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Tommy Egan Biography and Wiki

Tommy Egan born Thomas Patrick Teresi is an American Fictional Character well known for his character in the television series, Power. He is the best friend of James St. Patrick and his business partner also. They have been like brothers since childhood as both belonged to the same black neighborhood as Tommy was bullied and beaten for being the only white guy in the hood.

Tommy Egan Age and Birthday| How old is Tommy Egan from power?

Tommy is 44 years old as of 2019, he was born on 27 June 1976, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 27 June every year and his birth sign is Cancer.

Tommy Egan Height and Weight

He stands at a height of 5ft 10 ⅝ (179.4 cm) and Weighs 58 kg. He also appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos.

Tommy Egan Education

He attended Notre Dame College Prep in Niles, Illinois for high school graduating in 1994. He studied acting at Columbia College Chicago, where he earned his BA in theater.

Tommy Egan Family- Parents and Siblings

Egan was born in Queens New York with his parents as Kate Egan and Tony Teresi. His father, Tony Teresi went to the store but never returned home. Thus he was raised by his mother, Kate Egan.

Their neighborhood was of black people and there was bullying since they were white. Ghost, however, stopped the bullying and this brought about their friendship. Sooner enough, Kanan taught the two on criminal life. This giving them skills in street life.

When Kanan was incarcerated, James now going by “Ghost” convinced Tommy to help him open a club where they can move money legally and buy laundry mat stores to make even more money.

Egan and Ghost use legal money as well as their drug money to buy themselves many things such as fancy apartments. He also uses his money to help his mother who is a drug addict can not bring it up with the surgery or the hospital or something else she has never had to go eat a whole bottle or something like she had and lives in a house which Egan bought for her, presumably from money which he earned from his drug dealing business with James.

Tommy’s friendship with Ghost caused him to be well-liked by the latter’s new favorite place I love the music as Ghost’s wife sees him as her brother as well and his kids call him their uncle.

Tommy Egan Wife, Who is he married to?

He is married, though not much is known about his wife with the couple remaining private. The pair reportedly met on the set of Boardwalk Empire while he was playing Hans Schroeder, according to The Netline. However, he has opened up about his relationship in a recent interview

After kidnapping Miguel and his girlfriend Maria due to him and Ghost’s organization being hit. Under James’s order, Tommy lets Maria go, and Ghost kills Miguel. Then during a party at Truth, he meets a woman named Holly Weaver who works as a waitress. Instantly he falls for her, but Holly plays hard to get with him at first.

Then after showing that he is interested in her they go on a date and have sex. Over time he and Holly made their relationship official. Later Holly learns about him being a drug dealer when she confronted him about all the money she found in his apartment. When he lied to her, Holly angrily leaves because he lied but forgave him when told her the truth, about his job and opens up to him about being a thief.

Tommy Egan Net worth

Egan has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars as of 2020. This includes his assets, money, and income. His primary source of income is his career as a Television Actor. Through his various sources of income, he has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Tommy Egan Measurements and Facts

Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about Tommy Egan

Tommy Egan Bio and Wiki

  • Full Names:  Tommy Egan
  • Popular As: Tommy Egan
  • Gender:  Male
  • Occupation / Profession: Actor
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

Tommy Egan Birthday

  • Age / How Old?: 44 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Date of Birth: 27 June 1976
  • Place of Birth: in Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday:  27 June

Tommy Egan Body Measurements

  • Body Measurements: To be updated soon
  • Height / How Tall?: 5ft 10 ⅝ (179.4 cm)
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Shoe Size: To be updated soon

Tommy Egan Family and Relationship

  • Father (Dad): Anthony “Tony” Teresi
  • Mother: Kate Egan
  • Siblings (Brothers and Sisters): Chris Sikora, Albin Sikora
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife/Spouse: To be updated soon
  • Children:  To be updated soon

Tommy Egan Networth and Salary

  • Net Worth: 3 million dollars
  • Salary:  Under Review
  • Source of Income: Actor, Movies

Tommy Egan House and Cars

  • Place of living: United States
  • Cars: Car brand to be updated soon

Tommy Egan Movies and Shows

  • Power Tommy Egan 74 Episodes (2014-2020)
  • Intruder Mike 2019.
  • Power Tommy Egan 1 Episode (2014)
  • Unforgettable Bob 1 Episode (2014)
  • Banshee Sharp 2 Episodes (2014-2014)
  • True Detective Ginger 2 Episodes (2014-2014)
  • The Good Wife Agent Norwich 1 Episode (2013)

Tommy Egan Power

Power is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. It aired on the Starz network from June 7, 2014, to February 9, 2020.

Upon release, Power gained positive reviews for its pacing, atmosphere, and acting. It is one of Starz’s most highly rated shows and one of cable’s most-watched shows. Before the premiere of the fifth season, Starz renewed the show for a sixth and final season, which premiered on August 25, 2019.

Tommy Egan Season 1

When James tells Tommy about rekindling his relationship with Angela, he warns him to leave Angela alone, and worry about Tasha. Also, Tommy expresses that if Tasha finds out about the affair, she could potentially get revenge on them. After another hit on his drug business, Egan and James believed that Ruiz is behind it and hires the Jamaicans to kill Ruiz at his party. However the next day Tommy learns that the assassin was a woman and that Ruiz was innocent of destroying their business.

James tells Egan that Kanan said that Rolla is behind the hits. He then tells James either he kills Rolla or he will, to which James said he will do it. In the Season One finale Ruiz orders Tommy to kill Nomar because he was having sex with his 14-year-old daughter Isabella Ruiz. Tommy agrees and follows Nomar and kills him. Before Tommy can leave he hides and learns that Angela is a Federal Prosecutor for the FBI.

Tommy Egan Season 2

When Tommy escapes from Norma’s place and learns of Angela’s job, he breaks into her apartment and waits for her to return, so he can kill her. However, he sees the Ghost’s luggage and thinks that he snitched on him and plans to run away with Angela. Egan then hid’s out at his mother’s house. Tommy then plans to kill the Ghost by using his mother into going to her house. When James arrives Tommy then confronts him about snitching on him in exchange, he can run away with Angela. That is when James learns that Angela works as a prosecutor for the FBI. James denies that he would betray him and that he is shocked that Angela lied to him about her job. James then stops Tommy from killing Angela by telling him that Holly got shot. Tommy rushed to her side and the next day picks her up from the hospital.

Tommy is later reunited with Kanan and plants to celebrate his release, unaware that Kanan is the one who hired pink sneakers to slow down their organization, and frame Rolla for the hits. When Holly handcuffs Tommy to his bed, she reveals that she was taken in for questioning and that Angela knows about James being Ghost. Also, she says that if she can give Angela proof that James is Ghost he can walk. Angry, Tommy tries to attack Holly and picks James over her. He then yells at Holly while she walks away.

Tommy was sent to prison in the middle of season two, accused of drug crimes related to ‘Ghost’. However, the trial got thrown out as the picture which was used to identify him was a partial but was finished by Isabella Ruiz, a fourteen-year-old who was believed to have been pressured into doing it as well as not having parental permission for it. The picture, therefore, was left out of discovery and so Tommy’s lawyer got the case dismissed with prejudice releasing him.

In the Season 2 finale, Tommy learns that Rolla did not hire pink sneakers and that Kanan was behind all the hits in their business. James then tells Tommy to let Kanan think that he is against him so that he can kill him. Egan agrees to this plan and talks to Kanan. Meanwhile, Tommy then fools Kanan into believing that he and James’s friendship is over. That is when Tommy discovers that Ghost and Tasha sent Kanan to jail by taking out one of the tail lights from his car so that he can be pulled over with the drugs that he was carrying. Also, Kanan recognized that Tasha was the one who sent the anonymous tip.

When Holly returns, Tommy threatens to kill her but is shocked when she tells him that the Ghost forced her to leave and shows him proof. After James had killed Kanan (survived), Tommy then confronts him about forcing Holly to leave. Tommy then is startled when James tells him that he is out of the game, their business is over, and that he killed Drift and Vladimir, but let Ruiz live in exchange for him and Isabella to leave New York. Angry Tommy leaves and declares his friendship with James dead. Later Tommy and Holly rekindle their relationship.

Lobos instructed Tommy to kill James, knowing that James hired someone to kill him in jail. Also, he warns him if he does not do it, he will kill him, Holly, and their dog.

Tommy Egan Season Three

After his and James’ friendship is over, Tommy then gets his drug business together and has new connections. He later has Tasha and Holly clean his money using Lakeisha’s hair business. Despite Lobos’ order, Tommy couldn’t kill Ghost but Lobos sent one of his men to kill Belle, Tommy’s, and Holly’s dog as a warning.

After failing to kill Ghost, a distraught Tommy tells Holly that Lobos wanted him to kill Ghost, but since he did not do it, Lobos killed their dog, Belle. Holly then encourages Tommy to kill the Ghost. In Don’t, worry Baby Tommy comes home with a blood-covered arm and Holly believes that it was one of Lobos’ men sending yet another warning. Tommy states that it was too dark to see who it was. Believing that Lobos is after the two of them, Holly hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost for him.

In Help me, Tommy’s mother Kate comes to visit him and is introduces Holly. Kate does not like her and expresses to Tommy that he can do so much better. Also, Kate reminds him that James always has his back and that it is stupid that he and Ghost fight. Afterward, has Tommy wanting his friendship with Ghost back. When Tommy gets back from dropping his mother off, he tells Holly that Dylan and the Koreans was the one who shot at him, not Lobos.

Before Tommy goes and calls Ghost, Holly then reveals that she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost so that Lobos won’t come after them. When Holly tells him that, he asks her to leave. Instead, she slaps him and argues back. They get into a fight with Holly kicking him in the groin, insulting for his loyalty to James causing Tommy to strangle her, killing her. Her lifeless body falls to the floor, but Tommy can’t comprehend it, and holds her body, hoping that she’s alive. Tommy calls James to clean up the scene and they agree that they need to kill Lobos. Unknown to him, Holly was pregnant at the time of her death.

After Tommy and James had finally killed Lobos, he is faced with another problem. When James hired a man name Dean and his men to protect him, unaware that Dean is Milan. When Milan reveals who he is and knows that James killed Vladimir and he and Tommy stole his drugs. Milan forces both him and Ghost back in the drug game.

Following Holly’s death, Tommy enters a colder persona which is furthered driven when James is forced to work with Milan. Milan takes an interest in Tommy’s attitude and has him kidnapped when he was at Holly’s grave. Tommy fights Milan’s men thought he is beaten savagely by them. Still, his skill impresses Milan especially when Tommy states he has nothing more to lose.

Milan has his men stop and takes advantage of Tommy’s situation by making Tommy an apprentice of his. Under Milan’s tutelage, Tommy becomes more professional and ruthless in his criminal business even coming up with better ways to ship products while Milan kills anyone disagreeing. Tommy also starts ignoring calls from James and Tasha. When Milan gives Tommy an order to get rid of Tasha’s friend LaKeisha Grant, he appears to go through with it.

When James begins plotting against Milan, Tommy kills Carlos Ruiz who was helping James with his plans. Afterward, Tommy confronts James about this stating doing so is putting his life in danger and is angry as he gave up Holly for him. When James doesn’t relent in his plan, Tommy tells James he will call the shots from now on and that he better comply with it. Tommy goes to Milan and his gang telling them they need to kill James immediately.

Tommy earns help in his plan from Milan’s right-hand man, telling him that he needs him to do him a favor. When James, Tasha, Dre, and his gang corner Milan and his men in James’ club, Tommy meets up with James revealing he was never turning against James. The two drive him somewhere secluded as Milan is sad that Tommy would side with James though he is proud he learned something. It also turns out Tommy enlisted Milan’s man in his plot to have someone run things in the latter’s place. He tells the man he won’t give James a choice after he voices concerns about running drugs in the latter’s club.

Tommy Egan Season Four

With Milan gone, Tommy goes to an unknown area where it is revealed that Tommy took LaKeisha out of the city to hide her from Milan. Following the crime boss’s death, Tommy came back to retrieve her allowing her to reunite with Tasha. Keisha and Tommy soon begin a relationship but decide to keep it hidden from Tasha. Through LaKeisha, Tommy learned of Tasha’s affair with Shawn Stark being shocked by it before realizing it didn’t seem that surprising.

In Don’t Thank Me, Tommy talks with Tasha about his relationship with LaKeisha Grant and he tells her that he had hidden LaKeisha from the crime lord that he and James were working for. He then learns from Tasha that Holly was pregnant causing him to fall in despair at what he has done. Tommy then confesses to Tasha about him killing her out of rage due to her trying to put a hit out on James as Tasha is stunned to learn this news. Tommy says he wouldn’t have done so if he knew about the baby and tells Tasha, he would understand if Tasha wanted him to leave after what she heard as he would want the same. However, Tasha tells Tommy that he protected the family by doing what he did cause him to feel relieved that she’d understand his situation.

Meanwhile, Tommy then drives to Cincinnati Ohio, and recognized the salesperson’s name. Pretending that he is interested in buying a house, he then confronts Sam Weaver about Holly. When Tommy and Holly were together, she then reveals to him that her uncle molested her when she was 9 years old. Tommy then beats Sam to death with a baseball bat.

Egan learns Kanan was alive and kidnapped Ghost as well as his son. Tommy goes to a warehouse where he confronts Dre about Kanan’s survival threatening to kill him but Dre says he didn’t know which Tommy believes. The two notice Julio’s car and go inside the building where they find Julio dead with an angry Tommy wanting to meet with Julio’s old gang while promoting Dre to his right-hand man in their business.

Tommy visits Julio’s old gang and they allow him to kill a rogue member (who says in Spanish he didn’t do it) as recompense. After doing so, Tommy demands to see their boss stating they owe him much for his top man’s death. At the meeting, he states the organization owes twice one was for killing Julio and the other was for him killing Felipe Lobos before he could testify against any of them. He demands their territory that he and the ghost gave them as well as aiding him in expanding his business.

Tommy later meets with Ghost and he learns that James killed a guard in the prison and Tony Teresi saw it and helped him cover it in exchange for the call from Tommy. James gives Tommy the phone, Teresi gave him in prison while he questions why he does this before shrugging it off after James mentions the agent Tommy killed. He states that Proctor holds the evidence implicating them in Lobos’ murder and since Proctor contains it, they don’t what could happen if he lost it. They resolve to handle things they usually do before Tommy leaves while James implores him to call Teresi.

Afterward, Tommy contacts Teresi and the two finally talk with Tommy questioning why he wanted to speak with him so badly and Teresi reveals he is Tommy’s father. Shocked, Tommy denies this stating his father was dead, and tells Teresi since he has spoken with him then his debt with James is over.

Teresi states he understands but reveals the decision of Tommy’s mother Kate that he wasn’t there in his life. Tommy is angry and questions how Teresi knew his mother but is further shocked as Teresi voiced some similarities that he shares. Teresi soon states he wants to meet Tommy and asks him to visit him in jail before hanging up as Tommy is left silent and angry as a result of this information.

Tommy soon goes to his mother for answers but she sticks to her story that his father was dead. Egan then gets angry about this man Tony Teresi telling him that he was his father as she tells him that he’s lying before he leaves. He goes to meet James who he tells about his experience as James replies he sort of had a feeling when Teresi hinted at it but didn’t know for sure. When Tommy visits Tony’s wife Connie, Tommy finds a picture of Teresi holding Tommy when he was an infant. When Kate arrives home, Tommy shows Kate a picture of Tony holding him when he was an infant and recognized the house that they lived in before they moved to Queens.

Tommy then asks Kate to tell him the truth about Teresi. Kate then reveals that Teresi is his father, and explains that he came by the house and hold him for a minute and revealed that she took the picture.  then goes on to say that Teresi told her that he would be back in a half-an-hour but never returned. Kate expresses that he left them both with nothing and that he cannot be trusted. Tommy angrily leaves.

After that, Tommy contacts Teresi who is surprised to hear from him again. Tommy tells him there was a recently arrested prisoner who he needs dead and Teresi agrees to it asking for nothing in return saying he’s family. Tony asks for the person’s name and Tommy is Mike Sandoval and Tony tells his son he’ll handle it. Much later, Tommy is contacted and told him it’s done as Ghost asks what they need to do for Teresi to which he replies nothing.

Tommy contacts his father again and thanks him for his action as Teresi expresses pride in his son’s activities since it was a prosecutor. He then tells Tommy more about their family before requesting Tommy to come to see him though Tommy denies it since he has felonies though Teresi he can come after getting proof that he’s his son from Kate.

Tommy later tries to find his birth certificate. Kate then tries to stop Tommy from visiting Teresi. Tommy threatening harm to her and reminded her what he did to Holly. Out of fear Kate finally tells Tommy where his real birth certificate is. When Tommy finally sees it, he is shocked that Teresi was at the hospital, when Kate gives birth to him and that Tony gave Tommy his last name. Kate reveals to Tommy that Teresi tried to take him from her to live with him and his wife who couldn’t have kids.

When Teresi refused to leave Connie and out of fear of having her son being taken from her, she stopped this and gave Tommy his grandfather’s name to hide his relation to Teresi. Angry, Tommy expresses that his life could have been so much different if Teresi was around. Tommy then tells his mother to stay away from him for good after taking back the drugs he gave her. Tommy falls back into his old ways and it results in him losing his business and his relationship with LaKeisha Grant and the St. Patrick’s after he gets a check and goes to visit his father at the prison.

At the prison, the two then meet face to face with both surprised at their resemblance to one another and laughing about it. They talk for a while before Tommy requests to learn and meet the rest of their family from Teresi’s side. Tommy later meets some of Tony’s old friends.  He gets to know them before he is met by Kanan. Later, Kanan asks if he or Ghost sent the assassins and shows Tommy the assassins’ dead bodies in his car trunk.

Tommy denies it but tells Kanan the assassins were Hermanos Tianos because of their gang tattoos. Egan tells Kanan Cristobal is the leader of the Hermanos Tianos and he is friends with Dre. They call a truce due to Kanan saving Tariq and Kanan leaves. He later discovers Raina’s death and is guilty that he could have done something of hadn’t done what he has fallen out as it was his job as an uncle and godfather to watch out for her.

He later joins Ghost in confronting the gang they believed was responsible though they learned the gang was innocent but discover Dre set Julio up to die which angers Tommy Ghost shrugs it off as he wants to find who killed his daughter. While out Tommy spots Dre with Ray Ray but decides not to kill him since it was too risky and drives off. Much later, he is called by Kanan and finds out a man named Ray Ray was responsible for Raina’s death and is told of the latter’s address.

Tommy goes there where he threatens Ray Ray’s cousin who he realizes was the girl Tariq has been with. After getting an answer to where Ray Ray is, he calls Tasha and Ghost of this new development before learning Tariq was heading there too to avenge his sister. After Tariq kills Ray Ray, Tommy and Ghost appear with him recognizing him as the man who was with Dre before they dispose of the body to avoid framing Tariq while Tasha takes him home.

Egan and Ghost then make plans to get Dre but Tommy receives a call from Kanan to tell him to let him speak with Ghost and they form an alliance. The three men sit in Tommy’s car and spot Dre with his new affiliation, they realize it was too risky to kill him since he was protected by the Jimenez Cartel. The three then drive off to get reinforcement to carry out their plan for revenge another day.

Tommy Egan Season Five

As they make plans, Egan and Ghost try to kill Dre but the latter anticipated this and shoots at James, grazing and leaving him wounded but Tommy and Kanan get him to safety. Proctor has an underground doctor who tends to James and Tommy welcomes him to the family.

Tommy is later met by Jason who is angry at him for causing a loss of money and forces him, James, and Kanan to work for him to repay him the millions. He meets with his father’s mob friends and allies with them. Though warned not to approach two young men in the family, Egan offers a large sum of money if they capture Dre alive for him to kill.

He is contacted by his father who tells him that he is getting out after he heard of a sketchy prosecutor doing his case but stating he’s too old to care and Tommy is happy before Tony hangs up. He is skeptical, due to his father’s prison sentence and wonders are he is a snitch and goes to talk with LaKeisha who nearly rebuffs him but lets him and he tells her of his feelings about being unsure with his father and her. She gives him advice and he asks her if she hates but she states she doesn’t but stops him from kissing her.

When Tommy and his mother finally talk, he reveals to her that Teresi is getting released from prison. Kate then asks Tommy what does he want in return, and Egan says nothing. His mothers do not believe Tony has changed and wants Tommy to watch his back with Teresi. He tells Kanan of this and the latter is surprised by his family before telling him to give it a chance. With that, he decides to give his father the benefit of the doubt.

After Tony is processed and released from prison, Tommy picks him up and the two share a hug. Tommy asks about his future goals and Tony tells him they will get food and start some trouble as they drive off. Tommy later meets with his father at the graves of his paternal grandparents. Egan learns more about his father’s family and is amazed by the tales of it.

Egan meets with Proctor and asks him what he wants before Angela shows up. Egan tries to leave but she stops him and tells him she knows he is the league with Jimenez. He denies it and tells her she has nothing to arrest him with before she reveals his car was bugged with a tracker.

On Tariq’s birthday, he lets Tariq drives his car and is pleased to see that the latter is happy. He has Tariq pull over and confronts him on him notifying Dre. states he realized this at Raina’s funeral and that Tariq must have overheard him and Ghost talking to let Dre know. He tells Tariq he is now in a large debt with powerful and dangerous people because of his actions, though he admires that he wanted to honor his debts.

In “The Devil Inside” after killing Marshal Ramano, he starts to call Teressi dad which made Tony guilty after talking with Connie. After having dinner with Connie and Teressi, he stops by Lakeisha’s place to ask her if she wants to have dinner with him, his dad, and his stepmom. Lakeshia says yes and their relationship rekindles.

He later learns from Vincent Ragni that the real reason why Teresi got out of prison, was to snitch on him and Ghost. At first, Tommy did not want to believe that Tony would betray him but Vincent showed him proof and that he would kill him if he does not kill Teresi. After picking up Teresi, he confronts him and tells him he knows how he got out of prison. Tony tries to lie but he does not believe him drops him off at the hospital where Connie is at. A distraught Tommy drive Tony home from the hospital and Tony tries to explain why he snitched but couldn’t because he had bonded with him. However, Egan ends up killing him and drooping his body at his paternal grandparent’s graves.

Egan goes to his mother’s house and tells her she was right about his father and Kate hugs and consoles her son. In the season 5 finale Egan is using Cocaine again, and later meets up with Ghost, Angela, and Tasha about an R.I.C.O case built against them and comes up with a plan to stay out of jail. Meanwhile, Dre’s old friend 2-bit informs him that Dre is going to snitch on him and Ghost.

Also, he reveals that the reason why his boss Jason is still alive was that he told Kanan that James and Dre made a deal. In exchange for Ghost to kill Diego Jimenez, Dre kills Jason. Egan spares Dre’s life in exchange for his organization is back in business by having Dre’s former workers work for him. Also, he and Angela had planned the shootout for Dre to sign documents that implicates Alicia Jimenez in Mike and Lobos’s murders.

Tommy and Ghost’s friendship is destroyed, when Egan questions Vincent on how he got pictures of Teresi talking to the Feds. Vincent reveals that Ghost came here and demanded him to tell him that Teresi is a snitch and wants him to kill the father. Outraged he follows Ghost and Angela at their old high school. After they kissed, he fires his gun at Ghost but Angela pushed him out the way and ended up getting shot. Tommy leaves and is satisfied with what he has done.

Tommy Egan Quotes

  • “I’ll never let anybody hurt you again, you hear me? I swear. I promise you that. Never. I’ll fucking kill anybody that even thinks about it.”
  • “Holly: You must be Tommy’s mother. Hi, I’m Holly, his girlfriend.
  • “You want shit done the way you want shit done, you’re gonna have to get them hands dirty.”
  • “Yo, we just took out one sicko yesterday! I’m not emotionally prepared to work for another psychopath.”
  • “You should’ve seen the look on Angela’s face when my lawyer pulled out that sketch. Oh yeah, Ghost played her like checkers. She never saw it coming. Ghost put our family first, T. He and Angela are over.”
  • “Just give me my money so I can get the fuck out of here already.”
  • “Ghost ain’t never had a good idea he didn’t steal from you.”
  • “I’m part Sicilian? That makes sense. I eat the shit out of pizza.”

Tommy Egan Spin-Off| Is Tommy Egan getting a spin-off?

Starz has officially announced a series order for Power Book IV: Force, a spin-off set to focus on the fan-favorite played by Joseph Sikora. Ahead of Power’s February series finale, a teaser (see above) was unveiled for four planned follow-ups, with a Tommy-focused Force among them. Originally, Force was set as Power Book V, meaning it would come after the Tariq-led (Michael Rainey Jr.) Ghost, Kanan (50 Cent) origin story Raising Kanan, and Tate (Larenz Tate) political tale Influence, but now Force has jumped ahead of Influence.

Tommy Egan Power Book 2

Power universe showrunner Courtney Kemp has also made a big hint that Tommy will be returning in a later episode of Power Book II: Ghost. The showrunner told TVLine: “By the end of the season, you are going to see a very familiar face.”

Tommy Egan Car

Violence on television has gone too far. Two episodes ago on the Starz show Power, a couple of bad guys gunned down Tommy Egan’s vintage Mustang. Tommy Egan with his late Mustang. Just shot it. Pumped it full of lead. Long after it was unquesaionably dead, they kept firing. It was one of those deals where the investigating cops must have looked at it and said, “That many bullets, it’s personal. Someone must have really hated this car.”

But if you looked at the corpse, bullet holes were sprayed all across the hood and the trunk. Not even really stupid bad guys would think the driver of a car — any car, really — would be under the hood or in the trunk. No, a good lawyer could make a strong case that Tommy was not the only intended victim here.

More to the point, no one can deny that the Mustang was the quintessential innocent victim. This car had never hurt anybody or anything. From what we could see, Tommy never so much as scraped the wheel on the curb while he was parallel parking.

Tommy Egan Show

Fan-favorite Tommy Egan is getting his own spin-off show, one of many that STARZ has commissioned in the wake of the popular show’s explosive finale. Tommy’s spin-off, titled ‘Power Book IV: Force’, will debut after the hotly-anticipated prequel series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’, which is set to air in 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Tommy Egan

Who is Tommy Egan?

He is an American Fictional Character well known for his character in the television series, Power. He is the best friend of James St. Patrick and his business partner also. They have been like brothers since childhood as both belonged to the same black neighborhood as Tommy was bullied and beaten for being the only white guy in the hood.

How old is Tommy Egan?

He is an American National born on June 27, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

How tall is Tommy Egan?

He stands at a height of 5ft 10 ⅝ (179.4 cm) and Weighs 58 kg. He also appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos.

Is Tommy Egan married?

He is married, though not much is known about his wife with the couple remaining private. The pair reportedly met on the set of Boardwalk Empire while he was playing Hans Schroeder, according to The Netline. However, he has opened up about his relationship in a recent interview

How much is Tommy Egan worth?

His net worth is estimated to be $3 million, he has been in the movie industry for quite some time. He has no doubt amassed a huge fortune with the bulk of his wealth comes from his professional acting career. Despite his obvious riches, he prefers to lead a modest lifestyle

Where does Tommy Egan live?

He is a resident of Brooklyn, NY, USA, we shall upload pictures of his house as soon as we have them.

Is Tommy Egan dead or alive?

He is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Tommy Egan Now?

He is pursuing his career in the Movies Industry. He is working on his new projects to come.

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