Vivianne Rose Decker


Full Name Vivianne Rose Decker
Nationality American
Date of Birth 2014/3/18
Birth Country American
Horoscope pisces
Ethnicity White
Father Name Eric Decker

Vivianne Rose Decker was born on March 18, 2014, in the United States of America, to Jassie James Decker and Eric Decker.


Vivianne Rose Decker is the daughter of Jassie James Decker, a singer and musician, and Eric Decker, a former football player. Vivianne was born in the United States of America on March 18, 2014. She will be eight years old in 2022. (8 years).

She’s also recognized for her father and mother frames, and her portrait with her mother has gone viral several times. Since her birth, she has been a citizen of the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, according to astrological signs.

Height, Weight and Measurements

On Jassie and Eric, an older youngster appears to be adorable and lovely. From a young age, she was able to retain her physical size by performing yoga with her mother. Because she is a baby girl, there is no information on her height or weight.

She weighed 8 pounds and had a full head of hair when she was born. However, she appears to be slightly taller at the moment, although she hasn’t shared any information on social media. Her actual height and weight have yet to be determined, however she is 20 inches tall. She has long brown hair and dark brown eyes, as well as a sweet grin.

Does Rose has any Siblings?

Rose grew up in the United States of America with her sibling. She had a close relationship with her sibling and received affection and care from her sibling. She has two younger brothers and sisters. Her siblings Eric Thomas II and Forrest Bradley, on the other hand, were Forrest was born in 2018 and Eric was born in March 2015.

A photo of Vivianne Rose Decker’s siblings Eric Thomas II and Forrest Bradley. Source: Instagram

She is the more senior of the two siblings. Eric has been well from her childhood, when the forest was admitted to the hospital for her Asthama condition. The family resides in a lovely home in Nashville, Tennessee, where she shares a particular bond with her two adorable brothers. Her mother also continues to post images and videos on her social media accounts.

Qualifications And Education

Vivianne is a young child who shares her name and celebrity with her parents. She has been studying her major subject at a school near her hometown. She has been tight-lipped about where she has been attending school.

And she hasn’t been able to use any social media sites, which is why no information about her schooling has been made public until now. However, she has been putting in her best effort in her major topic. There is no information about her education in her publicly available information.

 Family Background

Vivianne grew up with her father’s love and encouragement. Her mother, Jessie James Decker, and father, Eric Decker, were both present at her birth. Her parents have been able to provide her with a good existence. Jessica and Eric, her mother and father. Her father is a former footballer and her mother is a singer and composer. Jessica was born in Vicenza, Italy, on April 12, 1988, and Eric was born in Cold Spring, Minnesota, on March 15, 1987.

He’s also familiar with NFL wide receivers. They were able to welcome their first child on March 18, 2014, thanks to their closeness. They have been able to provide an excellent quality of life for their children, as a result of their efforts.

Who are Rose Parents?

Vivianne was born to Jessie James Decker, her mother, and Eric Decker, her father. In 2011, a mutual acquaintance introduced the world’s best pair for the first time. They decided to marry after many years of discussion, and they married in June 2013. Eris was a member of the Denver Broncos at the time. In 2014, they welcomed their first child, Vivianne Rose Decker, after several years of marriage.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s parents Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. Source: Instagram

After a few years apart, they welcomed Eric Decker II, their second child, in 2015. They have three children and enjoy a wonderful life. Forrest Decker, their third kid, was born in 2018 and has been attending Ashtham’s attack since his birth. Despite their hectic schedules, they have been able to create a good life for their children and continue to publish images and videos on social media. Despite the fact that they are happy in their marriage and with their three children.

Career and Professional Life

Rose Decker is the daughter of Jessie Decker, a singer and musician, and Eric Decker, a professional football player. Her parents are both quite active in their careers, which is why she has been as well. But, for the time being, she hasn’t decided on a career because she is too young to make such a decision.

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But, with her supporting parents and care, she shouldn’t have any challenges or problems deciding on a job choice in the future. She is a baby girl, and she isn’t active on social media, therefore there isn’t much information about her career field right now. She might make a wise option that will benefit her career.

What are Rose Interest and Hobbies?

We discovered that many other celebrities have hobbies and interests outside of their particular professions. They manage to fit in their hobbies despite their hectic schedules. Aside from that, Vivianne has had a variety of hobbies and interests since she was a child, and she has been allowed to pursue them.

She enjoys a variety of pastimes, including traveling to new places with her family and reading books. She has had an active personality since childhood, which is why she has been able to maintain her activities throughout her life.

Social Media

Vivianne Rose Decker is a petite woman who uses social media. In real life, however, she has a large number of friends and following due to her exemplary behavior toward her family and on public forums. She isn’t on any public social media platforms and hasn’t built a profile.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s with his family mother Jessie James Decker, mother-father Eric Decker, and sibling Source: Instagram

Her father and mother call her that. Her mother Jessica has made profile heads on several social media platforms, and they are very active there. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all popular social media platforms. She has 4.1 million Instagram followers under the name Jessie James Decker, 552.3 thousand Twitter followers under the handle @JessieJDecker, and 1.4 million Facebook followers under the name Jessie James Decker. Even Vivianne’s father is active on social media, with 1.1 million Instagram followers under the identity Eric Decker 87, 3 million Twitter followers under the handle @EricDecker87, and 295 thousand Facebook fans under the name Eric Decker.

How m uch is Rose Net Worth?

Vivianne Rose Decker’s net worth has remained a mystery until today, when she is renowned for her parents’ celebrity. With her successful professional job, she may be able to make a substantial sum of money in the near future.

Rose Decker lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her parents’ wealth, while her mother Jassie has amassed a sizable fortune through her acting career. She has amassed a net worth of $1 million, while her father, Eric, has amassed a net worth of $10 million. His source of income is as a football player.