Was Sasha Allen On The Voice Born A Girl?

The singer Sasha Allen was born a girl. He eventually came out as trans when he was a freshman in high school. 

Allen started his transition to male after coming out to everyone. He hid his actual identity for the longest time, but he finally came out as trans in his freshman year of high school.

The Voice participant was afraid to come out at the beginning because of bullying from teachers and students. But there were some understanding teachers and students who helped him at that phase. 

The singer says he is proud to represent the trans community on the big stage like The Voice. As a born female, he always struggled with his identity growing up. He opened up about the challenges he had to face on his Instagram.

The singer mentioned he used to take selfies and photoshop his body to make it look like he wanted to. Allen says life is worth living, and being trans is unique and beautiful. 

Sasha Allen: Before And After Surgery

Sasha Allen was biologically born a girl. She later transitioned to the boy after coming out as transgender during his highschool. 

When the news of Sash’s surgery came to light, it became a hot topic among people. As his singing was appreciated all over the nation, people talked about his transition. 

However, there are no photos available of him before the surgery on the Internet. He took Instagram in October 2021; the singer revealed his gender identity. Allen posted a shirtless photo of him on his personal Instagram with a lengthy caption. 

He showed his excitement to become the first transgender to get through the battleground. That being said, he is also excited to represent the community on such a big platform. 

Does Sasha Allen Have A Girlfriend?

Looking through, it seems like Sasha Allen has a girlfriend. He constantly posts adorable pictures of the couple on his Instagram. 

The couple is hugging on some of the pictures and having a good time. As his supposed girlfriend’s Instagram is private, there are no further details about her. 

In one of the pictures, the couple is chilling on sunglasses with the caption which reads: ‘Sweetpea.’ Though it looks like the couple is in a happy relationship, we will have to wait to hear the singer’s official announcement.