Tobi Lerone

Tobi Lerone, also known as Tobjizzle or TBJZL, is a well-known YouTube gamer. Tobi Lerone is a FIFA gamer who uploads videos to YouTube and streams gameplay on Twitch.

Parents of Tobi Lerone

Tobi Lerone’s age is 27. On April 8, 1993, he was born at London’s Homerton University Hospital. Tobi Brown is his real name, and he is an Aries. In addition, no information about his parents is available.

Emmanuel John Brown is his younger brother (Manny). On social media, he is known as the YouTuber FIFAManny. Similarly, on Instagram, he frequently posts photos of his dog. Along with his brother, he spent his childhood in Hackney. He later moved to Southeast London when he was 10 years old. He was also taking piano lessons at the time, but he is no longer able to play.

Similarly, he is a British nationality. In terms of her educational background, he may have graduated from university but has not stated so.He enjoys watching videos on Youtube as well as uploading them. Ryan Higa is his favorite YouTuber, and he claims that every video (nigahiga) he watches is entertaining and interesting.

How much does Tobi Lerone earn?

In terms of Tobi Lerone’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTube star who has amassed a sizable fortune through his YouTube career. According to his YouTube statistics, he has published 1,378 videos that have received over 113.2 million views. On average, he produces ten new videos each month.

As a result, his net worth is likely to be in the $900,000 range. Similarly, he lives a comfortable and lavish lifestyle thanks to the fortune he has amassed from his social media career.

Tobi Lerone’s Personal Life

Tobi Lerone is currently single. This talented young English YouTuber and Twitch streamer is not married at the moment. He does not, however, have kids and has never been in a marital relationship. Until now, he hasn’t spoken about his relationship. Furthermore, no information about his previous relationships has been provided.

Similarly, there is no information about his love life; instead, he is preoccupied with his professional life. And he has kept his private life hidden from the public eye.

Furthermore, he has never been involved in any kind of controversy, both personal and professional. He’s kept his record spotless.

How tall is Tobi Lerone?

Tobi Lerone, a 27-year-old YouTube star with brown skin, has a pleasant personality. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 70 kg. Similarly, he has black hair and dark brown eyes. Furthermore, no information about his body stats, dress size, shoe size, or anything else is available.

Career line of Tobi Lerone

  • Tobi Lerone’s professional career began when he was 17 years old, when he began his YouTube journey. On November 16, 2011, he created the TBJZL YouTube channel. He began posting, however, in 2012.
  • His most recent video is titled “Sniper Lobby with Followers!.” This video was published on April 18, 2012, and has received 36,426 views. Since then, he’s been active on YouTube, where he’s amassed around 3.75 million subscribers thanks to his entertaining video content.
  • His YouTube channel contains game and vlog-related content. He was a football fan, but before settling on FIFA as his main streaming game, he used to upload videos of himself playing Call of Duty and Fable. Similarly, when something unusual happens in his life, he will post Q&A vlogs. He responds to fan questions on Twitter in these videos.
  • “TWO TOUCH CHALLENGE!!!,” which he posted on December 6, 2015, is one of his most viewed and famous videos on the channel.
  • So far, it has received 28,604,071 views. In this video, he challenges his friend while playing football. In football challenges, he also demonstrates his goalkeeping abilities. Regardless of his position as a striker.
  • His other notable videos include “REACTING TO INTERNET STUFFS WITH SIMON!”, which has 10 million views, “WOODWORK CHALLENGE!!!,” which has 9.6 million views, “REACTING TO INTERNET STUFFS WITH KSI (AFRICAN EDITION),” which has 9.1 million views, and “THE SIDEMEN ARE LIARS!”, which has 7.7 million views. His videos are entertaining and well worth watching.
  • He recently released an official music video titled “Tobi & Manny – Destined For Greatness (feat. Janellé)” alongside his brother.
  • This video, which was posted on February 7, 2020, featured their childhood photo and expressed their determination to achieve success in life. Over 11,573,780 people have viewed it.
  • On March 12, 2011, he launched a secondary YouTube channel called TBJZLPlays in addition to his main YouTube channel.
  • He plays GTA and other games on this channel with his friends ZerkaaHD (ZerkaaPlays), Miniminter (MM7Games), KSI (KSIOlajidebtHD), Behzinga (Beh2inga), Wroetoshaw (BlueJumperGaming), and Vikkstar (Vikkstar123).
  • On March 17, 2011, he uploaded his first video, “iMixEdit Plays FIFA (Read the Description).” Similarly, MYCAREER: NBA 2K19, GTA IV Playthrough, The Walking Dead Playthrough, COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands Playthrough, COMPLETED Bully: Scholarship Edition Playthrough, COMPLETED Simpsons Hit & Run Playthrough!, and COMPLETED South Park: Stick of Truth Playthrough are all available on this channel.
  • Furthermore, see this channel’s most recent video #26 GOING FOR THE SWEEP?! On April 7, 2020, TBJZLPlays NBA2K20 MyPlayer posted.
  • He is also a member of the 7 Sidemen, which includes British rapper Jamie Adenuga as an unofficial member. Jamie appears to have played an important role in the group’s formation. This group of 7 Sidemen owns Sidemen Clothing, an online clothing store where they sell official merchandise.