Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR is a YouTube sensation. Tingting ASMR is well-known for her ASMR relaxation videos on YouTube.

How old is Tingting ASMR?

On December 1, 1991, the mysterious YouTube star was born. Shangai, China, is her birthplace. She is currently residing in Los Angeles. She is now 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Her ethnicity and nationality are unknown despite the fact that she was born in China.

Because her real name is unknown to everyone, her details and family information are also unknown through any sources of information.

What is Tingting ASMR Net Worth?

She does not attend any award ceremonies because she is a YouTube star. As a result, she is not nominated for any Awards titles. Nonetheless, she has a large number of followers and subscribers on her two most popular YouTube channels in terms of her accomplishments.

There is no direct statement about her earnings in any of her YouTube videos. Nonetheless, her net worth is estimated to be $300,000. Her monthly income is expected to be between $2K and $32K. In comparison to other ASMR artists, it was estimated that she earns around $6500 per month from YouTube, $500 monthly from Patreon, and an unknown amount from video sponsorships.

Previously, her net worth in 2019 and 2018 was roughly $1 million – $5 million and $100,000 – $1 million, respectively. Her annual salary is not specified. And, as is obvious, her primary source of income is as a YouTube star.

Is Tingting ASMR Married or still Single?

Tingting, like the majority of prominent celebrities and personalities, has kept her personal information and relationship details private. Despite this, based on her YouTube channel and public appearance, she appears to be single. She has also never been married.

Scandals of Tingting ASMR

The celebrity with an unknown real name is the main source of Tingting’s rumors. There were numerous rumors about her real name. Her real name has yet to be revealed.

Similarly, she has been involved in a few controversies. Because she has been through a lot and is a YouTube star from a country where YouTube is completely banned.

How tall is Tingting ASMR?

Despite being a YouTube star, she is not a well-known actress or model. As a result, there are no precise facts and figures regarding her body measurements. Her hair is a light brown color, and her eyes are brown.

Career line of Tingting ASMR

  • When it comes to her professional and personal life, she began her ASMR career in August of 2017. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. She started her YouTube channel in 2017.
  • Surprisingly, she may be able to achieve instant success. Nonetheless, she had to overcome numerous challenges because YouTube is prohibited in China. As a result, she was forced to work underground as well. At one point, the celebrity had to work hard to gain more viewers and subscribers.
  • In addition, many people attempted to copy her videos and upload them to the most popular Chinese streaming sites. Youku and Bilibili are two of the websites. At one point, the Chinese government decided to outlaw ASMR videos, deeming them vulgar and libidinous.
  • Despite the ban, she has a large number of subscribers on her YouTube channel. The popular Chinese star has over 620K subscribers. Similarly, her videos are focused on whispering and tapping videos in both English and Chinese.
  • Tingting, to my surprise, also has another YouTube channel. But she never mentions ASMR in the channel. Her second YouTube channel, Ting Tingles ASMR, has over 170,000 subscribers.
  • Aside from YouTube, she occasionally does live video game streaming on Twitch, where she plays League of Legends or Battlegrounds FPP games. What nail polish does Ting Ting use is a frequently asked question among Ting Ting fans. We can see in a few videos that she only uses the Nails Inc brand.
  • Tingting is one of the ASMR artists who uses a reasonable amount of equipment on a daily basis. She began her career with the Blue Yeti microphone. She later moved to 3Dio FS, and we recently noticed that she has 2x Rode NT1 A mics connected to an unknown recording interface, most likely a ZOOM H4n or Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface.
  • Her videos were shot with a Sony A7RII mirrorless camera and a Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens. She is using an Excelone lighting kit purchased from Amazon. Unfortunately, the specifications of her computer and video editing software are unknown.