Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a well-known American YouTuber, blogger, comedian, and internet personality who is best known for his comedic vlog-style videos. Tyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation with a quirky sense of humor who has catapulted himself to the forefront of gay politics and culture.

How old is Tyler Oakley?

Tyler Oakley was born on March 22, 1989, in Jackson, Michigan, USA. He is currently 31 years old. He has six brothers and six sisters, for a total of twelve siblings. Tyler’s parents divorced when he was a baby. Jackie Oakley is her mother’s name. Furthermore, he is not religious. He made the announcement in a YouTube video.

When Oakley was in sixth grade, he moved to Okemos and became involved in choir and drama. He struggled with bulimia nervosa as a teenager. Soon after graduating from high school, he attended Michigan State University to study communication, marketing, and social media.

Is Tyler Oakley in a relationship Currently?

The YouTuber is one of the platform’s openly gay personalities. He actively represents and advocates for the gay community’s issues. After a breakup with a long-term boyfriend, he experienced a brief depression while in college. Oakley admits that he contemplated suicide at the time. It was also the first time he became involved with YouTube, using the video-sharing website to communicate with high school friends who were attending different schools.

Tyler and Adam Rippon were first linked in early 2018. And the romance rumors started after Adam appeared in Tyler’s YouTube video in February 2018. A day after the video was posted, Adam posted a photo of them together on Instagram with a flirty caption, implying that something was going on between them.

Furthermore, Tyler and musician Anthony Russo met in 2018 through the dating app ‘Bumble.’ Tyler shared a photo of them together in December 2018 while celebrating the holiday season, and he was overjoyed to be spending time with someone he cares about. Tyler recently revealed that he is dating someone and is also involved in a secret relationship. He, on the other hand, chose not to reveal the identity of his “secret boyfriend.”

Estimated Net Worth of Tyler Oakley

Oakley has already made a name for himself as a social media celebrity with a powerful background. He has approximately 7.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 661.5 million total views. His net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

What is the Height of Tyler Oakley?

Ylеr has a fantastic personality. He stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 58 kilograms. His hair is a rainbow of colors. He sometimes goes with seafoam or bright blond, and he also supports vibrant purple and many other colors. He has blue eyes and constantly changes his hair color. Furthermore, his chest-biceps-waist measurements are 37-12-31 inches. Tyler wears a size 7 shoe (US).

Career line of Tyler Oakley

  • On September 19, 2007, Oakley began making YouTube videos. He has received over 500 million video views and nearly 8 million subscribers since uploading his first video as a freshman at Michigan State University, and he has posted over 365 videos.
  • He was a former member of the popular collaboration channel “5Awesomegays,” where he produced the Friday video for over three years.
  • He is currently described as having “one of the loudest voices on YouTube,” and Bloomberg refers to him as a YouTube sensation. In December 2014, his biggest fan discovered his address and paid Oakley a visit. According to Oakley, she lives in Toronto.
  • After March 2013, he co-hosted a weekly PopSugar pop-culture news update called “Top That!” with Becca Frucht.
  • He also does weekly “Q and Slay” videos in which he asks people to tweet him questions and tries to answer as many as he can. This began on January 25, 2013, but he eventually stopped and made it a regular series on October 28, 2013.
  • Oakley hosts a weekly podcast called “Psychobabble” with his close friend and fellow YouTuber Korey Kuhl. It’s free and available on iTunes. Oakley is a supporter of The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBT youth.
  • He interned with them, hosted a red carpet event for them, and raised approximately $550,000 in support of their work. He has also worked as an intern at Bowery.
  • Working as a resident mentor, teacher’s assistant, product marketer/developer at Michigan State University, social media and communication manager at Chictopia, and director of social media at Good IOakley is a fan of Darren Criss, Lady Gaga, Betty Who, and the British-Irish boy band, One Direction.
  • Oakley is a frequent user of several popular social media platforms. “professional fangirl” is a self-proclaimed fan of Glee’s Darren Criss. On stage, he performed Christmas carols alongside One Direction and Jerry Springer.
  • Tyler also confirmed on Twitter, using the hashtag #Troyler, that “he has a spot in his heart for Troye.” And Oakley deleted the tweet due to his aversion to drama, hatred, and the like.
  • Oakley is also known for attracting the attention of major celebrities and organizations, such as Liam Payne, Chris Colfer, and Taco Bell, primarily through the social network Twitter, after commenting on or tweeting about them.
  • Oakley was given the opportunity to meet U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House due to his success with social media and prominence across many social media platforms (particularly YouTube).
  • Tyler also appeared in a video with First Lady Michelle Obama discussing education issues.
  • According to ‘The Advocate’s’ 2014 “40 Under 40: Emerging Voices” list, Oakley has become one of the first homosexual people you might meet or get to know through his social media efforts. Tyler attended the Grammys in 2015 and interviewed many artists, including Sam Smith and Lady Gaga.
  • Tyler also launched his podcast “Psycho-Babble” on September 2, 2014. He intends to speak freely with other YouTubers (possibly celebrities) and simply make people laugh. Tyler’s college friend Korey Kuhl appears on the podcast.
  • Brenden has also appeared in five of the podcasts. It is currently only available for free on iTunes.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a role model for the young vivacious star. ‘She’s using her influence for good, and everyone knows who she is, what she stands for, and that she is a lesbian,’ he said of his role model.
  • Furthermore, it was announced on December 11, 2015, that Tyler and Best Friend/YouTuber Korey Kuhl will be a part of an all internet themed season, with at least one internet celebrity on each team. They came in third place.
  • Tyler is one of YouTube’s most searched names and is regarded by many as a man with a good heart. Furthermore, his supreme magnanimity for the ‘Trevor Project’ is unparalleled, and his efforts to uplift non-straight people are commendable.
  • As an activist, Tyler addresses LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, as well as issues of general social interest.
  • Even the notable ones are not immune to the element of nobility. And, yes, Tyler has joined the league as a result of his outstanding contribution to the ‘TREVOR’ Project, which was founded in 1998. This project aims to provide suicide prevention assistance to young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or questioning.
  • With this magnificent feat, Oakley has raised enormous funds and massive donations for this noble cause, thereby saving countless lives.
  • He has been an outspoken advocate for social issues such as health care and education. The 27-year-old YouTube sensation has released his first book, titled ‘Binge.’
  • The book’s content includes Oakley’s upbringing in Michigan, the United States, some revelations about his previous relationship, and various interactions with a variety of hotshots.
  • In light of some dark times in his life, he even emphasizes his domestic violence history and the ordeal he faced with his eating disorder until high school. The comic tone that is so characteristic of Tyler’s personality fills in the gaps and brings out the young lad’s fun and animated side.