Tiger King 2: John Reinke Death Cause: Is He Dead?

There is ongoing news circulating whether what is John Reinke’s death is. So far, no information has been updated of his death as he is still alive.

Although he lost his legs following a zip-lining accident in April 1994, in which he broke his back and hip, he is still recovering.

He should have died when he was 24 after the accident but was relieved that he survived and considers himself lucky.

No such news has appeared about his death recently, but we are uncertain at this point and making our best effort to find out the actual reason for his fake death cause.

He was in headlines in 2020 following his Tiger King documentary, and the first season was released on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

Tiger King 2, its second series, was announced in September 2021 and first aired on November 17 and consists of five episodes.

Before the documentary’s release, Tiger King 2, Carole Baskin and her husband Howard Baskin filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Royal Goode Productions over an alleged breach of contract on November 1.

But two days before the shows’ premier, after the defense attorneys for Netflix said a delay would hurt marketing momentum, the Federal Court in Tampa Bay also denied a preliminary injunction.

Finally, the documentary was released, but it is said that John Reinke made no money from Tiger King or from losing his legs.

What Happened To John Reinke Legs?

John Reinke had an immense tragedy, and he lost both legs while performing a delayed stunt of bungee jumping in an accident.

On April 22, 1944, in Burkburnett, Texas, he was working like every day, and unluckily, his string tool broke, and he instantly collapsed to the ground.

One of the pulleys malfunctioned, and John fell from a height of nearly 55 feet.

The incident crushed both of his legs and landed on a 6-inch metal stake which tore his stomach and colon. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

Though he survived, he had a long way of recovery. He spent nearly one and a half years learning to walk again from Dallas Rehabilitation Institute.

In 2006, doctors amputated his left leg to walk quickly, and it was undoubtedly one of the worst days of his life.

His right leg ailment deteriorated, and he was amputated in 2009, requiring him to walk on two prosthetic legs.

He is even broke despite starring in the hit Netflix series.

Yet despite all his hardships, he still insists he is one of the luckiest men on the planet.

John Reinke Net Worth

John Reinke’s estimated net worth was 1.5 million dollars in the year 2020. His net worth is still under review.

He even said that he never got a penny from the business as a Zoo Manager, even after the owners won $16million in the lottery a few years later.

He also revealed that the company behind his horrific accident broke their promise to help him out financially.