Was Tracie Wagaman Pregnant? Love After Lockup Star Death Cause And Everything To Know

Was Tracie Wagaman pregnant? Although rumors suggest that Traci was expecting a baby at the time of her death, the truth implies otherwise.

Tracie Wagaman was an American actress and Tv personality. She was widely recognized as a part of the reality Tv series Love After Lockup.

Also, she was a star in the WeTv app where different videos are created and streamed by celebrities and common people.

Most recently, there has been news regarding the death of the Love After Lockup star. Her friend Lily Red posted the news on her Instagram live and feed.

After the news of her death and the fact that she was pregnant, as seen publically a few months ago, people are really concerned about what happened to her.

Was Tracie Wagaman Pregnant?

No, Tracie Wagaman was not pregnant at the time of her death. However, it was not long ago that she was pregnant.

Tracie had recently given birth to a baby girl before her death. Meanwhile, her child is alive and safe.

Also, there were rumors that her child was a baby boy, but recent reports have made it clear that she was pregnant with a girl.

Tracie Wagaman Death Cause And Obituary

The cause of Tracie Wagaman’s death is still a mystery.

It has been reported that she died on July 1, 2021, but the exact cause has not been revealed.

Her friend Lily posted the news on her Instagram but added that she had no idea how the tragic event happened.

Also, Lily said that she had talked to Tracie just a few hours before her death, so her death seems to be sudden.

Well, it looks like we have to wait until more official details regarding Tracie’s death become public.

Tracie Wagaman Family

Tracie was a private person and didn’t use to share much about her family or personal life, even on Instagram.

Hence, the only known member of her family was her newborn baby girl and her firstborn 4-year-old son Isaac.

Even the details about their father or Tracie’s partner are not available.