Unique Selling Points of Sadhguru’s Philosophy, Criticisms to His Personality and Facts About His Daughter

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who is popularly called Sadhguru is an embodiment of many virtues. In his search for certain answers to life’s many questions, Sadhguru dabbled into mysticism and a spiritual adventure that has given him immense knowledge which he has used to direct, teach, inspire, lead and bring hope to millions of people.

His impact cannot be overemphasized as he has authored books, held seminars, given public speeches, and motivational quotes to a varying set of audiences ranging from attendees of the United Nation’s World Economic summit, Universities like Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and Wharton. He has also spoken at prestigious organizations like Microsoft and Google and in popular schools like the London School of Economics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More so, Sadhguru is a great Yoga master; his passion for Yoga and people was behind the decision to launch the Isha Foundation, which was a center for yoga and charity. He has also written several books, many of which have been seen in the New York Times Best Seller list. His country, India, which values his work has honored him with the Padma Vibhushan civilian award.

Who is Sadhguru and How His Journey into the World Of Mysticism Began

– His Inquisitive Perception of Life Was Stirred Up As A Child

The spiritual master, Sadhguru was born on the 3rd of September, 1957. He was named Jagadish Vasudev when he was born to the family of Vasudev, an eye doctor, and his wife Susheela, on the 3rd of September 1957. His birthplace was Mysore, Karnataka in India and his family was always on the move because his father was the ophthalmologist at the Indian Railway Corporation. In effect, Sadhguru changed schools at intervals depending on how long the family rests at any particular place but it is known that his higher education at the University of Mysore where he studied English.

However, the incident that steered Sadhguru into the direction of searching for answers to many mysterious questions occurred at his first meeting with the great Yoga master, Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji. As at that time, Sadguru was just a 13-year-old boy but Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji took time to explain some basic yoga principles to him. After this encounter with the yoga master, Sadhguru made sure he practiced his teachings every single day, and with every new day, he became better at it.

Although he tried to run a couple of business later on in life, the popular guru found himself drawn towards yoga. By the time he turned 25, a remarkable event took place in Sahguru’s life that set him on the track he had abandoned years ago. On 23rd September 1982, Sadhguru took a trip on his motorbike to the Chamundi hill where he had a mystical experience as he sat on a rock that afternoon.

In his description of the experience, he says he could feel himself in the surroundings and although the duration of the experience felt like a 10-minute period, he realized he had spent over 4 hours at the place.

The Yoga Master Believes Strongly In The Healing Power Of Yoga

Since Sadhrguru’s encounter, he sought answers to questions that arose from his time in the trance-like encounter. He knew there was so much more he needed to learn and was so passionate about this adventure. He eventually handed his businesses over to his companions so he could have the time he needed to research – he would go on to create Yoga classes which he started in 1983.

Though Sadhguru started small, his classes grew from 7 persons to the multitude who now follow his teachings. According to the guru, yoga is a way to open up our bodies to function in the ultimate manner it was designed to work. More so, his teachings about yoga emphasize on the fact that life is not as cumbersome as humans have been made to believe. In the words of the yoga master, we experience stress because “we aren’t paying attention to this beautiful system given to us.”

He has also pointed out that a healthy life is the crux of Yoga. For Sadhguru, although medial solutions can play a vital role in restoring our bodies when wrecked by sickness, practitioners of Yoga can, however, prevent diseases from attacking the body by how we eat, sit, stand, and breathe.

Sadhguru Prefers To Address His System Of Doing Things As ‘Methods’ Rather Than ‘Philosophies’

The popular guru is known to always downplay the efficacy of ‘philosophy’. He has even refused to associate his teachings as ‘philosophies’  stating that he would rather go with the term ‘method’ since that’s the way tasks get done. When you know a method, it is also easy to transmit knowledge whereas with philosophies, ideas are not easily transmitted.

More so, Sadhguru has pointed out that not even religious concepts can cloud his perception of an idea or action that is not fruitful. A thing being tagged ‘holy’ does not outrightly make it so rather it gets to earn a high ranking if it has been proven to be so. This is because Sadhguru believes anyone can claim to be a philosopher so long as he backs up what he does and why. Even drunkards and thieves can go the extra mile to defend their actions making them philosophers if the definition of philosophy is anything to go by.

He Has Courted Several Criticisms For His Beliefs

In as much as Sadhguru has won the hearts of millions of people in the world, he still has critics who condemn some of his beliefs or methods. One such criticism is the fact that he has the same ideologies as the Hindu nationalists. The spiritualist frowns at cow slaughtering and describes Muslims as oppressors who are worse than former British rulers in India. However, his stance is also considered controversial as he does not believe that there is anything called Hinduism.

Vasudev’s superstition is also known to have been targeted to several scientific phenomenons. He perpetuates the notion that food eaten at lunar eclipses are harmful to the human body. This has no scientific backing neither has the yogi provided any physical proof of such a claim. He has also promoted several myths about depression as well as supporting the use of mercury to make traditional medicines – which can be highly dangerous.

Sadhrgur who is notable for his may beliefs has gone ahead to propound the theory of water memory – a theory that is not supported by any scientific data or analysis. He also thwarted Darwin’s scientific discoveries as well as proposing the idea that the Hindu Tantrics have the power to raise dead people. All of these are highly superstitions and are not back by scientific research.

He Is Very Popular As The Founder Of Isha Foundation

Sadhrgur’s yoga classes also gave birth to what is popularly known today as the Isha Foundation, a non-profit, spiritual establishment that is concentrated on providing different Yoga training and charity. Since its inception in 1992, the foundation has spread to several other nations on different continents and has millions of members as of now.

Over the years, the foundation is known to have championed several programs one of which was the 2003 initiative to combat health and wellbeing challenges in rural communities dubbed, Action for Rural Rejuvenation.

The foundation has also embarked on a Vegetation Recovery project with the aim of planting 114 million trees in Tamil Nadu. For this project, Isa Foundation was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for planting 8,052,587 trees in a day at Tamil Nadu, they earned this title in October 2006.

More so, Sadhguru is known to have landed another Guinness World Record sometime in 2017 for making a sculpture of Adiyogi which was considered the largest to have the largest bust in the world having a bust of 34.26m.

He Was Happily Married To A Former Banker

Sadhguru met Vijay Kumari, his late wife, back at Mysore – his birth town. Although the exact time they started their relationship remains unknown, sources have it that the love birds wrote a series of love letters to each other while they dated before finally tying the nuptial knot in 1984. Six years into their marriage, in 1990, they welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named, Radhe.

Although this was Sadhguru’s first marriage, it was not so for Vijay who was popularly known as Vijji. It is gathered that the beautiful lady had been married before, however, no details are known about that marriage. The only known fact about her life prior to becoming Sadhguru’s wife is that she was a banker and even though many details about her time in the banking industry remain unknown, sources say that she retired from her position sometime in 1996.

Unfortunately, Sadhguru lost his beloved wife on 23rd December 1997; this was about a year after she quit her banking job. The incident was a big blow to both her husband, her parents likewise the faithful supporters of her husband. More so, as at that time, their daughter, Radhe was only six years old and Sadhguru had no other choice than to assume full responsibility for her welfare. However, his daughter, Radhe is now a full-grown woman and has started a family with a musician named Sandeep Narayan. Sadhguru, on the other hand, is not known to have remarried since the demise of his wife.

He Was Accused Of Killing His wife

The death of Sadhguru’s wife is known to have raised many questions as she was not suffering from any health challenges neither was she involved in any accident as at the time it occurred. The only explanation her husband gave was that Vijji attained what is known as ‘Mahasamadhi’ – which is an experience of leaving ones’ human body to another realm beyond this physical world.

However, this explanation did not convince the public nor Vijji’s parents who strongly believed the yogi was responsible for the death of their daughter. Also, the fact that Sadhguru cremated Vijji’s body even before a medical confirmation was part of the reasons for the suspicions, including the fact that he did not allow Vijji’s parents to see the corpse of their child before the cremation.

The police were eventually dragged into the case and Sadhguru was investigated. However, after all the probing and questioning, he was found ‘not guilty’ of the crime, hence, he was set free. It is also said that Sadhguru informed his wife’s parents – about nine months before she died – of her intentions to attain ‘Mahasamadi’, however, this fact is yet to be confirmed.

Sadhrgur’s Daughter Is Now A Talented Dancer & Sari Enthusiast 

Sadhguru’s daughter, Radhe, grew up under the tutelage of her father. Although she did not follow in her father’s footsteps, the vibrant damsel is quite artistic in a very interesting way. As of now, it is known that she is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer and had her training at Kalakshetra in Chennai.

More so, she is notable as a sari dealer. According to the young lady, she developed an interest in sari back in her teenage years when her father passed on her mothers’ sari collection to her. The saris which her mother had bought from different parts of India during her many trips with Sadhguru were all unique having special memories attached to them. A couple of years later while she was still a dance undergraduate at Kalakshetra, she switched styles completely and became a sari convert. She began to appreciate the drape for its depths and all it represented.

Radhe is also a staunch promoter and supporter of women wearing sari as she believes that it enhances their femininity. Her vast collection of saris all have a story to tell which includes those she received as gifts from her relatives to the ones she handpicked for their texture or color. The Margazhi festival which was held in 2019 was also a great avenue Radhe used to showcase beautiful saris on Instagram and this caught the attention of many people on social media who were thrilled by sari’s showcased at the Chennai festival.