What Is Blink Counter Filter TikTok? How To Get Blink Counter Filter – Step By Step

TikTok, one of the most used social networking mobile applications, has leveled up its game by bringing a new filter. It would be surprising for people to know that TikTok has made blinking a part of their game now.

Yes, you heard it right. Closing and opening your eyelids constantly is what blinking is, and it is a game now. The TikTok users seem quite happy and excited with this new filter.

There are different blinking games, or you may consider them as filters too, on TikTok, and you will find them whenever you search Blink Challenge videos with a hashtag. It is fun to watch those videos, and frankly, some of the videos are quite stunning.

What is Blink Counter Filter?

It is a new filter on TikTok, or people like to term it as a game too. This filter allows the user to blink as much as they could within 7 seconds, and challenge others.

If you are good and fast at blinking, you might as well give it a try whenever you are bored. I am sure you will enjoy this filter. Isn’t this a very good way to pass your time?

So let us learn more about what TikTok has to offer in this blink challenge.

You will see a bunch of videos after you hit #blinkchallenge on the search bar on tikTok. There you will be able to find different types of blink challenges performed by many TikTok users.

Blink on the beat challenge

This one is pretty simple. As the name itself explains, one has to blink their eyes on the beat of the music on TikTok. The challenge becomes hyped up once the beat of the music goes faster.

Dr. Dre’s Still D.R.E is one of the most popular beats on TikTok for this challenge.

One of the TikTok users, Jack took this challenge one step ahead when he blinked both of his eyes on two different beats. This one was pretty impressive.

Blink at 6 second

This filter allows the users to blink their eyes to blink when the timer hits the exact 6 seconds. You have to re-do the challenge once you fail.

This filter particularly happens to originate from Instagram. If you want to use this filter, you need to have the Instagram app on your phone. All things considered, you have to record your video on Instagram, download it to your phone’s gallery, and upload it on TikTok.

How To Get Blink Counter Filter?

Here are the few steps you need to follow to open the blink counter filter.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Swipe right to the stories tab.
  3. You can see the effects on the bottom of the screen. Scroll all the way up to the right and click on Browse Effects.
  4. Type “6 seconds” on the search bar. Click on the video made by @yana.mishkinis.
  5. Tap Try It on the lower left hand of your screen.

Now you can record your video and play the game following the instructions provided on the screen. Obviously, the motive of the game is to blink and make the timer stop at 6 seconds exactly.

You can download the video after you stopped playing by tapping the download icon at the top of your screen. The video will appear on your phone’s gallery and BOOM!! Now, you can upload it to your TikTok.

Blinking was never so fun, was it?