What Happened To Lucille Butterworth Cold Case? Details On The Sentence On Murderer Geoffrey Hunt

Lucille Butterworth vanished from the bus stop in Claremont near Hobart on August 25, 1969.

Lucille Butterworth, 20, who went missing in 1969, is remembered in the storyboard. She was last seen by her mother on August 25, 1969. Apparently, Lucille accepted a ride to the bus stop from a coworker after a long day at the local radio station.

The bus to New Norfolk arrived ten minutes after miss Butterworth’s friend had driven away, but the bus stop was empty and Lucille had vanished. She was on her way to a Miss Tasmania fundraising event in New Norfolk when she was attacked.

A Coroner found Geoffrey Hunt strangled Ms. Butterworth in 2016. But the Director of Public Prosecutions said there was insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Hunt, who now lives under a different name.

Lucille Butterworth Wikipedia

Lucille Butterworth was a 20 years old model who went missing on August 25, 1969, after a radio station colleague dropped her off at a bus stop in Claremont, north of Hobart.

The former lead investigator on the case of model Lucille Butterworth’s murder nearly fifty years ago has promised to find her remains.

Lucille Butterworth Murder

Convicted murderer Geoffrey Charles Hunt had the opportunity and proclivity to murder Hobart woman Lucille Butterworth on the day she disappeared from a suburban bus stop in August 1969, and a coroner conduct an investigation of the case should find that he did so.

That is the opinion of counsel representing the corner at an inquest into the disappearance and suspected murder of the young typist and aspiring model.

Simon Nicholson, in his closing submission on Wednesday, called Hunt, now 65, an untrustworthy and evasive witness when he took the stand in December.

Lucille Butterworth Family

John Butterworth, the only surviving brother of Lucille Butterworth, described it as a “great breakthrough.”

However, while they are pleased with the new hope of finding her body, the family is furious that police have testified for more than six months and Hunt has not yet filed a complaint. I am. Jim, the brother of Mrs. Butterworth, worked for justice until his death.

His daughter, Kassie Lee McDiarmid, said that not knowing what had happened hurt his heart.

“it owned daddy’s life, it was all about Lucille even in the last few months-it ate him up, really, it destroyed him,” she said.

“I’m glad I finally got the answer, but it’s a little disappointing that the police actually knew this evidence and information and did nothing before my dad died in A|pril, so dad I was able to have the tranquility he wanted to pass by.”