Twosync Chris

Twosync is an abbreviation for “twosyn Chris is a well-known YouTuber and FIFA player. Twosync is an abbreviation for “twosyn Chris rose to prominence as a result of his collaboration videos with his brother TwoSync Mat, in which he created prank videos and trolls.

How old is Twosync Chris?

Twosync is an abbreviation for “twosyn Chris was born on January 29, 1990, and he is now 31 years old. His horoscope sign is Aquarius. Similarly, Chris was born in England, the United Kingdom; he is British by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity. Chris, like other social media personalities, does not reveal information about his parents or education. Chris, on the other hand, grew up with two siblings. He has a brother and a sister named Mat and Katie.

Chris and his brother Mat have been huge soccer fans since they were children. Chris’s brother Mat and he have frequently competed in video games. Furthermore, he and his brother Mat have competed against Youtube gamer Deji and KSI in a Fifa match on YouTube.

How much is Twosync Chris Net Worth?

Chris makes a decent living from his vlogging. Chris has also launched an online business under the name TwoSync. They have a website called where he sells merchandise such as Hoodies, caps, mugs, T-shirts, and so on. His net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million.

Is Twosync Chris married?

Chris is not currently dating anyone. Chris, like many other celebrities, has kept his personal and professional lives separate. However, he may have been in a relationship at some point in the past, which is not disclosed on any of his social media accounts.

How tall is Twosync Chris?

Chris has dark brown eyes that contrast well with his black hair, as evidenced by his appearance and body measurements. However, there is no information about his body measurements or shoe size.

Career line of Twosync Chris

  • Chris joined YouTube on January 23, 2013 and has 1.54 million subscribers as of February 2020. He runs a YouTube channel called TwoSync with his brother Mat.
  • Twosync brothers rose to prominence through their YouTube gaming. Chris and his brother started this channel to share game-related videos. Chris used to appear frequently in ‘Join me for tea’ before becoming famous on YouTube. It is a popular comedy chat show series. Chris used to discuss real-life issues on this show.
  • However, after launching the channel Twosync, the duo limited their videos to only game-related content. They created videos primarily for football games such as FIFA 20, RTG videos, Squad builders, and other game-related videos.
  • His posts are FIFA gaming content, which includes videos such as Ultimate team videos, squad building, challenges, pranks, pack opening, and many more.
  • Chris posted his first video, ‘FIFA 13 Ultimate Team- my Go Bro #1 ‘What team?’ on January 23rd, 2013. It has 147K viewers. Chris, too, makes prank videos. His ‘The Biggest Prank Ever!!!’ video was the most viewed, with over 2.6 million views as of March 2020. Similarly, more than 60 videos on his channel have received over a million views.
  • Similarly, Chris does a Q&A session with his fans in his videos, where they talk about their favorite football stars as well as answer their fans’ questions and queries. Furthermore, in such Q&A videos, he has shared some life tips, YouTube tips, and his favorite TV shows.
  • The duo has fans from all over the world, but the majority of them are from the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, and England.
  • Unlike other YouTubers who have a variety of content on their channel, Twosync only has videos and content related to football and other games. “I PACKED 3.3MIL ICON & 3MIL LIGUE 1 TOTS PLAYERS!! – FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM PACK OPENING,” and “OMG 1.8MIL ICON PACKED BUT HAVE TO DISCARD IT!!! – FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM PACK OPENING” are two of his most recent videos on his channel (June 2020). Currently, the channel has 1.54 million subscribers and over 698 million total views.