What Does El Pepe Mean On TikTok? El Pepe Meaning Explained

Are you guys well known for the recent very famous term”El Pepe” which is being used for a meme and trending on TikTok these days? If not it’s time to know about it. Let’s know the meaning of ‘El Pepe’ the ongoing meme.

As we all know that these days memes are one of the best sources of entertainment for people especially during this pandemic. We all are well aware that memes get upgraded every few hours on social media so it is impossible to catch up with each and every trending meme on the internet.

Among all the social media platforms TikTok has come out as one of the most used applications with over a hundred million users. All these over 800 million users are creating new content every minute and it is hard to know each one of them. But few of the contents get a lot of attention from people all around the world and get viral creating trends.

Among those few viral contents, one of them is El Pepe. If you are TikTok users you must have seen this meme on your wall if not let’s know what El Pepe is.

What Does El Pepe Mean On TikTok?

The precise meaning of the Spanish word “El Pepe” is “the Daddy”. Thus, thousand of TikTok users started using “El Pepe” to say “the Daddy”.The term “the daddy” can be used in different circumstances. Among them, few implies sexual ones.

But that’s not the case how all the meme thing started. People extracted the meme from the movie Amazing Spiderman. In the Spanish translation of Amazing Spiderman, when his identity was asked spiderman said “el Pepe”.

When a user named @tefime posted that part on his TikTok it started getting popular. In a short time, it gained over 300 thousand likes.


EL Pepe Meaning on text, Urban Dictionary

As per the Urban Dictionary, the actual meaning of El Pepe is a stupid goat. Though its meaning is stupid goat most people use it referring to “the daddy”.