Tramell Tillman

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 15,1987
Full Name Tramell Tillman
Birth Name Tramell Tillman
Profession Actor
Nationality American

Tramell Tillman is a well-renowned American actor who is further popular as an Instagram star. He is best known as Seth Milchic in the 2022 television series, Severance.

Furthermore, he is also admired for his heart-melting acts in Godfather of Harlem, Difficult People, and Elementary.

What country is Tillman from?

Tillman, the actor who played Difficult People, is a native of Largo, Maryland in the United States. On June 15, 1987, he was born there.

In Florida’s state of Maryland, there is a city called Largo. There are 11,633 people living in this city as of the 2020 Census.

How was Tramell Early Years?

The youngest child in his family is Tramell. His family had five older children who were born before to him. The actor from Difficult People was a shy child.

In his hometown, Tramell was raised by his parents. Additionally, he received care from his aunts and uncles. He and his cousins used to perform in front of their guardians on various occasions. He started acting out his feelings in that way.

Parents Information

Tillman, the actor from Hunters, hasn’t given much information about his parents. Their identities and professional histories remain a mystery.

He claims that they are the causes of all of his successes, though. The success of his first act, or more accurately, the play, was entirely due to his parents.

Career and Professional Life

Tillman, an elementary school performer, began performing at the age of ten. He had been acting in plays long before he faced the camera. Despite not wanting to, he performed his first performance on his parents’ orders.

He switched to the movie in 2015 from the theater. In the television show Difficult People from 2015, he made his debut. In this series, he played the Good Samaritan.

What is Tramell Education Level?

Jackson State University served as Tillman’s final academic institution. He majored in mass communications there and earned a bachelor’s degree in science with honors in 2008.

Additionally, he attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a Master’s in Fine Arts in 2014. He was the first Afro-American to complete that program when he did so.

The IMDb page

There is an IMDb page for Tillman. He has two more credits as himself and six as an actor. He has primarily appeared in television shows as opposed to feature-length films and short films. Additionally, some of his images are included on his profile.

What is Tramell Height and Weight?

Tramell Tillman has short, clipped coily hair that blends wonderfully with his dark, black eyes. He has a lengthy face shape as well. Tillman is also 172 cm (5 feet 7 inches) tall, but his weight and body type have not yet been adjusted.

Tillman is he married?

Tramell Tillman is still single and hasn’t gotten married yet. He has never been married and has never been divorced. Additionally, there hasn’t been any current information about Tramell’s plans for an engagement or marriage.

Former Partnerships

When discussing his former romances and dating history, Tramell Tillman always becomes reticent. He is not now dating anyone, to add to that.

Additionally, his on-screen opponents have not yet been changed. As a result, he is neither romantic nor single in real life or on screen.

Severance for Tillman

On February 18, 2022, the popular television program Severance debuted. The fifty-five minute length of each episode is the same. On IMDb, this series has received an 8.7 out of 10 rating.

Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, and Britt Lower have all appeared in the Dan Erickson-directed film Severance. You might also be interested in learning more about Jason Warrior and Diane Alexander.

A Quick Discussion on Tillman’s Hairstyles

Tillman enjoys styling his hair. He used to have quite long hair till the year 2020, despite changing his haircut to a short trim. On his Instagram account, he has also shared numerous images of various hairstyles.

the hairstyles of Tramell Tillman in a picture (Source: @tramell.tillman on Instagram)

He occasionally wore his hair parted with an undercut, but he also wore cornrows, the Baltimore, locks, and even braids.

How much is Tillman Net Worth?

Tramell Tillman’s acting career has generated a cumulative net worth of $1.5 million. His fortune also consists of his paychecks, salaries, earnings from social media platforms, and other possessions.

Tillman earns more than $40,000 per year. In New York City, he is leading a lavish lifestyle.


Tramell, an American actor, also has a Wikipedia page. His educational background, occupation, personal life, and years of employment are all listed on the website.

Additionally, his performing experience (both on stage and in television) has been organized. There are mentions of Carmen Jones, The Great Society, and Good Night, Oscar as some of his theatrical productions.

First Painting

Actor Tillman, who played First Painting Hunters, enjoys painting and is a talented artist. He published a picture of his first painting on Instagram on January 5th, 2019. In the center of a vibrant forest, he depicted a man strolling down a path.

Image of a painting by Tramell Tillman (Source: Instagram @tramell.tillman)

At the Painting Lounge in Harlem, he was painting alongside Madeline, Kerry James Marshall, and Charles White.

What are Tillman Hobbies and Interest?

Actor Tillman, who starred in God Father of Harlem, is an avid swimmer. Additionally, he posted some pictures on his Instagram feed. Tramell spends the majority of his free time swimming.

Furthermore, he prefers natural water bodies to swimming pools and enjoys being near them.

Tillman’s Interview

The interviews with Tillman have been posted on several websites. is one of them. Nearly all of his life stories are included in his interview on this website.

Tramell has talked about his upbringing, how he got his start in acting, and his education. He claims that his first goal was to become an orthopedic surgeon, but because he disliked chemistry, he transferred from Xavier University to Jackson State and chose to study mass communications.

Movies & Series

Tramell has acted in several TV series. However, he has not worked in any movies. Some of his TV series are presented in the following table:

S.N.  TV Series Roles Released years
1. Severance Milchick 2022
2. Hunters Detective Sommers 2020
3. God Father of Harlem Bobby Robinson 2019
4. Elementary Detective Ocasio 2019
5. Dietland Steven 2018

Loves Hanging Out With Friends

Tillman, the star of Dietland, enjoys spending time with his friends. He always makes time aside to spend with his pals. He even joins his friends at gatherings and events.

Friend photo taken by Tramell Tillman from Instagram (tramell.tillman)

He recently went to the premiere of Good Night Oscar with his crew and buddies.

Is Tillman active on social media?

There are numerous social networking sites where you may find Tramell Tillman. He has accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Tillman frequently updates his followers on his daily activities. He is also quite amiable with his fans and supporters. On his Instagram page, Tillman has about 7,000 followers. His username is @tramell.tillman. Additionally, he has posted 300 times and has more than 1,000 followers right now.

Additionally, Tramell can be found on Twitter under the handle @TramellTillman. Tillman is considerably less active on Twitter than he is on Instagram. He has only made close to 500 postings.

However, his Twitter followers are also growing at a similar rate. More than 4.5k people follow him. In March 2016, Tillman signed up for Twitter.

Tillman Teller of Tales

In addition to performing, Tillman is a skilled storyteller. He has the rare ability to instantaneously connect with his audience. Everywhere Tramell travels, he makes an impact.

His ability to address the crowd and establish a connection with them has been much improved by his live theatre performances.

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