What Happened To William Connolly Aka Egg Boy?

Does William Connolly, AKA Egg boy famous for Fraser Anning’s egg attack, have a Wikipedia?

On March 15, 2019, two years ago, William Connolly was the most searched name in Australia and probably some parts of the world.

The reason for his spotlight and fame was an egg, yup egg. William Connolly smashed an egg on the head of the Leader of Fraser Anning’s Conservative Party.

Former Australian Senator Fraser made racist comments, blaming Muslims for the tragedy.

William Connolly was so outraged by the comment of Fraser that he smashed an egg on his head.

Quick Facts:

Name William Connolly
Birthday 2002
Age 19 Years old
Gender Male
Nationality Asutralian
Instagram willconnolly__
Twitter @_willconnolly

William Connolly Wikipedia: Has he been featured?

William Connolly does not have Wikipedia on him, but ironically he has been mentioned in former Australian senator Wikipedia as “Egg Boy,” egged Australian Senator Fraser.

He is from Australia, Melbourne, and white ethnicity. Information about his parents is currently unavailable.

William Connolly Age: How old is he now?

William Connolly was 17 years old when he smashed an egg on the head of Australian Senator Fraser.

If we do simple math, we can say that he is now 19 years old.

By his age, he was brave enough to act recklessly attacking a former senator.

Meet him on Instagram

William rose to fame after the egg incident. His Instagram saw a rise in its followers, which now holds 343k followers and has 128 posts to date.

He uses Instagram as the main social media as means to share information.

Some facts about William Connolly

  1. William Connolly was born in 2002 in Australia; he is widely known as “Egg Boy.”
  2. He is now helping raise money for New South Wales communities hit hard by last year’s bush fires.
  3. He has donated around $100,000 towards Christchurch Foundation and Victim Support.
  4. Other than Instagram, he uses Twitter which has only 781 followers and 0 followings.
  5. He was arrested for the egg attack and charged for it.