Tomasina Parrott

Quick Facts

Birth Date January 3,1977
Full Name Tomasina Parrott
Birth Name Tomasina Parrott
Profession Former Actress, Baker
Nationality American

Tomasina Parrott is a former American actress and a choreographer who is best recognized for the 2004 movie Starsky & Hutch. Under the direction of Todd Phillips, Parrott has acted as a dancer in this movie.

Furthermore, she is also a well-celebrated social media influencer. Her fashion styles and posts on her Instagram account are always nostalgic and inspiring. The Las Vegas actress has expertise in balancing her personal and professional lives which in turn has made her a role model for millions of hearts.

What Country is Parrott From?

Long Beach, California, is where Parrott is originally from. She was raised there from birth. On January 3, 1977, Parrott was born.

Southern California’s Long Beach is a coastal community with a significant port area. This Californian city is well-known for its multicultural exposure and attractions like the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

How was Parrott Early Years?

Parrott was raised by her loving and attentive parents. She has a brother as well. They shared a California upbringing. They were raised in a healthy environment.

In her hometown, Parrott attended a reputable elementary school where she also completed her further education.

Who Are the Parents of Parrott?

The father of Starsky & Hutch actress Parrott worked in the entertainment industry. He was a professional drummer. Parrott hasn’t yet made her mother’s occupation public, though. According to Parrott, her father has always served as an example for her. Her mother is also a constant supporter of her.

What is Parrott educational Level?

Robert A. Millikan High School was where Parrott finished her high school education. She excelled academically at her school. In 1995, Parrott earned his high school diploma.

Her academic background hasn’t yet been made public, though. Furthermore, Parrott has kept her university’s majors and graduation date a secret.

How much is Parrott Net Worth?

With all of her professional experience, Tomasina Parrott has amassed a substantial income. She is worth $4.5 million in total. Additionally, she earns more than $50,000 a year in total compensation. She also receives money from her social media platforms, salary, and other assets, which adds to her riches.

Career Beginning

After making her playing debut in the film Lucky Numbers, Along Came Polly actor started her acting career. 2000 saw its release. In this film, she played a dancer.

She remained working in the film industry after it till 2008. Since appearing in The Onion Movie in 2008, Parrott has not been seen onscreen in any TV series.

Acting as a Career

Every large and minor actor has always had a huge space in the Hollywood film industry. More than that, developing a unique personality in this industry is quite difficult. Numerous such performers have waned before they truly shined. Parrott is one among them as well.

Parrott, a rock star actress, used to only be given little parts. She was always a junior artist and was unable to play the lead in any series or film. As a result, her acting career wasn’t particularly successful.

The IMDb page

IMDb has a page for Parrott. She has eleven acting credits to her name. Parrott has performed in both big-screen movies and TV shows. She has performed as a dancer in each of her films and television shows.

Additionally, her page includes a brief biography as well as some of her trivia.

Is Parrott active On Instagram?

She is present on social media and frequently talks about Parrott’s life there. She has charmed her admirers not just via her acting and dancing, but also through her fashionable stances while on stage. On her Instagram profile, she shares captivating images and videos. On her account, she has more than 3.4k followers.

Former dancer @tomasinaabate is his username. She presently has about 1.5k followers and nearly 900 posts on her account.

What is Parrott Relationships Status?

Before deciding to tie the knot in a marriage, Tomasina Parrott dated her current husband for six years. In the year 2000, they connected through a friend of Tomasina’s.

However, Parrott has no historical data that dates back to when she first met her spouse.

Parrott is he married?

Tomasina Parrott is indeed a married woman. On November 30, 2006, she and her lover Larenz Tate got married. The loving pair exchanged vows in front of their closest friends and family members before getting married in a small ceremony. The devoted couple continues to look forward with great joy to their wedded life.

Tomasina Parrott and her husband are shown in a photo (source: tomasinaabate on Instagram).

Trust and understanding are crucial for a happy married existence. The Tate couple shares both of these characteristics, therefore their chemistry is strengthening daily.

Who is  Parrott husband?

Actor Larenz Tate is well-known in America and is from Chicago, Illinois. On September 8, 1975, he was born. His parents are Peggy Tate and Larry Tate. He is also the brother of Larron and Lahmard Tate.

What are Parrott Hobbies?

Parrott enjoys having fun. In her free time, she enjoys creating stuff. She also enjoys reading novels, swimming, and of course baking in her own time.

She also enjoys spending time with her kids and keeps working to become a better mom.

Parrott, a salsa dancer

Larenz Tate’s wife is a skilled salsa dancer. Geneva was her stage name when she performed as a dancer. She has worked with The New Power Generation and Prince Rogers Nelson throughout her career as a choreographer.

She has also always played a dancer during her whole acting career rather than an actor, lead, or any supporting character.

Parrott’s Husband Career

After making his television debut in The Twilight Zone in 1985, Larenz Tate started working in the film industry. He has also produced and directed a few movies. Larenz has additionally been nominated for and won seven awards.

Larenz Tate’s picture  (through Instagram @larenztate).

Tate has acted in a number of films, including Deuces Game of Silence, Business Ethics, and Bronzeville.

Tomasina In You Got Served

Tomasina performed as a dancer in the movie You Got Served. The motion picture came out in 2004. Drama is the genre in which it belongs.

Chris Stokes, working under the production labels of four distinct businesses (Ultimate Group Films, Melee Entertainment, Screen Gems, and Gotta Dance Inc.), wrote and directed the film.

Movies And Series

Parrott has acted in television series and big-screen movies.

S.N. Movies & TV Series Roles  Released Year
1. The Onion Movie Melissa Cherry Video Dancer 2008
2. Las Vagas Ashanti Dancer 2005
3. Along Came Polly  Salsa Dancer 2004
4. Rock Star Roxy Dancer 2001
5. Lucky Numbers Dancer 2000

Retirement Of Parrott

Parrott has not been seen on screen for a while, despite the fact that he hasn’t officially retired from choreography and acting.

She also runs a successful baking business for herself. Parrott is succeeding admirably in her new line of work.

How many childrens does Parrott have?

Parrott and Tate, a loving couple, are the parents of four kids. Three months before they got married, they had their first kid. Miles Xavier Tate, their first child, was born on July 29, 2006. On June 27, 2008, he was followed by his brother Zander Tate.

Tomasina Parrott and her kids  (source: tomasinaabate on Instagram).

The Tate couple welcomed Zion Tate in 2013, five years after the birth of their second son. According to reports, Parrott has also given birth to a fourth child, another son.

Now, where is Parrott?

special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, and more, her business provides cakes and other bakery goods.

Additionally, she maintains a website with the same name. You can learn all about her bakery and products at @nothingbakeslikeparrott.

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