Vitalii Sediuk

Vitalii Sediuk is a well-known Ukrainian journalist, cultural analyst, and comedian. Vitalii Sediuk rose to prominence as a celebrity critic.

How old is Vitalii Sediuk?

In the year 2020, Vitalii Sediuk will be 32 years old. He was born in Boryspil, Ukraine on November 14, 1988. Vitalii, on the other hand, prefers to keep his private life a secret. As a result, details about his parents and siblings are currently unavailable. He, too, is of Ukrainian nationality. His ethnicity, however, is still under investigation.

Concerning Vitalii’s educational background, after graduating from high school, he enrolled at Wisconsin International University in Ukraine to pursue a diploma in economics. Sediuk, who was a second-year university student at the time, aspired to be a media celebrity when he was 19 years old.

Is Vitalii Sediuk dating someone?

Sediuk’s personal life has yet to be revealed. He has remained private about his personal life and relationships. At the moment, he is living a contented life.

How much is the Estimated Net Worth of Vitalii Sediuk?

Sediuk’s net worth is enormous, thanks to his successful professional career. He is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. Despite the fact that his salary is still under consideration.

How tall is Vitalii Sediuk?

Sediuk is both intelligent and attractive. He has a good height and good body physics. At the moment, there is no information available about his height, weight, or body measurements. He has light brown hair and brown eyes, as well.

Career line of Vitalii Sediuk

  • Vitalii Sediuk began his career as an intern at the Ukrainian television channel “TET.” In the two years following his arrival at Breakfast, he met Bill Clinton, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, Toni Braxton, Will Smith, Pamela Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Monica Bellucci.
  • The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 was the first time it was brought to public attention. Sediuk, dressed as a Ukrainian prince, approached her and asked if she would marry him with a BBC host.
  • Similarly, the event with Madonna exposed Sediuk to both celebrities and the general public. He knew how much the pop icon despises Hydrangeas. On September 1, 2011, he sent her a bouquet of flowers at the Venice Film Festival, and she was seen expressing her displeasure in front of the public.
  • Madonna’s obvious mistreatment of her fans has sparked controversy.
  • He appeared onstage at the 2013 Grammy Awards despite the fact that he did not have tickets or credentials. Adele received the award for best solo performance at the time. Sediuk rushed to the stage, murmuring, “A moment transmitted around the world but heard by few.”
  • He was charged with a few charges, pleaded guilty, and was eventually sentenced to six months in prison.
  • In January of 2014, he debuted a new trick. He’d kneel at the feet of a celebrity and hide his face in his groin. The main target was Bradley Cooper, who was at the time of the incident attending the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards. Leonard DiCaprio was also exposed to this at the 2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
  • Furthermore, when he tried the same thing with Brad Pitt, he was arrested by Los Angeles police.
  • Initially, it was reported that Sediuk assaulted Pitt and smashed his glasses at the Maleficent premiere at El Capitan Theater on May 28, 2014, but Pitt’s own comment revealed a different story. According to the Moneyball star, Sediuk had stage-driven at him and was about to crush his face in Pitt’s crotch when Pitt knocked him twice in the back of the head to get his attention.
  • Throughout the years, he has run naked at the 2014 New York Fashion Week Prabal Gurung fashion show, and he has violently attacked Kim Kardashian in September 2014. He came close two years later when he grabbed Ciara while wearing nothing but a G-string, kissed Gigi Hadid from behind, and lifted her into the air in September 2016.
  • He previously streaked the audience at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Sediuk wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the short film’Gortensia’in 2012, which was inspired by his experiences with Madonna.
  • On October 1, 2019, he surprised the 2019 Louis Vuitton Show at Paris Fashion Week by grabbing Justin Timberlake’s right leg as Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel arrived. He was quickly removed by security guards.
  • Vitalii has been embroiled in a number of controversies as a result of his interactions with well-known artists. On May 18, 2012, Will Smith slapped him after he kissed the actor at the Men in Black 3 premiere in Moscow.
  • “What the hell is your problem, buddy?” Smith yelled, irritated. In a subsequent CBS interview, Sediuk apologized to Smith.
  • On May 16, 2014, Sediuk crawled beneath America Ferrera’s gown at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Ferrera posed for photographers at the premiere of her film How to Train Your Dragon. He was the subject of sexual assault allegations following that incident.
  • After being charged with battery and assault in connection with the Bills incident, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 days of community service and a $440 fine in lieu of court costs. He was barred from any and all Hollywood activities.