What Is Chocolate Barbie Song On TikTok?

Drill Sensei TikTok’s original video is available on @drill.sensei in the TikTok platform and has surpassed 2 million views. Thousands of comments have also been left requesting that the music be made available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Drill, who has 9.32k followers on YouTube, has also shared the entire song on his channel. Roxane, Mad About Baby, and Latest Choppa are some of the tracks he’s edited.

In like manner, his Instagram handle is @senseiiiproducer, and you may follow him there. He has around 16,000 followers on Instagram.


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Chocolate Barbie Song Lyrics Origin And Meaning Explained

‘Bake In a Party Chocolate Barbie‘ lyrics sung by MizOrMac represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is ‘Bites The Dust (Drill Sensei Mashup) by MizOrMac.

Interestingly, the song is based on the 1980 hit “Another One Bite the Dust.” It raps over a fast-paced instrumental of Queen’s smash hit song. 

The lyrics of Drill Sensei’s viral song are as follows:

Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a ‘Yo’

In the back is Jo, I ride in shotgun, the driver’s unknown 

Two wheels, two men, one skeng, come ped, let’s see who gets home

Skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, see a man run like I ain’t involved

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