Tommy Davidson

Facts of Tommy Davidson
Full Name: Tommy Davidson
Age: 57 years
Birthday: 10 Nov
Nationality: America
Horoscope: Scorpio
Marital status: Married
Net Worth: $6 million
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Profession: Comedian and Actor
Sibling: Two(Michael, Beryle Davidson)
Wife: Amanda Moore
Mother: Barbara Davidson

Tommy Davidson is the most well-known comedian and actor. In the animated Disney series The Proud Family, Tommy Davidson played Oscar Proud, an overbearing father. He is the man who makes us laugh until we cry. He also co-starred with Jim Carrey in the film Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

How old is Tommy Davidson?

Tommy was born on November 10, 1963, in Washington, DC. His mother abandoned him in the trash eighteen months after his birth, so no information about his original parents exists. He was adopted by a social worker in Mississippi when he was less than two years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he is now 56 years old.

His mother’s name is Barbara Davidson. He has one brother, Michael Davidson, and one sister, Beryle. His adoptive parents are Caucasian. Despite the fact that Tommy was adopted, he received a good upbringing. His family moved to Maryland when he was five years old.

Tommy studied for one semester at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, District of Columbia, the United States. He went to Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, Maryland for high school.

How much is Tommy Davidson’s Net Worth?

Tommy Davidson is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. hе асtоr hа mаnlу еаrnеd thе аmоunt thrоugh соmеdу hоw аnd flm. оthеr thаn hе асtng саrееr, hе аlо оwn а сlоthng lnе, whсh dеfntеlу аdd uр а gnfсаnt hаrе n hеt wоrth.

Does Tommy Davidson have a Wife?

When it comes to Tommy’s relationships, he’s had a few with a few girls. He dаtеd lаnа Fhеr аt first, but thеу ераrаtеd soon after. Then hе саmе ntо thе rеlаtоnhр wth rlеnе Dаvdоn, аnd thе соuрlе аd tо hаvе tеd n thе knоt. However, there is no confirmed information on this.

Tommy Moore married Amanda Moore on June 27, 2015. They have two kids, Isaiah Davidson and Jillian Davidson. Before getting married, the couple had a difficult relationship, but once things settled down, they married.

Scandals of Tommy Davidson

Unfortunately, Tommy’s career did hit a low point when he developed a cocaine addiction. This also had an impact on his marriage. He is finally clean.

How tall is Tommy Davidson?

Tommy is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs 60kg and has a dark complexion. He also has dark brown eyes and black hair, but he is mostly bald. He has an average body type. Everyone is drawn to him because of his attractive smile and demeanor.

 Career line of Tommy Davidson

  • Davidson began his career as a stand-up comedian in Washington, DC, where he amassed a devoted following through hard work in various comedy clubs.
  • As a cutting-edge, young stand-up comedian, he was noticed by major concert promoters, who booked him as the opening act for A-list touring acts such as Patti LaBelle, Kenny G, and Luther Vandross.
  • It wasn’t long before he moved to Hollywood and began performing stand-up at various clubs, including the Comedy Act Theatre, where he met Robert Townsend.
  • This led to his first national television appearance, as a starring role in Partners in Crime (2005), and was the conduit to Keenen Ivory Wayans, who proved instrumental in Davidson’s career by offering him the opportunity to audition and join the uniquely talented cast of the most adventurous primetime variety show of its day, In Living Color (1990).
  • Tommy, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans made television history with their originality. Tommy made his film debut opposite Halle Berry in Strictly Business (1991).
  • He quickly transitioned into high-profile films, starring opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in the romantic comedy Woo (1998) (New Line) and in the provocative urban comedy Booty Call (1997). (Columbia Pictures).
  • His hilarious impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson, and other celebrities have become legendary.
  • David’s appearance on In Living Color (1990) resulted in three Showtime specials: “On Strength of New York,” “Illin’ in Philly,” and “Takin’ it to DC.”
  • His versatility as a performer who can deliver on both the big and small screens led to other projects such as the lead in Disney’s animated series, The Proud Family (2001), and as a host on FOX’s “The NFL Show,” alongside football legends Michael Irvin and Tony Siragusa.
  • Davidson also plays the lead in Will Smith’s upcoming animated series “Youngin’s” (2000).
  • The film, which debuted on Showtime, is one of Netflix’s surefire hits, enjoying a steady rise as a consumer favorite.
  • Davidson received positive feedback from critics and audiences alike for her performance in the critically acclaimed spoof comedy Black Dynamite (2009) (Sony Pictures), which was a Sundance hit last year and is currently being adapted as an Adult Swim cartoon.

Awards and Nominations of Tommy Davidson

Tommy has suffered and worked extremely hard for his career. Because of his efforts, the talented actor received the Groundbreaking Award, along with his In Living Color co-stars, at the TV Land Awards 10th Anniversary ceremony in 2012. He was also nominated for a ‘Black Reel Award.’