What Is Justin Warren And Lorde Age Difference? Net Worth & Wikipedia

Justin Warren is 17 years older than Lorde. Lorde is just in her mid-twenties. 

Singer and songwriter Lorde was recently seen with her boyfriend Justin Warren in West Hollywood. The couple enjoyed a date night. They were been on the street. It is a dinner night for the love birds.

Warren had embraced Lorde and wrapped around his partner. Lorde and Justin smiled at each other and shared a kiss together.

During their ‘date night’, they wore casual clothing outfits. Justin wore jeans and a black sweater. On the other hand, Lorde was seen in tan slack, a matching top, and an oversized gray blazer.

Lorde has tried to keep her personal life away from the paparazzi. But, it has been a lot of time since Warren and Lorde were spotted publicly.

On Justin Warren’s Family

There is no information on Justin Warren’s family.

It was because of Lorde he has been shining in the news and social media. In the time to come, hopefully, everything about Justin Warren’s gets to dig up.

Questions like “Is Warren married?”, “How many children does he have??” will all be answered.

Justin Warren: Wikipedia And Bio

Justin Warren is not been listed on Wikipedia.

A bio for Warren is left to be made.

What Is Justin Warren And Lorde Age Difference?

Justin Warren and Lorde have an age difference of 17 years. Lorde is 17 years younger than her boyfriend. Warren is 41 years old. He is from the early 80s. He was born in 1980.

Lorde was born in 1996 which makes her 24 years old.

Lorde was declared a gifted child when she was 6 years old. Sonja Yelich (Lorde’s mother) had her take a cognitive ability test to determine her intelligence. She had performed really well.

She had previously dated James Lowe. But their relationship did not last long and sadly ended in 2015.

Justin Warren is a promotions director. He is a director at Universal Music in New Zealand. He has worked with popular artists like Eminem, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

Lorde and Justin’s rumors had started back in 2016 (Lorde was 19 years old at that time). After she and James Lowe’s love affair had ended, their love had sparked. They had gone to breakfast date near the Grammy Award winner’s home at the Dear Jevois cafe

They were even captured hanging out at a nearby beach.