What Happened to Jane Goodall Son Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick? Meet The Grandchildren

51-year-old Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is the son of famous anthropologist Jane Goodall. Find out what happened to him.

Chimpanzee activist Jane Goodall is back under the spotlight because of her newest documentary, Jane. In an interview, she admitted that being in another documentary about her life was getting tiresome.

She also explained about being apologetic to her son, Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick. He was born when she was still in the middle of the jungle. He did not get to experience the luxuries.

The mother-son duo had their differences because of her passion for the apes. Since then, they have resolved their issues and become close again.

She always revealed that Hugo loved the new documentary.

Jane Goodall Son Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick Wikipedia Details: How Old Is He?

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is the son of Jane Goodall and Hugo Van Lawick. At present, he is 53 years old.

Lawick was born on the 4th of March, 1967. He grew up in Tanzania with his parents.

His parents are the infamous primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall and wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick.

While in Africa, he got the nickname Grub. When he was still a little boy, he was sent to London to continue his studies.

Disaster struck the happy family when the Lawiks divorced when Gurb was just seven years old.

Fortunately, Jane found love again with national park director Derek Bryceson. But he died of cancer five years after their marriage.

Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick Grandchildren Revealed: Meet The Family

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is married to his wife of many years, Maria. The couple is parents to three children, Marlin, Angela, and Nick.

His kids are all grown with their LinkedIn pages. The children followed the steps of their grandmother and ventured to protect the wildlife of Tanzania.

Marlin works as the ambassador to Jane Goodall Institute. Angela is just 19 but accompanies Jane on her expeditions to Tanzania.

Currently, the family lives at their residence in Dar es Salaam.

Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick Net Worth Explored: What Does He Do?

As of 2021, the net worth of Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is still under review. We are unsure what he does.

According to our research, Hugo is a big-time climate activist. He also has an IMDb page with two acting credits.

Both are from his mother’s documentaries. Namely, they are The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall and Jane’s Journey.

For now, he is mysterious. Hopefully, he will reveal more about himself in the latest documentary Jane.