Tia Torres

Tia Torres has no idea who her birth parents were. She thus developed a love for animals with four legs and used to adopt stray dogs from her area. She gained notoriety after she made an appearance on the reality television program “Pit Bulls & Parolees.” Additionally, she founded the Villalobos Rescue Center.

How old is Tia Torres?

In Southern California, United States of America, on June 11, 1960, Tia Torres was born. She will therefore be 62 years old as of 2022. Tia is of mixed Scottish and Irish ancestry and bears the nationality of the United States. Aside from this, her stepmother was in charge of rearing her. She also provided for her child’s basic needs and took the best care possible. We were unable to locate any details regarding her education, though. However, we thought she would complete her schooling in Southern California.

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Tia Torres Kids: who are they?

Tia has two children of her own. She gave her older daughter Maria Torres and her younger daughter Tania Torres the names, however she withheld their birth dates. In addition, the woman raised twin brothers Kanani and Keli’l as her own.

Considering how important her stepmother was to Tia’s upbringing, she gave her the name Tina Maria Torress. She spent her entire youth in the jungle and had no idea who her biological parents were. Torres is the sole child of her parents, let’s move on.


What led Tia to begin her career?

The early years of Torres’ life were very challenging. But when she was all grown up, the woman left her house and devoted her entire life to rescuing animals. As a result, Tia enlisted in the military with the intention of improving the lot of animals. In an animal shelter, she eventually met a chance Pit Bull that she named Tatanka. Pit bulls are renowned for having the most lethal teeth. She was adopted by the kind-hearted Torres, who went on to play a crucial role in her life.

Tia created and founded Villalobos Rescue Center with the primary goal of rescuing Pitbulls from all over the USA after adopting Tatanka. She opened obedience lessons to raise awareness of the issue and to train pit bulls as a result. However, Tia mostly gained popularity after she made an appearance on the Animal Planet reality program Pit Bulls & Parolees in 2009. Torress has moved her animal rescue organization to Louisiana’s New Orleans.

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Who is the spouse of Tia Torres?

Tia Torres is already married. On October 31, 2006, she was married to her boyfriend who became her husband, Aren Marcus Jackson. The couple reportedly began dating in the early 1980s, per sources. Marcus and Tia first connected in Southern California due to their shared love of untamed animals.

Tia Torres is still wed, right?

Tia and her husband Marcus are no longer together as a married couple. She filed for divorce in 2007 as a result of her husband’s use of cocaine and other drugs as well as his job. She also disclosed that she had divorced her spouse several years prior in an interview with Torres. Aren was detained on 11 counts of robbery, homicide, and theft. He was thus given a jail sentence in 2006 but was shortly let go.

What is the net worth of Tia Torres?

The earnings of Torres cannot be determined with precision. However, according to online sources, as of 2022, she is thought to be worth $300K. Similar to this, Tia receives a monthly salary from her foundation and indicates that ranges from $35K to $70K.

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Does Tia use social media?

Torres can be found on Instagram with the handle “@tia pbp.” With only 15 posts, she has more than 11.5K followers and 35 followings. The television personality also has over 884K followers on Facebook under the handle “@TiaMariaTorresOfPitBullsParolees.” She is active on Twitter under the handle “@SaveVillalobos” and has 1.8K followers.

How tall is Tia Torres?

Tia has an average body weight of 63 kilos and is 6 feet 1 inches tall. The woman, who is 62 years old, has an average body type and a wrinkled face. She has shiny dark brown eyes and red hair. More than this, there is no other data about her measurements.