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Too Short Biography|Too Short Wiki

Too Short, real name Todd Anthony Shaw is an American rapper, record producer, and actor born April 28, 1966, born and grew up in South Central Los Angeles, California. He’s best known for his hit songs like “The Ghetto” and “The Whistle Blow.” Too Short is listed as one of West Coast hip hop’s pioneer rappers. Before signing a deal with Jive Records in 1987, he started recording in 1985, becoming one of Oakland’s better known underground emcees, releasing his mainstream debut album Born to Mack.

With his 1989 follow-up album Life Is… Too Short, he experienced his first widespread success and remained one of the most popular rappers in the 1990s. His rap lyrics focus on pimping, the use of drugs, survival, and promiscuity.

Too Short Rap|Too Short Rapper|Too Short The Rapper

Too Short Family

In the 1980s, Shaw and his family moved to Oakland, California. He was a drummer in the band at Fremont High School in Oakland.

Too Short Age|Too Short Height|How Tall Is Too Short

Short was born on 28 April 1966. He stands at a height of 5 feet 7 in or 170 cm and is worth 7 4 kg or 163 lbs.

Too Short Girlfriend / Spouse

Before getting married to Erica Escarcega in 2000, Too Short had dated Monica Payne – Too Short and rapper Monica have known each other for almost 15 years.

He and Monica dated for some months before they decided to rather remain friends. They appeared together on VH1’s reality show Couple’s Therapy. He also dated Karrine Steffans – Too Short and American model Karrine Steffans have dated briefly.

Too Short Wife|Too Short Children

Short has been married to Erica Escarcega since 2000 till now. Not much has been said or written about his relationship with Erica. Erica has clearly stayed away from the limelight too. They have a daughter named Octavia.

Too Short Career|Too Short Oakland

Shaw produced custom songs (called “special requests”) for people with a high school friend, Freddy B, in the mid-1980s. On October 24, 1983, Short had its first release, Don’t Stop Rappin, which featured raw, simple drum beats from a LinnDrum drum machine along with the following three releases.

This was also one of the first hip hop records to use the word “bitch”-a word that became one of the trademarks of the rapper and focused on subsequent raps like Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me.

His beats came from mostly aTR-808 in the early 1990s and a TR-909 was used from the mid-to-late 2000s. Short and Freddie B were in 1985.

The Dangerous Music label was formed to distribute his music regionally, and the Dangerous Crew rap group was formed with others. Dangerous Music became Short Records, then Up All Nite Records. He started using replayed est with his 1989 release, Life Is… Short.


For her upcoming album Artpop, it was announced in 2013 that he would collaborate with Lady Gaga on a song called “Jewels n’ Drugs.” The song also includes T.I. And that’s Twista.

Short was featured on actor Tavion Tate Guice in 2015, also known as the “Oakland Brookfield Dance” song by Tavion Millioune. In 2016, Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead featured Short on the song “Cochino.”

The song is the seventh track from the fifth We Might Die studio album by Dumbfoundead. After 30 years of his career, Short said he is planning on November 9, 2018, to release his 20th and final album The Pimp Tape.

Too Short In The Ghetto|Too Short The Ghetto

“The Ghetto” is a 1990 single by Oakland rapper Too Short from his album his Dog’s in the House. The song was featured on the fictional radio station Radio Los Santos in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The instrumental was based on the Donny Hathaway song of the same name.

Too Short Blow The Whistle

“Blow the Whistle” is the first single from the 16th album Blow the Whistle by Oakland rapper $hort. Lil Jon produces it. The song features a “blow the whistle” refrain, followed by a series of whistle blasts. Despite not charting on the Billboard Hot 100, his signature song is considered to be his most popular song as a solo artist since 2017.

Too Short Songs


  • 1988 “Freaky Tales”
  • 1989 “Life Is…Too Short”
    “City of Dope”
    “I Ain’t Trippin’”
  • 1990 “The Ghetto”
    “Short But Funky”
  • 1992 “I Want to Be Free (That’s the Truth)”
    “In the Trunk”
  • 1993 “I’m a Player”
    “Money In The Ghetto”
  • 1995 “Cocktails”
  • 1996 “Gettin’ It” (featuring Parliament-Funkadelic)
  • 1997 “Call Me” (with Lil’ Kim)
  • 1998 “More Freaky Tales”
    “Independence Day” (featuring Keith Murray)
    “Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches”
  • 1999 “It’s About That Money” (featuring Puff Daddy)
  • 2000 “2 Bitches”
    “You Nasty”
  • 2001 “I Luv”
  • 2002 “Quit Hatin’ Pt. 1” (featuring Twista, V-White, Lil’ Jon & The East Side Boyz)
  • 2003 “Choosin” (featuring Jazze Pha and Jagged Edge)
    “Shake That Monkey” (featuring Lil’ Jon & the East Side Boyz)
  • 2006 “Blow the Whistle”
    “Keep Bouncin’ (Street)” (featuring Snoop Dogg, and Fergie)
  • 2008 “This My One” (featuring E-40)
  • 2010 “Bitch I’m a Pimp”
  • 2011 “Money on the Floor” (featuring E-40)
  • 2014 “19,999”
  • 2016 “Ain’t My Girlfriend” (feat. French Montana, Ty Dolla Sign & Jeremih; re-release 2018 with Joyner Lucas)

As featured artist

  • 2006 “Bossy” (Kelis featuring Too Short)
  • 2008 “Life of da Party” (Snoop Dogg featuring Too Short and Mistah F.A.B.)
    “Something About This Girl” (Legacy featuring Too Short and Virginia Ashby)
  • 2010 “Gone” (Chu featuring Jazze Pha and Too Short)
  • 2011 “On My Level” (Wiz Khalifa featuring Too Short)
  • 2012 “First Date” (50 Cent featuring Short)
  • 2013 “Girls” (Kid Cudi featuring Short)
    “Makin’ Papers” (Chuckie featuring Lupe Fiasco, Too $hort and Snow tha Product)
    “Loyal” (Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and French Montana/Too Short/Tyga)
  • 2014 “Or Nah” (Game featuring  $hort, Problem, AV and Eric Bellinger)
    “Show You the World” (G-Eazy featuring Too $hort)
  • 2015 “Of All Things” (G-Eazy featuring Too $hort)
  • 2016 “Fuck With You” (King Lil G featuring Too $hort)
  • 2016 “Cochino” (Dumbfoundead featuring Too $hort)

Too Short Albums | Too Short First And New Album

Solo studio albums

  • Don’t Stop Rappin’
  • Players
  • Raw, Uncut and X-Rated
  • Born to Mack
  • Life Is…Too Short
  • Short Dog’s in the House
  • Shorty the Pimp
  • Get in Where You Fit In
  • Cocktails
  • Gettin’ It (Album Number Ten)
  • Can’t Stay Away
  • You Nasty
  • Chase the Cat
  • What’s My Favorite Word?
  • Married to the Game
  • Blow the Whistle
  • Get off the Stage
  • Still Blowin’
  • No Trespassing
  • The Pimp Tape

Too Short The Ghetto|Too Short The Ghetto Lyrics

“The Ghetto” is a single from his album Short Dog’s in the House by Oakland rapper Short from 1990. The song was featured in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the fictional radio station Radio Los Santos. The instrumental was based on the same name’s Donny Hathaway song.

Talking bout the ghetto, funky funky ghetto
Trying to survive, trying to stay alive

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto 
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

Even though the streets are bumpy, lights burned out
Dope fiends die with a pipe in their mouths
Old school buddies not doing it right
Every day it's the same
And it's the same every night
I wouldn't shoot you bro but I'd shoot that fool
If he played me close and tried to test my cool
Every day I wondered just how I'll die
Only thing I know is how to survive
There's only one rule in the real world
And that's to take care of you, only you and yours
Keep dealing with the hard times day after day
Might deal me some dope but then crime don't pay
Black man tried to break into my house again
Thought he got off the dope doing time in the pen
Even though my brothers do me just like that
I get a lot of love so I'm giving it back to the

The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)
The ghetto 
(Trying to live our lives)
The ghetto
Wont ya tell ya buddy Too $hort

So just peep the game and don't call it crap
Cause to me, life is one hard rap
Even though my sister smoked crack cocaine
She was nine months pregnant, ain't nothing changed
600 million on a football team
And her baby dies just like a dope fiend
The story I tell is so incomplete
Five kids in the house and no food to eat
Don't look at me and don't ask me why
Mama's next door getting high
Even though she's got five mouths to feed
She's rather spend her money on a H-I-T
I always tell the truth about things like this
I wonder if the mayor overlooked that list
Instead of adding to the task force send some help
Waiting on him I'd better help myself
Housing Authority and the O.P.D.
All these guns just to handle me in the

The ghetto
People all dying
The ghetto
Children are crying
The ghetto 
Don't have enough to eat
The ghetto
Don't even have shoes on their feet
The ghetto

Even though they put us down and call us animals
We make real big banks and buy brand new clothes
Drive fancy cars, make love to stars
Never really saying just who we are
We use alias names like Too $hort
Sell your stuff you might kill for
Young kids grow up and that's all they know
Didn't teach him in school now he's slangin' dope
Only thing he knows is how to survive
But will he kill another brother before he dies?
In the ghetto, you keep one eye open
All day long, just hoping and hoping
You can pay your bills and not drink too much
Then the problems of life you'll be throwing up
Like me, but you don't see
Ten years from now, where will you be?

The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Tryin' to get out of the ghetto
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
But I got no place to go
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
(Trying to survive in the heart of the ghetto)
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Cause that's the only place that I know

So much game in a Too $hort rap
Blacks can't be white and whites can't be black
Why you want to act like someone else?
All you gotta do is just be yourself
We're all the same color underneath
Short Dog's in the house you'd better listen to me
Never be ashamed of what you are
Proud to be black stand tall at heart
Even though some people give you no respect
Be intelligent, when you put em in check
Cause when you're ignorant, you get treated that way
And when they throw you in jail you got nothing to say
So if you don't listen it's not my fault
I'll be getting paid while you'll be paying the cost
Sitting in the jailhouse running your mouth
While me and my peoples try to get out

The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Talking bout the ghetto
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Funky funky ghetto
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
(Trying to survive)
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
(Trying to stay alive)
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Funky funky ghetto
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Got no place else to go
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)
Tryin' to stay alive
The ghetto (Talking bout the ghetto)

Too Short Songs|Too Short Albums

  • Life Is…Too Short
  • Rhymes
  • .I Ain’t Trippin’
  • Nobody Does It Better
  • Oakland
  • Don’t Fight the Feelin’
  • Cusswords
  • City of Dope
  • Pimp the Ho

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Too Short Ain’t My Girlfriend


Too Short Blow The Whistle

“Blow the Whistle” is the first single from (Oakland rapper) Too $hort’s 16th album. It is produced by Lil Jon. The song features a refrain of the words “blow the whistle,” followed by a series of whistle blasts. Despite not charting on the Billboard Hot 100, it is considered his signature song and is his most popular song as a solo artist as of 2017.

Canadian rapper Drake samples the beat and pays homage to the intro lyrics on DJ Khaled’s hit single For Free. During the 2008 NBA Playoff series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards, Jay-Z made a freestyle to this called “Playoff”, responding to negative comments by DeShawn Stevenson on behalf of LeBron James. It was also featured on the soundtrack of NBA 2K13. The song is considered a staple for American strip clubs.

Too Short Net Worth

Too Short is an American rapper, producer, and actor who has a net worth of $15 million. He earned his net worth through his hit singles and albums, his own record label, as well as his acting role in film and television.

Born Todd Anthony Shaw on April 28, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, he also earned worldwide fame with his hit songs The Ghetto and Blow the Whistle. Making his beginnings at the age of 14, he released his debut album, Don’t Stop Rappin’, on the local label 75 Girls in 1985.

Three years later he saw the release of his second album Life Is…Too Short, in which he started infusing replayed established funk riffs (rather than samples) with his beats. Short’s subsequent work was mainly collaborative with big rap names like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Scarface, UGK, Jay-Z, E-40, Snoop Dogg, and Diddy.

Then, he narrowed down his engagements and worked on his eleventh album, Can’t Stay Away (1999), which included numerous guest appearances by 8Ball & MJG, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Sean Combs, E-40, Daz Dillinger, Lil’ Jon, Soopafly, Scarface and B-Legit.

Throughout the 2000s he released several new albums, but it was the 2006’s Blow the Whistle that came as a resurgence for Too $hort peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 200, much better than each of his previous releases.

In 2008 he became one of the VH1’s honorees at the fifth annual Hip-Hop Honors together with Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, and Naughty By Nature. As for his most recent work, it’s his 2012 studio album No Trespassing.

This rapper pioneer of West Coast hip hop has also been active in the film industry, either working on the music or making cameo appearances.

Too Short Life Is Too Short

Life Is…Too Short is the fifth studio album by American rapper Too Short. It was released in 1988 through Jive Records and RCA Records, although it appeared as a Dangerous Music/RCA Records release until Jive Records logos appeared on the release on October 25, 1989, after it became successful.

It is currently his highest-selling album to date, being certified double platinum by the RIAA for sales of over 2 million copies.

Too Short Cocktails


Too Short Get In Where You Fit In

Get In Where You Fit In is the eighth studio album by American rapper Too Short. It was released on October 23, 1993, through Jive Records, making it his fifth release on the label.

It featured the songs “I’m a Player” and “Blowjob Betty”, plus guest appearances by Ant Banks and Dangerous Crew, as well as Rappin’ Ron and Ant Diddley Dog of Bad-N-Fluenz and Father Dom. This album was certified Platinum. Get In Where You Fit In was the first album from Too Short to go all the way to the top of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Too Short Born To Mack

Born to Mack is the fourth studio album and debut major-label album by American rapper Too Short. The album was released on July 20, 1987. This album was re-released by Jive Records after the success of Life Is…Too Short. It was originally released in the summer of 1987 by Dangerous Music and in 1988 through Jive/RCA, although Jive Records logos did not appear on it until it was released on compact disc in 1989.

Its tracklist is:

  • “Partytime” 5:00
  • “Mack Attack” (released on 1988 version) 5:57
  • “Playboy Short II” 7:10
  • “You Know What I Mean” 6:00
  • “Freaky Tales” 9:30
  • “Dope Fiend Beat” 6:31
  • “Little Girls” (featuring MC Jah) 6:10
  • “The Universal Mix”

Too Short Cusswords


Too Short Tour

  1. Friday, 03 May 2019 21:00
    Too Short
    Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, California, USA
    Cheapest in Agoura Hills!
    Next week
  2. Friday, 03 May 2019 21:00
    Too $hort
    The Canyon, Agoura Hills, California, USA
  3. Saturday, 08 June 2019 19:00
    All-Star Legends of Hip Hop: Juvenile & Too Short
    Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center, Flint, Michigan, USA
    Only a few tickets left
  4. Sunday, 28 July 2019 11:00
    Snoop Dogg & YG & The Game – Once Upon A Time In The LBC 2019 – Sunday
    Queen Mary Events Park, Long Beach, USA
  5. Friday, 06 September 2019 21:00
    Too $hort
    The Canyon Montclair, Montclair, USA