TikTok: Rice Purity Test? Rice Purity Test Score Meaning Explained

The Rice Purity Test is taking over Tiktok these days. If you want to know what it is, read it till the end.

The Rice Purity test has been trending in recent days in Tiktok and you can see people posting videos on taking the rice purity test and posting it on Tiktok with their score.

Not only that, but you can also witness  77.8 million views on #ricepuritytest which clearly shows that it has become hugely popular among Tiktok Users. Here’s all that you need to know about the test that is going viral on Tiktok.


Rice Purity Test Explained

The Rice Purity test is a survey that is a compilation of 100 life-related questions. You can take your rice purity test here and post your score on TikTok. Generally, there are three rice purity tests that can be taken, Rice Purity Test for Boys, Rice Purity Test for Girls, and Rice Purity Test for Tiktok.

Peoples can also be seen taking The Rice Purity Test on Reddit, commenting on their scores and discussing each other.

It’s basically a test with a bunch of various drug/sexual/breaking-the-law questions that you just need to answer with “yes-i have done this” or a “no-i have not done this and this test assesses how pure you are.

The Rice Purity Test is created for fun, and students love to check their purity from this test. Test scores make them realize their character and help them to do better or be better in life. The information you reveal during the Rice Test Purity will be kept safe and anonymous and there is nothing to worry about your privacy.

The main motive of The Rice Purity Test is to help college students to take new steps in their life and to make a good bonding with peers. Similarly, it helps the student to stop them from moving towards the illegal path.

Good Score in The Rice Purity Test Explained

In general, what matters in The Rice Purity Test is Ethics and Values. The test scored achieved by you may be suitable or enough for you according to your perception but might not sound good to the other person and there is no such best of the worst score.

However, the score varies from 0 to 100, and whoever achieves 100-98 will be considered as a great personality and is very pure but 100 is very rare to achieve.  Similarly, the one who achieves 0 is regarded as the person having the worst personality.

Ones getting 97-94 you’re still very pure but you’ve probably done a few things like kissed or held hands with someone other than your family members.

The one getting 93-77 is regarded as an averagely pure person. They’re not the purest person out there but also not a literal prostitute.

Similarly, 76-45 are the scores that indicate that you’ve probably had your fair share of drug/sexual/breaking-the-law experiences.

The 44-9 scores are reserved for the super hardcore people like whoever has been to jails. Finally, who gets 8-0 is regarded as the hardcore person.

The Rice Purity Test as a trend in Tiktok

Some teenagers on Tiktok are seen posting videos of their moms taking The Rice Purity Test and surprisingly their moms are seen having fun.


While some parents can be seen as annoyed after reading the questions prior to the test.