What Is RatedEpicz Real Name? His Face Revealed, Banned & Net Worth Details

 RatedEpicz is of British social media star born on October 7, 1997, in London, United Kingdom. He gained huge popularity through his Twitch channel @ratedepicz, known for streaming rust and grand theft auto. He is 23 years old as of his birth date. His details about the family member, girlfriend, and net worth are not revealed as of yet.

Name RatedEpicz
Birthday October 7, 1997
Age 23 Years
Gender Male
Height 6’1
Nationality British
Profession Twitch Star
Married/Single @bananareaa is his girlfriend according to some of his Fans
Twitter @RatedEpicz
Youtube RatedEpicz

How Old Is RatedEpicz?

As of his birth date available, he is 23 years old.

Real Name and Face Revealed

RatedEpicz’s real name and face are still hidden until now, and no information is available on the Web. However, his fans are in Suspense to know about his personal details.

Why Was RatedEpicz Banned?

As reported by Stream Ban Pages on Twitter and confirmed by RatedEpicz, his Twitch account has been banned for a limited time. While he didn’t reveal the reason behind his recent ban, Players assume that his presence for some time in Grand Theft Auto’s Vanilla Unicorn Club led to his Suspension from Twitch.

Instagram of RatedEpicz

Today, he does not have any Instagram account but can be found on Twitter and Twitch handle under the name @RatedEpicz and the Youtube channel RatedEpicz.

NetWorth of RatedEpicz

RatedEpicz is a brilliant Esport player, so he should be rich enough. But on the Web, We don’t have any information about his Net worth and Salary.

10 Facts About RatedEpicz

  1. RatedEpicz joined youtube on March 21, 2014
  2. He has remained silent about his personal matter. So there is no information about his family, girlfriend, family on the web.
  3. Twitch’s star official twitch handle is RatedEpicz, and about 153 people follow him.
  4. RatedEpicz is an Esport player and a twitch streamer and gained popularity with his excellent gaming skills.
  5. He is yet to reveal his real name along with his face, leading his fans in suspense.
  6. RatedEpicz’s youtube channel is also in the same name and subscribed by about 4.34 thousand people.
  7. He doesn’t have an Instagram account yet and can be found on his Twitter handle.
  8. As RatedEpicz is an excellent Esport player, his earning must be very good. But the exact amount of net worth is under review.
  9. His birthday was on October 7, 1997, and he is a 23 years old Esport player.
  10. RatedEpicz is of British nationality and joined Twitter handle in 2013.