Troy Warwell

Quick Facts

Birth Date December 22,1977
Full Name Troy Warwell
Birth Name Troy Warwell
Profession Producer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Birth City Bronx, New York
Birth Country USA
Father Name Mr. Philip
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Jazz Smollett
No Of Children 1
Net worth 1000000
Instagram Link Insta Link

American author and producer Troy Warwell was born in the Bronx, New York, on December 22, 1977. The majority of his best-known works are short films. One Test Two Trust, Always with You, and Amanda’s Return are some of his best-known books.

More so than his filmography, Warwell is well-known for having wed a Smollett family member. Jazz Smollett’s ex-husband was him.

Previous Relationship

When Jazz Smollett and her ex-partner Troy Warwell announced their nuptials, it garnered media attention. There were just close friends and family present for the marriage ceremony.

Troy Warwell and Jazz Smollett in their marriage (Source: Tumblr)

In the early 2000s, the pair first connected. These two only got hitched in 2012, so it took them a while to exchange vows. The pair separated in 2019, indicating that their union was never intended to last. There was only a seven-year marriage.

Enjoys provoking vegans

The author of Always with You is not a vegan, and it appears that he is not a big supporter of individuals who criticize people who consume meat. He enjoys mocking vegans. You only need to look at his Instagram to see that.

You don’t even have to look far. Just look at the guy’s Instagram bio. He describes himself as an occasional vegan. He is obviously quietly making fun of vegetarians here.

Additionally, someone commented on one of his posts when he is shown carrying two crabs in his hands:

“That was tough for me to watch as a vegan, I said a prayer for those crabs,” 

And he responded:

“I said a prayer for the crabs and the salad I ate. #AllLivesMatter #90%vegan.”

Is Warwell Currently Dating Anyone?

The previous marriage of the filmmaker of Amanda’s Return may have ended, but it didn’t cause him to lose confidence in love. He has gone past his first marriage and is currently seeing Penn Vakker.

Troy Warwell with Penn Vakker (Source: Instagram)

He previously had a relationship with a well-known person. One drawback of such a connection is that it makes it difficult to live a private life because the media constantly wants to discuss your family. Warwell is protected from it because he is presently dating a non-celebrity.

Since Penn avoids the media, little is known about her daily activities. Her social media accounts are also unidentified (if she has one). However, it hasn’t stopped Warwell from publicly professing his love for Penn on his Instagram account.

Jazz Smollett, ex-wife of Warwell

One of Janet Smollett’s well-known six children is Jazz Smollett. Jazz is both an actress and a producer, however for a long production has been her main priority.

She performs her work on television. She co-stars with her brother Jake Smollett in the hit television program Living by Design with Jake and Jazz.

In addition, she served as executive producer on other television programs that Smollett Eats featured her family on. She appeared in a couple episodes of the program as well.

Little Princess

The duty of fatherhood falls on Troy Warwell. From his first marriage to Jazz Smollett, he had a daughter. The child was given the name Nylah.

Troy Warwell with his daughter, Nylah (Source: Instagram)

In 2014, two years after the couple’s wedding, Nylah was born. Sadly for Nylah, her parents don’t live together. Warwell and his daughter don’t appear to have a strained relationship as a result of the divorce.

The daughter and her father get along well. On his Instagram, Warwell frequently shares pictures of his daughter. His social media posts clearly show how much he adores his daughter, who is the object of his greatest devotion.

How Much Money Does Warwell Have?

Jazz Smollett, a well-known actress, was once married to Troy Warwell. He received more publicity as a result of being a famous husband, which increased his earning potential. Warwell’s net worth is believed to be about $1 million, however he hasn’t publicized it.

His former wife Jazz Smollett was the one who made him famous. She is a well-known television host. She has had some production-related success and also has earned an estimated $2 million in net worth as a result of her job.

is a fisherman

Warwell is an avid fisherman. One of his favorite activities is it. He enjoys going fishing with his buddies. He probably learned to fish from his father and also shared a photo of himself and his father when they were younger, in which they are seen on a boat with a large group of people who are all holding fishing rods.

Troy Warwell crab fishing (Source: Instagram)

Even in Norway, he went crab fishing. He shared images and videos of himself using ropes to catch crabs. He seemed pleased with himself for holding those crabs while posing for the photo.

was once a director, Jazz, his ex-wife

Despite the fact that Warwell and Jazz’s marriage failed, there were still many happy times. Throughout their seven years of marriage, the couple undoubtedly produced a ton of entertaining tales. One of which was when Jazz gave him instructions.

Many people are unaware of the fact that Jazz has dabbled with direction. She has directed a fitness DVD before. It had Warwell in it. Name of the DVD is  Model Workout.

This workout DVD, which lasted an hour, was available to purchase, watch at home, and pick up a few fitness tips.

Even if the DVD is outdated, you may still buy it on online stores. It has gotten good reviews and is practically a highly rated item on Amazon. “Love this workout it keeps you lean and toned not bodybuilding type even my mum and dad love it and their in there 60s,” read one of the comments.

Family & Parents

The author of One Test Two Trust adores his parents just like any other youngster would. He is appreciative and fortunate to have a mother like this. He also loves his father, but he is no longer with us. Everyone in the family adored his father, who was known as Mr. Philip or Uncle Philly.

Young Troy Warwell with his father, Mr. Philip (Source: Instagram)

He shared a young photo of himself with his father on Father’s Day.

However, he frequently spends time with his mother, proving that she is still very much alive. He shared a touching caption with a photo of his mother on Mother’s Day that read:

My rock also Strength. My momma. Love you more than you ever could know #IWillLetYouWinInSpadesToday #happymothersday

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An Active Man

Troy Warwell is a very physically fit man. Sport is his passion. He is also physically fit. His physical health and wellbeing have always been his top priorities. Warwell owned the Model Workout fitness workout DVD. Just one quick glance at the DVD cover will reveal his ripped figure.

Troy plays golf a lot of the time and also obviously enjoys it because he has so many photos of himself playing golf. Additionally, he occasionally plays golf with his daughter.

Troy Warwell with his daughter, Nylah (Source: Instagram)

In addition to golf, he also loves basketball a lot. He also plays basketball a lot of time. He typically wears basketball jerseys as his everyday clothing, even when he isn’t playing.

That’s not all, though. He enjoys martial arts as well. He enjoys boxing and works out with his coach frequently.

Social Media

You may visit Warwell’s Instagram account, @troynycla, to find out more about him. He use the platform actively. On his Instagram account, he makes more postings than anyone else about his daughter and golf. Those two items appear to be his favorites.