What Is Flyysoulja And Redd_4x Real Name? Wikipedia Instagram and Net Worth 2021

Island boy rappers Flyysoulja And Redd_4x are twin brothers who went viral on TikTok. What are their real names?

Flyysoulja And Redd_4x, the two twin brothers born on the same day from the same mother’s womb, have common interests in music.

Moreover, Flyysoulja is a hip-hop star who has released a music video called Money this year. In October 2021, Flyysouljah and his brother Redd_4x has released another song called Rain, and it has around 600k views so far.

Meanwhile, Redd_4x is also a rapper who has released songs like Real Right, 9ine, and Smoke. We all know that Twins often have similar interests and hobbies. These fellas are the same. They love tattoos, rappers, social media influencers, and TikTok stars.

Nevertheless, Flyysoulja has garnered 342k devotees, and Redd_4x racked up 294 followers on his personal Instagram page as of now.

What Is Flyysoulja And Redd_4x Real Name?

Flyysoulja’s real name is Alex Venegas. Meanwhile, Redd_4x’s real name is Franky Venegas.

According to Famous Birthdays, Flyysoulja has a daughter named Kaliya. It seems like he has a girlfriend whose IG handle is  @toxiicfaiiry. He called her soulmate, while there are no details of Red_4x’s partner at this time. Perhaps, he is single.

You might have seen the two rappers sitting in a pool and singing The Island Boys. Guess what? TikTok video of the fellas has been streamed more than one million times within 14 days.

Some people are making fun of them, and some are watching just for entertainment purposes.

Meet Flyysoulja And Redd_4x On Instagram But Not On Wikipedia

Flyysoulja and Redd_4x both have personal IG pages. As compared to Flyysoulja, Redd4_x has fewer followers.

Moving on to his age, both Flyysoulja and Redd4_x turned 20 years of age in 2021. Precisely, they celebrated their birthday together on the 16th of July 2001.

Further, there is less information disclosed about Flyysoulja’s parents on the web. They are famous on TikTok for their funny rapping freestyle.

The TikTok page under the username @flyysouljah has 1.2 million supporters and 17.2 million likes. They often answer the queries of the fans and post the video.

Flyysoulja And Redd_4x Net Worth 2021 Explored

The Florida rappers Flyysouljah and Redd_4x have earned million of income and fame from TikTok. The current net worth is expected to be $2 million, according to the source.

#redd_4x has over 564.4 million views. Every video of Flyysouljah has crossed over one million views.