Thomas Anders: From family day to album preparation

Updated On: 7th May 2018
Thomas Anders enjoyed family time last week with his wife Claudia and son Alexander. Then he went straight into the plane: A new, German-language album is in the starting blocks.

Family-Time with Thomas Anders: In the past week, the pop star enjoyed spending time with his wife Claudia and son Alexander in Munich. Together, the Anders family visited the “Alte Pinakothek” museum in Munich, among others, and the singer let his fans share some photos on the family day. Rare shots, because the ex-Modern-Talkin-Star does not show his loved one very often in public. But after a long time with the family, Thomas Anders had to get back on the plane, because: The 55-year-old is in the middle of the preparations for his second German-language album.

Family First” , with these enchanting words Thomas Anders signed a photo showing him and his son Alexander laughing in Munich.

Precious time for family man Thomas Anders. Here, the singer could probably really breathe again, before he had to get back on the plane. For the 55-year-old went to the photo shoot to Ibiza, because: Quasi incidentally, Thomas Anders announced that he is in the middle of the preparations for a new album. And on it he will, as already on the record published in 2017 “Pure life” sing again in German: ” Tick ​​Tack … soon comes my second German-language album, ” wrote Thomas Anders via Facebook. We are looking forward to it!