What Does Dab Me Up Mean? Dab Me Up Aight Meme Meaning Explained

Dab Me Up is the new meme flowing over social media sites. To find out more about the meme’s meaning and trend, read this full article.

The internet platforms are no fun without some memes, challenges, or trends.

This not only creates playfulness among users, but it helps to release their curiosity as well.

The meaning of many memes is unexplored until now. One of them is ‘Dab Me Up,’ which initially started in 2021 or maybe before. Stick with us to explore its meaning.

What Does Dab Me Up Mean?

The simple meaning of ‘Dab Me Up’ is a sweet handshake with some playfulness.

How to Dab Someone? Just shake his/ her hands, grab up and pull out with a side snap. Isn’t it easy? It is normally practiced among a group of friends.

Besides that, it has several other meanings as well.

As per Urban Dictionary, another interesting thing that the phrase represents is s**king the d**k of person you are talking to.

Often ‘Dab Me Up’ is confused with ‘Dap Me Up’ as well.

They both have different meanings, and ‘Dap Me Up’ suggests dabbing into smoke or vapor to get high.

Meaning of ‘Dab Me Up’ Meme Explained

The ”Dab Me Up’ meme that has been surfacing on the internet includes an emoji.

A similar emoticon to a simple yellow smiling one is custom-made by doing some changes. A golden tooth smile replaces the normal smile. 

Also, a holding hand is added to it, which indicates as if the emoji wants to dab up someone.

Multiple variants of the same emoji are made and circulated on the web.

They seem hilarious with just some modifications.

Not only emoji but some graphic artists have created their version of anime as well. 

In 2021, the meme got hyped after a YouTuber named DoubleJTheG posted a video with it.