Wayne Allyn Root

Facts of Wayne Allyn Root
Age: 59 years
Birth Place: Mount Vernon, New York
Birth Sign: Cancer
Birthdate: 20 July 1961
Country: United States
Ethnicity: White
Kids: Dakota Root, Contessa Churchill Antoinette Root, Remington Reagan Root, Hudson Root
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Radio Host
Wife: Debra Root (1991–2017), Victoria Creg-Payne (1986–1990)

The American conservative author, radio host, and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root (born on 20 July 1961). He is the host of the US Radio Network and Newsmax TV Wayne Allyn Root Show, a columnist for the Las Vegas Journal.

Root was the vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 presidential election for the Libertarian Party. He left the Libertarian Party in 2012 and rejoined the Republican Party.

Early Life and Education Wayne Allyn Root

Root was born in 1961 at Mount Vernon, New York. Root attended the Thornton-Donovan School in New Rochelle, N.Y., and was a 1983 student of the pre-law and political sciences classes at Columbia University.

Root described himself in June 2016 as a “Jew, who has become an evangelical Christian.” Root described himself as Jewish since November 2016 and says that he considers Donald Trump as the first Jewish president to be, in the same way, that Bill Clinton was often called the first black president.

Who is a Journalist-Wayne Allyn Root Currently Married to?

He was born in Mount Vernon, New York to David Root and Stella Root. He’s got Lori Brown’s sister. He was married to Victoria Creg-Payne, whom he divorced in 1989, for the first time.

In 1995 he married Debra Parks Root, but then in 2018, they divorced. Dakota Root, Contessa Churchill Antoinette Root, Hudson Root, and Remington Reagan Root have two sons and two daughters at the root.

The Career Line of Wayne Allyn

  • In the early 1980s, Root worked for WNBC radio (now WFAN). From 1989 to 1991, before his subsumption into CNBC, he worked with the Financial News Network.
  • Root was Winning Edge International Inc.’s founder and chairman.
  • In the 2000s, he hosted Wayne Allyn Root’s Winning Edge, a TV show that promoted the sports operation of Root.
  • King of Vegas was hosted on Spike TV by Root and he produced Ghost Adventures on the Channel of Travel.
  • Root was a member of the Management Board of the now-defunct global financial services and education company Wealth Masters International (“WMI”), based in Houston, TX. Sales of WMI were suspended by the Norwegian authorities in 2010 and found an illegal pyramid scheme. In the finding, Root was named.
  • Root was a long-time member and supporter of the Republican Party who identified himself as a Libertarian Republican.
  • He was elected to the Board of Legislators of Westchester County in 1983. Root ended his partnership with the Republican Party in 2007 and joined the Libertarian Party. Root’s book, The Consciousness of a Libertarian, was published in 2009.