Vicky Curiel

Quick Facts

Full Name Vicky Curiel
Birth Name Victoria Curiel
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latino
Birth City Washington Heights
Birth Country USA
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Vladimir Curiel
No Of Children 3
Height 160 cm
Weight 59 kg
Net worth 2000000
Education BBA in Business Management and Marketing
Instagram Link Insta Link

In the commercial world, it is already difficult to become well-known. The fact that men predominate in the field shows how much more difficult it is for women. Vicky Curiel’s accomplishments in the business sector are enhanced by these factors.

Vicky is a prosperous businesswoman. She established International Hub Records, and it has enjoyed considerable success in the music business, where she also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Vicky is she single or married?

Vicky Curiel and her partner are still going strong. On August 22, 1987, she wed Vladimir Curiel, the love of her life. Through thick and thin, they have remained friends. Both had previously worked together in the restaurant industry; during the 2008 financial crisis, they collaborated to salvage their company.

Vicky Curiel and Vladimir Curiel on their wedding (Source: Instagram)

Vicky shared her love for her husband on Instagram on their wedding anniversary. She revealed a photo taken at their wedding. She wrote in the post.

We got married on a beautiful day like today and have committed to this journey for 34 yrs.. It’s been challenging, but you will always be my best friend. I love you so much & I wish that we keep growing stronger. Happy anniversary @papicuriel

Assisted Other Labels

Vicky is well-known thanks to International Hub Records. She had already worked in the music industry before to the record label. Previously, she was employed by Double Empire Records.

DaniLeigh with her daughter Velour Leigh (Source: Instagram)

For more than three years, she served as Double Empire Records’ CEO. In November 2013, she was appointed CEO, and she departed the organization in June 2017.

DaniLeigh’s Daughter’s Debate

DaniLeigh, Vicky’s daughter, has already been involved in the scandal. She received a lot of criticism for her song “Yellow Bone.” When she made the song teaser available to her followers, she received criticism from several people.

Many people found the song’s lyrics, “Yellow Bone is what he wants,” insulting. People raised the issue of the music’s anti-blackness.

DaniLeigh was not the only target of the dispute; Vicky also received criticism from fans on her Instagram. Vicky was instructed to discuss the controversy involving her daughter in public. Tell your non-black daughter to stop using the n-word and disparaging black women, one of them said, and maybe we’ll feel awful.

Academic Qualification

To be a great entrepreneur, you don’t need need a formal school degree. However, if you intend to enter the world of trade and business, having one is helpful. Vicky has a degree, which most likely contributed to her success in the corporate sector.

Vicky attended John F. Kennedy School for her high school education. After finishing, she enrolled in Mercy College to further her study. She completed a BBA with a focus on marketing and business management. From 1990 to 1993, students could earn a three-year degree.

Previously owned a restaurant

Vicky first found success as an entrepreneur in the food market rather than the music sector. She once served as the Tamboras Grill Cafe’s proprietor.

It wasn’t a smooth ride with the restaurant for them. They founded the business just as the historic Great Recession  began. They had no trouble attracting consumers, but they struggled because of the inflation, which caused the cost of food items to rise.

Vicky Curiel said when asked about the state of her company:

We’re doing the best we can do in this bad economy. We’re not making a profit and we’re dying to break even, but we have to give it time — we do get repeat customers, which is good.

Along with her husband, Vladimir Curiel, she was co-owner of the business. She ran the business as its proprietor for approximately ten years. She was the owner of the business from December 2007 to June 2017.

Her entire family is musical

Vicky and Vladimir Curiel have three kids together. Her three children are all pursuing careers in music as well. Brandon Curiel (also known as Brandon Bill$), Brianna Curiel (also known as Brianna Leah), and Danielle Leigh Curiel are the names of her three children (popularly known as DaniLeigh).

Her most famous child is DaniLeigh. She rose to fame after collaborating with the legendary Prince on the “Breakfast Can’t Wait” music video. She is connected to the same illustrious Def Jam Records record label as Mysonne.

Brianna Leah’s music group Belladose (Source: Instagram)

Brandon Although Bill$ may not be as well-known as DaniLeigh, he has developed a following in the music industry. Even billboards are starting to take note of him, so keep an eye out for him.

In addition, Brianna Leah plays music. She is a member of the all-girl band Belladose. It won’t take long for her to become well-known in the music industry as it is one of the fastest-growing music groups.

Dominican-born parents

Dominican families are renowned for showing compassion to their offspring. Vicky grew up in a family where her parents loved her unconditionally.

She did not have a life of luxury because her parents had to work hard to support the family. Vicky said that she spent a large chunk of her childhood working in their parents’ grocery store, Vicky’s Superettes.

On Social Media

Compared to her kids, Vicky may have a significantly lesser number of Instagram followers. But she enjoys the site and updates her followers frequently.

She updates her Instagram with a variety of content. However, the majority of her posts are about her granddaughter and the activities of her record label. She may be found on Instagram at  @iamvickycuriel.

Her Grandchild Is A Star On Instagram

Vicky’s daughter DaniLeigh gave birth to a grandchild. Celebrities typically shield their infants from the spotlight, but Velour Leigh, the daughter of DaniLeigh, has her own Instagram account, so this is not the case.

Vicky Curiel’s grandchild Velour Leigh (Source: Instagram)

It’s clear Velour doesn’t know how to use the internet because she has only recently learned to walk. It’s unknown whether DaniLeigh hired a someone to manage her Instagram or whether Dani does it herself.

Vicky’s grandchild can be found on her Instagram account,  @velourbabyleigh. Compared to her grandmother, Velour has more fans. The frequency of Vicky’s Instagram updates reveals how much she adores her grandchildren.

Height & Weight

People expect celebrities to appear a certain way, but not business owners because they typically operate behind the scenes. Vicky still takes care of her body, despite what some might think.

She weighs exactly 59 kg, the same as Shamicka Gibbs, which is remarkable considering her age and also clearly cares about her health. She is short by Hollywood standards, standing at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

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Net worth & Source of Income

Vicky Curiel, a successful businesswoman with a net worth of $2 million, is a millionaire. She has become a millionaire thanks to her business acumen.

She has had great success with her International Hub Records and also earned money from her prior employment, including running her own restaurant and serving as CEO of Double Empire Records, a different record label.

Follows Religion

Vicky has faith in God. She follows Jesus as her Savior. Although it is usual in Hollywood for people to abandon conservative views, Vicky’s devotion to God has not changed as a result of her success.

She once shared a message about Jesus on Instagram, thanking God for protecting her family. She praised Jesus for keeping her family alive during their difficult ordeal.