Tomohiro Moriuchi

You’re in Japanese music? If then, you might know the famous Japanese rock band One Ok Rock. In today’s article, we will discuss Tomohiro Moriuchi’s lead vocalist. He is also one of the band’s main lyricists and composers.

He was also a member of the boy band NEWS up to 2003, but he left the band and the agency later. The tall, charming and beautiful has become famous worldwide. He’s single or married, then? How wealthy is Moriuchi? We suggest you read the entire article to learn more about the star.

Tomohiro Moriuchi’s Early Life and Age

Takahiro Moriuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan, on 17 April 1988. He is the son of Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori, a popular Japanese singer. Together with Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi, he grew up. Tomohiro works on TV Tokyo his brother, while Hiroki his youngest brother is the lead singer of the My FIRST STORY band.

Moriuchi, 32, studied at the Keio Primary School and finished his studies in March 2001. Later, in April 2001, he attended Keio Middle School and continued his studies until 2004. But in March 2005 he dropped his studies to pursue his musical career. Unfortunately, his parents divorced in the same month. After the separation of his parent, Morita changed his last name from Moriuchi to Morita.

Is Tomohiro Moriuchi Dating Someone?

Well, let’s talk all at once about hotness, charm, and talent, with the qualities that the Japanese singer has won over the hearts of thousands of fans. Although he has thousands of hearts, he still has to find himself a partner. Yes, you heard that right, there’s no girlfriend in the 32-year-old singer. Indeed, he enjoys his single life and focuses on his career.

Takahiro is very secret about his friend, and he seems to love living a single life. For all his female fans who can still try to impress this music star, this is crazy good news. But back in 2008, the Japanese model/actriz Suzuki Emi was spotted. At the end of 2007, the duo met with their mutual friends.

Rumors were, on the other hand, that Takahiro is in relation to the magnificent model Rola. The rumors began to float after the singer posted his picture with his friends for a party. Sources said they began to date in 2016.

What is Tomohiro Moriuchi Net Worth?

The 32-year-old lead singer has made a huge contribution from his long career. The singer did not however reveal the details of his financial structures in the media. But we assure you that his career has a net value of around $1 million. The rising star also adds money from the sales of the album and the organizing tours.

The lead singer has organized concerts in different parts of the world along with his band members. The magazine Rock Sound listed him as one of 50 Rock’s most influential characters. Only as a son of the Japanese male enka singer and composer Shinichi Mori is he popular. Mori has sold over 90 million records over the long term and has been listed as one of Japan’s best selling musicians. Takahiro enjoys a rich and lavish life with such income and wealth.